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Christmas Carol style.....ENJOY!

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"Eep" Hinata cried silently as she noticed a shadow loom over her desk. She slowly looked up then calmed a bit when she recognized the man. "G-gaara...g-good-"

"I need to see Sasuke." The redhead stated, cutting her off.

"Oh...y-yes." She moved her chair over to an intercom and pushed the button.

"What is it Hinata?" Asked a rather irritated voice.

"U-um...G-gaara wants to..." Hinata started.

"Send him in!" The voice barked.

Hinata cringed but pushed the button to open the door. Gaara did a slight head bow to show his thanks then entered. Gaara walked into the over sized, cram, office. He hesitated for a moment then walked up to his boss's desk.


"What?" Sasuke snapped not looking up from his paper work.

"I was hoping I could have tomorrow off." Gaara said through clenched teeth.

Sasuke paused in his work and glanced up at the redhead.


Gaara took a breath of air to calm himself, since he really felt like punching the raven in the face.

"With all respect," He squeezed out. "I've been working here for the past 7 years, and I've always gone above and beyond for this company, so I think-"

"You think?!" Sasuke barked out, turning to glare at Gaara. "I don't pay you to think! Every moment you spend here with me, is precious minutes you are wasting! Why are you here when you could be getting this company more money?! If it will shut you up and get you out of my sight, you can have tomorrow off. But I expect you to be back here the next day and expect double your usual work!"

Sasuke finalized then went right back to looking over his papers. Gaara stiffened and took another calming breath.

"Thank you." He chocked out, then left the office.

Sasuke looked up at his now closing door and scoffed. Sasuke then clicked the intercom.

"Hinata!" He yelled.

"Y-yes sir!" Hinata said in a frightened voice.

"If any other employees come in asking for the day off, tell them NO!" With that he shut the intercom off and went on to count his profit.

"There!" Sasuke announced. He picked up the papers he finished looking over and placed them in his filing cabinet. Then, the raven glanced at the wall clock.

"Ten fifteen already?" He stretched his arms, "Better clock out for the day." He then walked over towards the door and grabbed his jacket and scarf.

He walked outside his office and scoffed at the emptiness of it. He walked outside burying himself further in his coat to protect himself from the cold winter air. Sasuke got inside his car and drove toward his mansion. As he drove he noticed all the Christmas decorations and scoffed at them.

"Christmas, hn."

Once he arrived at his mansion he threw his coat and scarf to the ground. He knew his maids would take care of the garments when they came in tomorrow. He made his way upstairs, got dressed into some nice silk pajama's, and then decided to do some more paper work. So, he set up his desk in his bedroom and began to work. At 11:30 the clock chimed and Sasuke felt a cold chilly wind blow over him.

"What?" He turned away from his work and scanned his room. "I didn't leave a window open, did I?"

"No you didn't." A voice assured him.

Sasuke shot up out of his chair, toppling it over, and jumped back away from the voice.

"Who's there?!" Sasuke demanded.

"Aw, I'm hurt you don't remember me?" The voice teased.

Sasuke looked all around but couldn't see anyone.

"I swear if this is a joke I'll kill-" Sasuke began his threat but the voice interrupted him.

"Oh, this is no joke Sasuke. Actually, this is quite," Suddenly a figure appeared, floating right in front of Sasuke. "Serious."

Sasuke took a step back then examined the man; he blinked a couple times and reexamined the man.

"N-neji?" He stuttered out, shocked to see his dead business partner floating in front of him.

"Yes Sasuke, it's me." Neji said smirking at the sound of Sasuke Uchiha stuttering.

Sasuke studied Neji, he looked see through, he was see through! But, he had these chains hanging all over him, secure with locks.

"If this is some kind of joke-!" Sasuke began, again.

"It's no joke it's really me, in the" He put up air quotation marks ""flesh". You see Sasuke; I came here to warn you."

"I must be sleeping." Sasuke said grabbing his head as he began to pace his room.

"No you're awake, now as I was saying." Neji began following the raven around his room. "I came here to warn you Sa-"

"I just need to lie down and-" Sasuke said going over towards his bed.

"This is not a dream!" Neji yelled. "I am a ghost -spirit- and I came here to warn you, so shut the hell up and listen!"

Sasuke scoffed and sat down on his bed. "Ok, I'll play along."

"This is important!" Neji lectured again, but Sasuke only rolled his eyes. Neji sighed, knowing it was going to be hard to get the stubborn raven to listen.

"Remember when you and I ran the company." Sasuke nodded 'yes'. "We bankrupted so many companies and stole from so many people, until we made it to the top."

"Yeah, we did make a good team." Sasuke said remembering how they would bargain people to sell everything to them.

"Yeah we- NO!" Sasuke flinched a bit as Neji flew a bit higher. "No, that was wrong, we were wrong! Sasuke look at these chains!" Neji lifted up some of his chains. "I never tried to repent for any of the bad things I did so I am bound for eternity to carry these chains!"

Sasuke examined the chains as Neji thrashed them about.

"Sasuke, I've seen you're chains and they are twice as long and big as my own! But, you have a chance to get rid of them!" Neji smiled a bit. "Tonight I'm sending some of my friends to come see you, they will help you."

"What are you babbling about?" Sasuke asked wearily.

"You'll see." Neji smirked then faded away.

Sasuke stared at the spot Neji was at for a couple of minutes then shook his head and wiped his face.

"I need sleep." He finalized.

Sasuke crawled into his bed and clapped his hands, shutting the lights off.


Neji =dead partner

Sasuke = Scrouge

read on to find out who the rest is :D