From Afar

Summary: One day three years after their adventure to New York, Charlie sees Donna across a street.

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"Yeah, I'm looking at it right now," he said, laughing into the phone.

"Remember Charlie, take plenty of pictures," Colonel Slade said, grinning into the phone.

"Of course, I wouldn't want you missing out on my trip. How are things back home?" Charlie asked, smiling and looking across the crowded street.

Just as the light turned green, Charlie Simms looked up to see the one woman he thought he would never see ever again in his life. She was standing at the crosswalk, looking before she followed the crowd towards the other side. He was standing at a payphone on the opposite corner, where she was walking.

"Charlie?" Slade asked, taking a long drink.

"Oh, but everything is just as busy as it was when we came. What are you doing for the Holidays this year?" Charlie asked, still watching her walking. She was just as beautiful as the day he first met her. It had been three years since that Thanksgiving when he and Lt. Colonel Slade had gone on their little adventure in New York. Of course during that time, Charlie had been doing everything he could to stop his friend from shooting himself in the head.

"If you are willing, Charlie, I am thinking about seeing my brother again, since a lot of time has passed since then," he said, puffing on a cigar.

"Oh, yeah, I'd love to. My folks are going to see my grandparents and I really don't want to go," he said, watching as she reached the other side of the street, only a few steps away from him. She looked around, almost as if she was expecting someone.

She waited for a moment, not seeing anyone and Charlie just watched her. Slade said something on the phone and he tore his eyes away from her for a moment.

"Sorry, what? I didn't catch that last thing," Charlie said, smiling into the phone.

"I said I'd give you a call, Charlie, keep up son," Slade said, coughing and hearing someone call him from another room.

"Great. I'll talk to you later then, I see my professor giving me a look. I'll call you when I get back in town," Charlie said, hanging up and looking around. She was gone.

"Man… Second time…"

He turned towards the group of college students gathered in front of the hotel they were staying in and took one last look over his shoulder, hoping he would get the chance to see her one more time. Unfortunately, he would never see her ever again.

- Emo? Why, yes. I was writing this and had to remember when the movie was made, since he was originally talking on a cell, which he wouldn't have had. Lol. Anywho, I love this movie more then anything in the world. I always cry when I see him holding the gun to Charlie's head. Emo face! Thanks for reading!

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