Erik, Christine, Meg,Madame Giry, Carlotta, Raoul,

Hello Angel

Please don't talk

Write it down

Because I'll go find Raoul if you don't

Fine. Good evening

Watcha doing?


Watcha composing?

*sigh* a song

Which song?

One of them

What's it calle-

It's called "Quite bothering me or I will not hesitate to kill you" in D minor

Sounds like a fun song!


Hi Christine!

Hi Meg!

Hey Erik!


Sooooooooo… watcha doing?

That's it! I'm leaving!

What's his problem?

I don't know. He was kind of grumpy earlier also

Maybe he's pmsing

He's a guy

Or is he? Bum, bum BUUM!!

Hmm, never thought about that. He is kind of moody

The world may never know…

I'll go ask him

And then there was one

So bored!

I know! I'll find mum!

Bye self!


Okay, tell me what you think! Love it? Hate it? A mixture of both?? I wrote some of this during school awhile ago, and just found it again. Please review and tell me if I should keep going or not.