Kate sat at the vanity in the room she had shared with her two sisters, Edith and Isabel. As she ran the crème-colored hair brush through her curly brown locks, Kate thought about her life.

She knew, being the second-born daughter, that she would have to do as her Mother had done: Marry a rich suitor and bear as many children as he may ask.

Edith, being the first-born daughter, was the lucky one. She would have choices. She would inherit everything. If she could dream it, she could do it. On top of that, Edith had their Father.

It wasn't as if the Major-General was abusive to his younger daughters. He spoiled them all. He just didn't have time for the younger ones.

He and Edith were always busy discussing something.

Every day the youngest daughters would beg for a scrap of attention from their Father, only to be rejected.

"Sorry, honey, Daddy and Edith are busy."

And who would be there to pick up the pieces? Kate and Kate alone. And, she wasn't too happy about it, either.

Many, many times over her nineteen years, Kate had thought about running away. She had always dreamed of a time and a place where women had the same rights as men, where Fathers paid attention to all their daughters, and she could be free.

That is, until she met Samuel.

After Mabel, being one of the youngest sisters at the tender age of fourteen, had married Frederic, a smooth-talking, twenty-one year old pirate, Father had decided that his older daughters needed to marry as well. He started with his beloved Edith, selecting Samuel to be her husband. She adored him, as a good wife-to-be would. Unfortunately for Edith, Samuel was not a good husband-to-be.

He had fallen in love with Kate, and she had fallen hard for him.

They conducted their affair in secret, using the upcoming wedding as an excuse. Kate, as the second-born daughter, would be the Maid of Honor. That therefore made her responsible for every aspect of the wedding. She was to choose the date of wedding, the color of the dresses, even the time that the food was served.

And, she had to have it all approved by Samuel. It was the perfect excuse.

The day before the wedding was when it all fell apart.

Samuel came to Kate and asked her to run away with him. She thought about it. For a long time, Kate thought about it. They wouldn't have anywhere to go. Kate wouldn't see her father or sisters. They wouldn't have money. They wouldn't have anything. Except each other.

Kate almost went for it.

Samuel didn't want to wait. He didn't want to wait to start a life with someone. Kate took too long to think. He took what he had wanted from the beginning: Kate's virginity.

The next day, as he and Edith shared their first kiss as husband and wife, Samuel's eyes met Kate's. She felt dirty.

When Kate discovered that she was pregnant the following month, her father sent her to a nunnery. She lived there for the rest of her life. Her baby, William, was sent away after he turned nine. She never saw him again.

Kate ran the brush through her hair once again. Everyone who was supposed to be here was long gone. Kate laid on what was her bed, regretting the best decision she ever made.

Thoughts of Samuel and her love for him and their child together clouded Kate's mind as she drew her last breath and died.

You're my sweetest mistake.