When I least expect it I feel Hikaru's fingers slip into my lap.

'Hikaru, you're drunk,' I slur. He just laughs at me.

'You're drunker,' he retorts and he doesn't move his hand. I am sitting half on Hikaru's lap my head resting on his shoulder and I can't remember the last time I felt this happy. Hikaru and I have known where the key to the drinks cabinet is for as long as we can remember but this is the first time we have actually used it. When our parents told us we would have the house to ourselves we didn't intend to get drunk on Amaretto. But we got bored.

Hikaru's right, you're supposed to get drunk at Christmas. Although technically it is not Christmas for a fortnight.

'Another drink for the gentleman?' Hikaru tips a little more of the amber liquid into my glass without waiting for a reply, though not all of actually slops inside.

'You got some on me.'


My drink sparkles like liquid gold, capturing small fragments of the lights of the room but I don't admire it for long, gulping it down. I can't taste it anymore but I feel it, travelling down my throat into my stomach, like a tiny fireball. I wonder why I was worried earlier about drinking. Something that feels this good can't possibly be bad, can it? And to be honest I really don't care anymore.

I start telling Hikaru a hilariously funny joke. I am amazing even myself with my sudden wit even though I am not quite sure what I am saying and I have forgotten the punchline. Hikaru giggles anyway, giggling at me, and soon we are laughing so that we can't stop.

It's so hot in this room. The heating is turned up high and a fire crackles in the hearth, spitting occasionally in disapproval as it watches Hikaru and I getting gradually more drunk and gradually more stupid. The tinsel and shiny green leaves of the Christmas foliage, draped in strategic points about the room for decoration, sparkle, reflecting the unpredictable dancing flames and Christmas lights.

'Hey Kaoru,' I hear Hikaru say softly.


'Mistletoe.' Hikaru points to the little sprig of unmistakable green leaves and glistening white berries. I sift through my alcohol-drenched brain, trying to remember what is so special about mistletoe. Hikaru gets impatient.

'Hikaru? Wh- … Mmm.' I remember now. Hikaru's lips are on mine, caressing them softly, and my eyes slip automatically closed. His lips feel dry and sticky from the alcohol and the heat but he licks them, making them slippery. I am about to protest that it's disgusting but he is pushing his tongue against my lips now. He slips it in-between them, grinning at my grunt of complain. It's disgusting… But it feels incredible.

My tongue gets bored of sitting still and I push it against Hikaru's. Our lips and mouths are dancing a slow erotic tango and it's leaving me breathless. I lean across Hikaru's chest and the glass still clasped in my hand slips out of it and lands on the floor with a muffled thud. The liquid seeps out, instantly absorbed by the thick carpet, but I barely register it.

Suddenly Hikaru pushes me away and stands up. He walks carefully across the floor without staggering, to stand directly under the mistletoe. I am curious and a little annoyed; I was enjoying myself.

I gradually register that the song playing on the plasma screen has changed. We have our favourite music channel switched on but this close to Christmas all that are playing are Christmas hits. Hikaru and I would complain that they're boring if we had company but secretly we quite like these corny old songs.

Hikaru stands, swaying slightly, under the mistletoe. I recognise the song that's playing and watch curiously, wondering what he is doing.

'I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need.'

I watch in amazement. Hikaru is even a beautiful singer when he is drunk, although the part of me that is still thinking rationally, that I am ignoring, tells me he is a little out of tune and singing at a different time to the music. I take another swig straight from the bottle and the singing is perfect.

Hikaru's voice is husky, deliberately seductive. As he sings he drags his hands up over his chest, pulling his top up with them. He pulls it over his head, tossing it aside on the floor, accidentally tousling his hair. I want to smooth it down, just to touch him. I am slouched on the sofa but I pull myself up straight. I don't want to miss a moment of this.

Hikaru's hands are at the button of his jeans now and his eyes, sparkling amber like the liquid in the bottle, dare me to look away. I can't. He flicks the button open slowly, so slowly, he pulls down the zip and at the same time he gives me a little smirk and winks. I now have an erection so huge that I feel sure that, with a couple of baubles and a little tinsel, it could rival our magnificent fir tree in the corner. Not doing anything about it is painful and I slip my hand between my legs, tilting my hips up as I touch myself. I notice Hikaru's cheeks flush as he watches me.

'I don't care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree,' he continues regardless, pushing his jeans down fluidly so that they pool at his feet. Well two can play at that game.

