I would just like to say that this part was written while I was crashing from a sugar rush. I just randomly decided that this needed a fourth chapter.

A weekend of eating nothing but brownies, cupcakes, chocolate cake and other sweet things is not a good idea.

On to the story!


She was not very used to getting compliments. She has always been shy, never stood out in a crowd, never wanting to before. Looking at her shy demeanor, one would never guess she was the daughter of

two top idols.

The attention she was given had left her face red, her pants wrinkled and damp where she was gripping on to them and her head lowered. He sat across from her, watching her reactions from the compliments

she was getting from the other guests. One even went so far as to tease her saying that it was great that she failed all those other auditions, since she said she had nothing to lose. She did not say much,

except a few thanks while they went on and on about how lucky she was to have a debut this big.

Being her manager, he had gotten a call reminding him that the photo shoot was moved up a week earlier. Minamitani Haruka would only be available during that time. Returning to his seat, he couldn't help

but watch her with curiosity as she raised her hand to her forehead and became even redder than she already was. It reminded him of her naivety, making him recall the time he offered to be her manager and

take her under his wings while she thought he was proposing to her. It also reminded him of her innocence, recalling her earlier reaction to him stating that he doesn't care that the twins kissed her, that

anything goes in front of the camera.

"Yura" he said softly, causing her to snap out of her daze and slowly looked across the table to him. "The photo shoot is tomorrow so it would be best if you get a good nights rest and it's getting late." She

nodded before she slowly raised and bowed good night to everyone then headed off to her room. He watched her until she disappeared from his view before returning to the rest of the guests.

A while later, he decided to get some work done before it became too late. So he bided his still celebrating guests good night before he headed up the stairs. As he was passing Yura's door, he heard her laugh

before it became silent again. He was going to check on her but decided against it. Taking one last look at her door, he continued on to his office.


This again was written on a whim with nothing planned out.

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Maybe I'll write an after the shoot story. Hmmm