A Random Moment

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Author: DracaDelirus

Dedication: For all my FanFiction friends that I have met along the way – in particular, for lost ones I remember fondly: Dark Jack, charlie-becks, dragonanzar, Narwinye, Shiro Inutoko, and B00kw0rm92. But mostly and especially and always for Swanpride. Thank you for never giving up on me.

This moment brought to you by Randomness

Words dancing in the deep of night
Teasing me until down I write
The random thoughts without a home
Sometimes prose, and sometimes poem
Strung together with carefree thought
Into a web where dreams are caught



"Where is Severus Snape off to in such a hurry? I thought we were to have a meeting," Professor McGonagall asked straightening her bun and tucking in a few escaped tendrils as she entered the Headmasters office. The Potions Master had almost ploughed her down on the stairs in his rush to escape.

"I am really not sure Minerva. We were just having a cup of tea and discussing the applicants for my new assistant."


"You remember - the one that the school board is insisting I hire."

"I thought you didn't want one and was protesting mightily. Did you decide to give in and go ahead with it then?"

"Yes, that's why I called this meeting. They've been quite persistent lately, and I don't see how I can avoid it any longer. Therefore, I decided I better choose one on my own before they do it for me. Merlin knows whom they would hire! There was one witch, a Delores something-or-other, they were shoving at me who I swear looked like a human toad," he replied shuddering. "I showed Severus one of the résumés to get his opinion, and he just… left." Headmaster Dumbledore held up his hands and shrugged. "He must have suddenly remembered something that needed attending to."

"That's odd," Minerva observed. "He normally doesn't forget things."

"Well, no matter. You're here now." Dumbledore said brightly waving her to one of a pair of comfortable chairs in front of his desk and then settled himself in its companion. "And I wanted your opinion as well, since you will also be working closely with whomever I choose."

Levitating the application up off from the floor, from where Severus had dropped it in his earlier retreat, and onto his deputy headmistress' lap he asked, "What do you think of this one? Even though she's a muggle, I think she may do nicely. I can work around that with an amulet charmed so that it will allow her to see and enter Hogwarts. She has experience working in a school, and she comes highly recommended by my old friend Arabella Figg. Apparently she is a Numerology devotee."

"What's that?"

"The muggle equivalent of Arithmancy. That could come in handy should we need a substitute in that area."

"Why is she applying to Hogwarts and not some muggle school?"

"Arabella says she desires to relocate somewhere more amenable to her favourite passion."

"And what's that?"

"Hunting and fishing. Rather good with the traps and lures apparently. Arabella didn't mention what type of game she prefers to go after, but no matter, I am sure we can sort that all out later."

Minerva quirked an eyebrow at him suspiciously then picked up the CV and started to read it over. "Hm… let's see now…" She didn't get far before she dropped the sheet back on her lap to stare incredulously over her half-moon spectacles at the Headmaster's beaming face. "Is this the same…?"

"I hear she likes to be called Virgie," he answered noncommittally.

Catching the mischievous look that passed quickly over the old wizard's face she added, "You've got to be kidding!"

"Odd… that was also Severus' only comment. Well not quite only, he also sputtered that he would never make a good 'snuggle-bunny'," Dumbledore mused as he got up and wandered over to one of the tall thin windows lining the walls of his turret. He watched with interest at the sight of his Potions Master far below running pell-mell across the grounds towards the Forbidden Forest, scattering students to the right and left out of his path as he went.

"What's a 'snuggle-bunny'?" Minerva asked with curiosity, joining him at the window in time to see Severus dive into the trees at the far edge of the Quidditch pitch.

"As we were talking about Ms Smythe when he mentioned it, I can only surmise it must have something to do with the type of hunting muggle women do. But to tell you the truth," he chuckled, "I haven't the faintest idea. Nevertheless, I am sure whatever it is he'd be an excellent one if he put his mind to it. I did suggest to him that perhaps Virgie could show him how to do it when she gets here. Outdoor sports aficionado that she is. "

"I think indoor sports is more her cup of tea Albus," Minerva replied dryly.

"Oh really?" he responded innocently.

The two stood at the window as the Forbidden Forest closed back up to obscure all traces that the Potions Master had entered its shadowy depths.

"Do you think he will ever come out?" Minerva finally ventured to ask.

"Eventually. He accidentally left his wand here."

"Accidentally? Are you being a manipulative old fool again?" Minerva demanded.

Albus pretended not to hear the question, but a twinkle appeared in the corner of his eye.

"Lemon sherbet?"