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Title: Do I Dazzle You?


Synopsis: All Human: Bella is thirteen and beginning at a new school, a boarding school. Here she meets Emmett, Rosalie, Edward and Alice.

Characters: Bella, Charlie, Renee, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Edward

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. Or Edward. Dammit.

"Cha- dad, do I have to go to boarding school?" I whined and dad groaned.

"Bella, neither Renee nor I have enough time to look after you! I'm really sorry, but it's the only option left! We're spending a lot of money on your education; we want you to get good qualifications!"

"But, daddy, what if I don't make any friends?" I switched on my puppy dog eyes for Charlie and he rolled his own.

"Bells, of course you'll make friends! Here's the turning!" Charlie sounded more enthusiastic than I did, anyway. He swung the car round up the long driveway towards King's Academy. It was mixed (luckily) and from 8th grade to 12th grade. At least people might not be in their little groups yet, as I would be going into 8th grade. I looked down again at the two people I was sharing a dorm with. Rosalie Hale and Alice Cullen. They sounded okay, they were from Washington, so they hopefully wouldn't be that tan. I was the one from Arizona, and I totally was not a 'beach' girl, I looked like I lived in Alaska or something.

We were in Oregon, in a place called Portland. It was relatively near the coast, but still in distance of civilisation. I googled Portland before I came, and it seemed okay. The only issue was the climate. When I left Phoenix it had been 86 degrees, while here in Portland it was 69 degrees, and apparently today was 'warm for September.' WARM?! It was bloody freezing! Charlie interrupted my line of thought.

"Bells, we're here. He switched off the engine and opened his door. I opened mine and grabbed my suitcases from the trunk. Charlie accompanied me to the front office.

"Good morning." He said and introduced us. "I am Chief Swan, and this is my daughter Bella. She is starting today." The lady behind the desk scrolled through something on her computer screen.

"Bella… Bella… Bella… There is no Bella on our list…" I started to panic, but Charlie interrupted my hyperventilation.

"Isabella? Isabella Swan?" The lady nodded and clicked on my name.

"Here is a timetable and a map." She gestured towards two things printing off, and then handed them to me. They were still warm. She marked the room to my dorm in pencil. I was sure I would still get lost so I turned to Charlie.

"Any chance that you're going to help me with my luggage?" I asked, and he groaned.

"Wow, what fun." He ruffled my hair and I anxiously patted it back into place. "Sure I will, Bells." Charlie took one suitcase and I took the other, and my bag of school folders. I turned the map as we walked.

"Up these stairs… along this corridor… Round this corner… straight on… up these stairs… and here we are? Dorm 256?" I peered at the sign on the door. It read Dorm 254. I walked on up the corridor, passing 255 and arriving outside Dorm 256. It was currently empty; it looked like I was the first to arrive. I gestured for Charlie to dump my stuff on one of the beds. He did so and then hovered nervously by the door.

"You can go now, you know. The game will be on TV in five hours, and you don't want to miss it! I'll be fine!" I tried to reassure Charlie and he groaned.

"Four and a half hours of driving… Fun." I laughed.

"You could book yourself into a hotel for the night; there are probably some nice ones around…" Charlie shook his head.

"I guess I should get going if I want to get back before it gets dark… Bye Bells. I will really miss you; it was so nice for you to visit for a week. Remember to call Renee, I don't want her worrying!" I laughed, mom would worry anyway.

"I'll remember!" Charlie kissed the top of my head and smiled at me. He walked out of my dorm reluctantly.

"I'll miss you Bells… Have fun. Call me at the weekend and tell me how you're doing." I reassured Charlie that I would phone him and he backed out to go down the stairs. "Bye, Bella honey." I went back into the dorm and sat down on my bed. I took my mobile out from my bag and pressed speed dial 1.

"Hey mom! It's Bella!" I heard my mom squeal excitedly from the other end of the line.

"Bella, honey! How was it with Charlie? How is the school? Are there any fit boys?" I laughed, Renee sometimes seemed more like a sister than a mother.

"Mom!" I said, slightly embarrassed. "Charlie was great, but I don't know how he's managed without anyone to cook for him! The school seems okay so far, we only just arrived. I'm one of the first to arrive as Charlie wanted to get back before it got dark."

"Okay, Bella. You will email me every day, right?"

"Yes, mom, I promise! I'll tell you everything!" I instantly regretted saying that, but I couldn't take it back. Suddenly an outbreak of squealing outside my room prompted me to think of the possibility of my roommate arriving. "I have to go!"

"Bye, honey." I heard the click as the line went dead and put my phone away as a girl and a boy fell into the room.

"Emmett! I'm glad to see you too! Emmett!" She squealed and I tried not to laugh.

