Victoria's PoV, in the middle of New Moon

Disclaimer: Anything Twilight related belongs to Stephenie Meyer, not me.

Note: Some of the information enclosed here I am borrowing, with permission, from Angel Ren and her story, Ashes, something that you should definitely read.


Damn that girl. The vampires leave her, and then, out of nowhere, werewolves appear to fight for her. Werewolves! I will find a way to get to her. One way or the other, Isabella Marie Swan will die by my hands. The werewolves are merely a distraction, I'll just have to find a way to get around them. But how? They seem to be more intelligent than the beast that James and I tracked across Siberia.


My dead heart ached, the hole in my chest tearing open again and I fell over, clutching my sides to keep the pieces of me together. After I had been changed, the pain wracking my newly immortal body was nothing compared to the pain that I had felt when I had seen, no, smelled, Charles' remains on that pyre. And losing James had very nearly destroyed me. The only thing that kept me together, from falling apart completely, was the desire to kill this…this…thing, because she was not worthy of being called prey.

Standing up, my anger flared again, more powerful than the grief, and the tree I was leaning against abruptly fell over, its trunk shattered. I'll just need to be more careful, is all. The wolves are only human, after all, whereas I am so much more. They'll make a mistake sometime, it's in their nature, and when that time comes, I'll be ready, waiting, and Swan will be mine.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was wondering why Laurent hadn't reported back to me yet. It's not like him to be away this long. He was only out hunting. And humans aren't that hard to find.

I went off to search for him, following his scent. I came across a clearing, and I was instantly floored by an all too familiar scent.

"She's been here," I thought to myself.

Laurent must have come across her, and he was hungry. He wouldn't though, he knows how long I've been waiting for her. He knows what I would do to him if I ever caught him. But wait. What were the wolves doing here? I followed that scent, which was mingled with Laurent's. And suddenly, there he was. A pile of ashes. So the wolves had gotten to him. Now all I had to figure out was whether or not he had gotten to Bella before they had gotten to him. I raced back to the meadow, and began sniffing. There! I found her scent coming into the meadow, now all I had to do was see if there was a exiting scent. I silently praised the wolves as I found her erratic trail leading back to her truck.

I followed that, but I didn't get far before the wolves caught onto me, and I was forced to turn around, because there were three of them, and I knew that I was no match for them. I ran back to my "base," and plotted the many degrees of pain that I would inflict on Isabella when I finally got my hands on her.


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