Chapter 8

Who is the most gorgeous person in the world? Kaoru. Who do I want to devour every time I realize his perfection (made perfect by his small imperfections; a little cross shaped scar on the side of his knee, a reminder of the time when we were young and played recklessly; a mole on his shoulder blade and the patches of rougher skin on his elbows)? Kaoru. Who do I love more than myself? Kaoru.

And who is currently sidling towards me, a grin on his face, making some remark about it being my turn and wow am I that excited already... Well I think the answer to that is pretty evident actually.

'Hikar-uuu,' Kaoru whines at me. 'What are you waiting for? Turn the shower on.'

Immediately I grin at him and I am pleased to note when I give the shining silver tap a jerk in the right direction that it takes hardly any time at all for the water gushing out to become steaming hot. Kaoru and I are both sweaty and horny, a hot shower is the best thing we both need right now, especially as I haven't washed in a while.

Eagerly I strip off while Kaoru, already naked, steps into the shower. I don't take my eyes off him as I undress haphazardly. He looks exactly the way he looked when I watched him in the shower before, small rivulets of water running down his back and over the smooth curves of his bum, hair hanging limply around his face and curling around his slender fingers, clinging to them as he runs a hand through it.

This time I don't have to torture myself because I can look and I can touch. When I catch sight of a few curls of dark red pubic hair, just visible from between the tops of his thighs, I am stepping inside the tub and behind him before I even know what I am doing. Both Kaoru and the water are deliciously warm as I wrap my arms around him, but I make him shiver a little. The automatic response would be to pull away. Kaoru doesn't. Instead he cheekily pushes his hips back against me, rubbing up and down, once, twice.

'Ah.... HAH!' I huff out automatically. My eyes squeeze shut and my hands grope for Kaoru's hips. I pull him towards me, resting my chin on Kaoru's shoulder as he bucks, barely perceptibly against me. The firm flesh of Kaoru's ass pushes my erection up against my stomach, sandwiching it like a piece of meat between two slices of bread and he keeps moving.

'Kaoru,' I gasp, 'don't make me- ah... not so soon.'

'What?' Kaoru stops moving, 'You're ready to come already? I was only kidding about you having no stamina but-'

'It's not my fault,' I interrupt, letting go of Kaoru's hip with one hand and placing my palm against the wall to steady myself, 'it's yours.'

I groan in disappointment as Kaoru moves his bum away from me and turns his head incredulously.

'You turn me on too much for me to control myself,' I mutter under my breath, not meeting Kaoru's eyes.

There is a pause. Finally I glance up to see what Kaoru is doing, but as soon as I do so I find myself being spun around and slammed against the white bathroom tiles. Thankfully they are clean but the droplets of water clinging to them have turned cold and I squirm in discomfort.

As soon as I start to complain Kaoru shuts me up effectively by pushed his face dangerously close to my own. He is so close I can see his dark eyelashes stuck together in clumps by the water and feel his warm breath against my lips as he murmurs to me,

'I'll just have to go very, very slowly then, won't I Hikaru?'

'No, Kaoru, don-'

My evil twin cuts me off with a kiss, slowly sliding his lips over my own, our mouths moulding together, except Kaoru's upper lip is on top. I don't think so little brother. I change the position of our mouths so that it is me taking his lips between mine. His tongue makes its way into my mouth after a while and it is so slippery, so erotically disgusting that it makes my cheeks flush. I have the uncontrollable urge to do more. Kaoru seems happy for me to move my arms, which are currently wrapped around his upper body, downwards and I slide my hands over his back, not stopping till I reach his buttocks.

When I arrive at my destination I squeeze. One butt cheek for each hand, perfect. Kaoru pulls his mouth away to gasp and obliges when I pull his ass towards me, straddling his legs either side of mine.

I feel a suspicious semi hardness graze against my stomach and I am incredulous. Kaoru can not only last longer than me but can even get hard again this quickly. It's not fair, he is the younger brother for goodness sake!

Suddenly I am aware that Kaoru is moving his hand, slowly like he promised, down my chest. On the way past my nipple he rubs it, stimulating the flesh until it is erect.

'Erect, just the way I want you to be, Hikaru,' Kaoru leans forward and whispers in my ear, his hand on my hip now. Running his fingers briefly through the damp hair above my erection and tugging on it until I groan, Kaoru's fingertips meet the base of my penis.

Torturously slowly he rubs a finger up it, tracing a vein. My breath is shuddery and hitches when he finally wraps his hand around me, his grip just the right amount of firm, and pulls the skin back. Automatically I clasp a hand over my mouth and close my eyes as Kaoru tugs the skin of my erection up and down, up and down, slowly stimulating every nerve. His other hand is not idle and he rubs his thumb slowly around the sensitive head of my penis, over the slit, again and again with unhurried movements, until he has succeeded in his mission of enticing out pre cum. There is so much that it begins to drip down the length that he is stroking, which only serves to lubricate me and turn me on even more effectively.