"Aaw, come on Rose, I haven't seen you for a whole month!" Then he noticed me. "Oh, uh hi. I'm Emmett, and this is Rosalie."

"Shit!" Rosalie swore and smoothed down her clothes. "Sorry! I'm Rosalie, Rosalie Hale."

"Woah, Rosalie, your roommate's hot!" Emmett said, and Rosalie punched him in the arm. "OUCH! What was that for?"

"This is my boyfriend, Emmett." Rosalie informed me, glaring at Emmett. "You must be Isabella Swan?"

"Bella, please." I told her, I hated to be called Isabella. "Hi Emmett." I smiled shyly at them both.

"What class are you in?" Emmett asked and I looked at the timetable.

"8H…" I said, I had no idea what that meant.

"You're in the same class as Alice, Jasper and Edward! Unfortunately, not the same class as me…" He said, seeming upset at that fact.

"Emmett, out." Rosalie commanded and Emmett laughed.

"What did I do?"

"Stop flirting with my roommate. Out!" She said, pointing towards the door. Like a puppy that had been scolded Emmett walked toward the door. Suddenly he turned around and kissed Rosalie on the cheek.

"Oh, you turn me on babe."

"OUT!" I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from laughing. Rosalie turned back to me. "I'm sorry about that… You must think I'm such a slut." She started to look quite upset and I was quite surprised.

"Not at all! You seem really nice!" She smiled weakly.

"My brother might be coming along in a minute, I think I picked up one of his bags and I can't be bothered to go find his dorm." I laughed and she grinned. "He's called Jasper. Alice, Emmett's sister should be coming along soon as well. Do you like shopping?"

"Sure… Shopping is okay… Even better when your father pays for you!" I joked, remembering when I had dragged Charlie out to Seattle on a shopping trip. It had been a very interesting experience… Not one that I was eager to re-enact though.

"Alice is totally going to love you! She's excited that a dance is coming up soon; she wants to go shopping with me and you and then do our hair and make-up. Don't worry, you get used to Alice after a while."

"What about me?" A small, pixie-like girl stood in the doorway, flanked by Emmett and a cute looking guy with bronze hair.

"Oh nothing…" Rosalie tried to sound innocent without success. She gave up and introduced me. "This is Bella. Bella, Alice, Alice, Bella. And this is Edward." She gestured toward the bronze-haired guy. I smiled shyly.

"Hi…" Edward put two of Alice's bags down in a spare corner of the room and came over and shook my hand.

"Edward Cullen." I smiled, he seemed very cordial.

"Bella Swan." He returned my smile, although his smile outdid my smile in how much it would dazzle anyone.

"Aaw, Edward's got a crush!" Emmett decided to spoil the moment and Edward turned away form me to punch Emmett. "Come on, man! I was just keeping it real!" He winked and kissed Rosalie full on the lips. At first she seemed surprised but then kissed him back.

"Ew." Alice commented, and I snickered.

"Come on, Alice. You sound as if you and Jasper never get up to anything like that!" Edward joked and Alice glared at him.

"Shut up! Just because you're a lonely bastard." She glared at Edward, who put his hands up in defeat.

"I was joking, Alice, just joking!" He bit his lip to stop himself laughing. "I should go. I need to start unpacking my stuff. Bella, what class are you in?"

"8H!" Emmett grinned. "Same as you guys." I was surprised that he remembered.

"Cool, we'll see you at dinner, right?" I shrugged.

"Probably." He smiled; a slightly crooked smile that made my heart beat ecstatically. You've only just met him! I thought fiercely to myself. I felt my face heat up as the blood flooded my cheeks.

"Wow, she blushes!" Emmett grinned and laughed.

"Emmett!" I complained and he grinned widely at me.

"Just keeping it real, babe!" I rolled my eyes and he laughed again.

"Emmett, I'm sure you need to unpack as well." Alice told Emmett, before he humiliated me any more. After she had shut the door behind them, I smiled at her, relieved.

"Thanks!" She laughed.

"Anytime. You like shopping, right?"

"Just as much as the next person… It's great!" She grinned widely, revealing rows of perfect white teeth.

"Brilliant! How does Saturday sound?" Rosalie laughed and I smiled nervously.

"Hey, Bella, Emmett and Edward seem to have taken quite a shine to you!" Rosalie commented and I laughed nervously.

"They seem real friendly." I smiled at her, hoping she didn't think I was about to steal her boyfriend.

"Emmett… Well, Emmett is Emmett. He jokes around a lot, and he likes humiliating people… In a nice way though. He's a softie, really." She grinned at me and I smiled back.

"I think we're going to be the best of friends!" Alice said, gleefully. In the end, she was right.

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