I stand up. I take over the next line of the song, though is my main objective is to turn Hikaru on, not stay in tune.

'I just want you for my own,' I murmur pulling off my top, 'More than you could ever know.' I kick off my jeans, revealing to Hikaru just how hard I am. We are moving closer and closer together as we sing until we are standing inches apart.

'Make my wish come true,' Hikaru whispers and he runs his hand down my back and inside my boxers, cupping my behind and yanking my hips forward to grind against his. We slowly push each other's boxers down as we sway blissfully to the music.

'All I want for Christmas…' We both sing in unison, '… is you.'

Hikaru steps back now that we are both naked so we can see each other. It becomes a challenge, who will snap first at the sight of his aroused, horny, naked twin?

It is dangerous to meet Hikaru's gaze. It is dangerous to run my eyes down Hikaru's pale chest, creamy in the light of the fire. It is dangerous to run my eyes up his slender, strong, perfect thighs; I want them wrapped around me so badly. I can't stop myself from glancing in between his legs at his throbbing, red, flushed erection. I can even see a bead of pure white, glistening at the tip of his length like one of the milky white mistletoe berries above our heads. He is turned on because of me.

I can't take it any more and at the exact same moment he can't take it any more. We both step forward, meeting directly under the mistletoe, grasping each other's bodies desperately. The rhythm of the song has changed and the rhythm of our bodies' changes too, from slow to fast. We kiss frantically our chests pressed together, as though loosening the hold we have on each other would tear us apart. My hands are wound into Hikaru's hair and his hands slide down my back to rest on my bum.

It is not long before we break apart, gasping, and there is no time for teasing now, no time to slow down. We are both so desperate, so shamelessly turned on that Hikaru doesn't even need to murmur in my ear, 'Shall we go next door?'

Our small cosy sitting room where we have been watching TV is right next to our bedroom and I am glad. We both know we won't be satisfied with just kissing tonight. The bedroom is cool and dark and I scamper straight under the thick duvet on our bed, holding it up for Hikaru to slip in beside me. His erection drags across my thigh as we snuggle down next to one another and I purr in appreciation. The safety of the semi-dark room and our bodies hidden under the covers give me a sudden sense of confidence and mischief. I reach down and wrap my fingers around Hikaru's erection, gaining his full attention instantly.

Very gently… I squeeze. Hikaru's eyes widen, his expression obscured by a mist of lust. He runs his hand across my chest, over a nipple, lower. I tremble as his hand slides closer, closer, and then he is doing the same to me as I am doing to him. He makes me moan softly.

With no words, with only one look for confirmation, we both move our hands, slowly at first. I am stroking Hikaru the way I always touch myself and from his reaction he likes it the same way as me. I arch into Hikaru's touch; I can't get enough of his hands. I want Hikaru to move faster so I speed up myself and he starts groaning every time I drag my hand down his erection. I moan too; Hikaru has never looked as gorgeous as he does now.

I feel so hot under the duvet, I am burning up and as Hikaru and I kiss, the movement of our hands not ceasing for a moment, I feel the heat emanating from Hikaru's moist skin as well. He smells so nice, the way that he always smells but intensified, a smell no words could describe.

We are both moving our hands frantically now and Hikaru is making loud animalistic groaning noises that I have only ever heard before coming out of my own mouth. The heat pools in between my legs and the tension there is increasing with every movement of Hikaru's hand. I don't want this moment to be over but I need some form of release; I badly want to come and I am going to any minute.

'H-Hika,' I gasp out, feeling as though I should warn Hikaru.

'Go on,' he moans. He knows exactly what I am trying to tell him and he strokes me even faster. I come violently; spurting bursts of white fluid all over Hikaru's fingers. My back arches involuntarily as my muscles clench. I feel Hikaru coming too, the liquid dripping down over my hand. I don't even realise how much noise I am making until I hear Hikaru's voice in my ear: 'Kaoru, ah… AH,' and I realise I was moaning in the same way.

We lie still now, our arms and legs tangled. I feel exhausted and I am suddenly aware of my heart thumping hard. I move my hand and place it on Hikaru's chest and I can feel his heartbeat too, matching mine.

'I love you Hikaru,' I blurt out spontaneously and he leans forward giving me a quick peck on the lips before flopping back onto his pillows.

'I love you too,' he murmurs softly.

And just like that we fall asleep in each other's arms.

Hope you enjoyed this!

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