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We were sent away. Just the four of us, but to where. Its dark and stuffy. I can't breathe. Gaara and Matsuri already passed out. Hinata came too. I started to choke, Akamaru passing out also. Everything got dizzy, and soon it was black.

"Hey Hinata!" I said walking up to Hinata. She started to to blush and poke her pointer fingers together. She always acted like that every time I got near her. I slipped on the seat beside her waiting to hear what Tsunade wanted us for.

"H...hey K...Kiba." She studdered. Sometimes it got annoying but I was getting use to it.

There was only four of us; Gaara, Hinata, Matsuri, and me Kiba. Tsuande came into the room and walked to the middle where we were.

"Kiba, Hinata, Gaara, and Matsuri. I asked you four to come because I need you all to protect me when I leave for the land of Waves. Any questions?" She explained. I looked around to see if anyone else had a question. Matsuri's hand was in the air.

"Yes?" Tsuande asked.

"Why us?" She wondered.

"Well Kiba because of his sense of smell, Hinata for her byukagan, Gaara for his defense, and you because of Gaara's request." Tsuande finished putting a slip of paper on each of our laps. I picked up mine and started reading:

The Akatsuki members where sent to kill the Hokage because of the secret scroll. The scroll contain where about of certain ninjas that posses great power.

He stopped reading and thought, so Gaara and Naruto might be on the scroll. He shook his thoughts away and kept ready. He found out just three Akatsuki members where actually going to attack. Deidara, Tobi, and Kisame. Unlikely group but hopefully they could take them.

"So I want you all to come tomorrow morning at the gate. We will leave before sunrise." Tsuande walked out of the room leaving us confused.

Each of us just left the room and went back home to pack.

I started to pack my kunai's and shuriken, with other equipment I needed. Going to sleep a little bit later.


Akamaru started licking my face, waking me up. I got up and went to the window. Looking out the window I noticed it was very close to sunrise.

"Akamaru hurry!" I yelled picking up my stuff, shoving my food pills in my pocket. I hurried out the door, running all the way to the gate where everyone else was already waiting for me. I scratched the back of my neck and sighed.

Tsunade sighed also and the gates were open. Akamaru jumped on my back and barked playfully. I laughed and put him in my jacket.

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