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Domo Arigouto!

The Darkness Hides Your Sins

Abusive, Cold, and Distant.
Yet you want him all the same.
Conniving, Cruel, Backstabbing.
How could you love him, it's insane.

You foolish, foolish child,
You don't realize what he'll do.
He's hurt your friends for his cruel jokes,
What do you think he'll do to you?

I'm sorry that I met him,
I'm sorry I met you.
I'm sorry that the one you love,
Will constantly be cruel.

He may be sweet and gentle,
When in dark's arms you lay.
But you know that if he changes,
It's in the light of day.

Beneath your blanket of love making,
His hands will wander the groves,
Of the body you surrendered,
To a demon, you gave your soul.