It is hard not to come with what Kaoru is doing to me. It is even harder when I watch him bring his cum smeared thumb to his mouth, sucking on it suggestively in and out, in and out, his mouth forming an O around it.

'You lasted this far Hikaru,' Kaoru smirks, 'But can you last through this?'

At once Kaoru increases the pace of his hand, jerking me almost as fast as I would stroke myself to get myself off. The hand clenched over my mouth drops onto Kaoru shoulder, my other hand is pressed hard against the wall to steady myself and my eyes open in surprise. I am gasping like a fish, Kaoru has reduced me to a swollen rock hard penis, a groaning mouth and hot, hot cheeks... at least, that's all I can concentrate on. I can feel the tension building in my groin, each stroke bringing me closer to delicious pleasure. If Kaoru doesn't stop now I'm going to...

'Ung... S-Stop,' I try to moan.

'Why would I do a thing like that?' Kaoru grins, going, if anything, faster.

'Seriously,I mean it- Ah!'

Looking very taken aback, Kaoru halts the movement of his hand. Cheekily, perhaps not able to resist, he gives one last squeeze.

'Uuuuuh!' I groan out. He has pushed me too far to stop now, all I want to do is spray my cum all over his stomach and his erect penis, which is just inches from mine. Beyond my control my hands reach out and grasp his hips. He is still straddling me and so it is easy to grind together. I hump my penis against his flesh desperately, groaning louder and louder.

'Mmm... yes, Kao-ru, gonna-'

'Ah, Hikaru.'

Kaoru's tiny gasp of arousal throws me over the edge. I continue to rub myself against him throughout my orgasm as my stomach muscles contract, rubbing the skin of my penis frantically as spurts of white fluid burst from the tip. All I can do is moan loudly, clasping Kaoru's body to me in ecstasy. When I am done cum drips from the tip of my penis, from Kaoru's stomach and even from the wall but I can't bring myself to care.

I feel too incredible.

Uselessly, I stand there panting hard and Kaoru gently guides me under the steady stream of water. All evidence of my orgasm washes away from my body, swirling down the plug hole. Kaoru forces the bottle of soap, from the welcome pack I was given, into my hand and we begin to wash each other.

'Why did you tell me to stop?' Kaoru asks me after a short while, raising his voice slightly to be heard over the sound of the shower. I shake my head slightly; too embarrassed to tell him but he won't have it.

'Tell me,' he wheedles, 'tell me, tell me.' As he asks me he prods me in the ribs making me wriggle.

'Okay, okay, stop. Stop,' I complain, 'I didn't want to come because well, now look.'

I gesture downwards and Kaoru follows my hand to catch sight of my now completely flaccid, completely useless penis.

'Ah I see,' Kaoru grins, placing the back of his hand against his forehead in a mock melodramatic gesture, 'I am too attractive for you, you just can't resist me, such a shame. Don't worry Hikaru,' he continues, suddenly serious, 'I know what to do with brothers who have no will power...'

Immediately Kaoru shuts off the water and I turn my face up to catch the last drops as it runs to a trickle.

'Come on.' Kaoru chucks me a white, fluffy towel before heading back out of the bathroom and I quickly pat myself dry with it before letting it pool on the bathroom floor and padding across the living room naked.


'In here Hikaru,' Kaoru calls from the bedroom and I hurry inside.

Just inside the door I stop short. Kaoru is splayed out naked on the bed. He is lying on his back, still completely aroused, his erection straining up in the air. His legs are spread wide apart and as I watch he tilts his hips up and begins slowly rubbing the skin of his penis up and down, jerking himself off blatantly.

'Think I can arouse you again Hikaru?' he asks.

'Hmm, I don't know,' I grin in response, closing the door behind me then pressing my back against the wall directly in front of the bed so that I have the best view of it. So that I have the best view of Kaoru.

Then I notice a small bottle in his hand.

'What's that?' I ask, squinting at it.

'Well,' Kaoru gives me a sly smile, 'The thought of having your huge, straining erection rammed up my hot, tight asshole turns me on like hell. So that's what we're going to do. If I don't prepare myself though, it's going to hurt like hell. So this,' here he shakes the bottle at me, 'is a nice slippery lubricant to spread all the way up inside me so you can slide in and out, more easily. Lemon flavoured lubricant.'

'Where did you get it?'

'Sex shop,' Kaoru shrugs as if it is no big deal, 'Got some anal beads if you fancy using them on me and a cock ring... I mean if that's not your thing I can always use them on myself...'

I shiver slightly. Kaoru is deliberately trying to turn me on and it's working, usually it would be impossible not to get hard faced with such stimulation, but my penis remains flaccid. It is embarrassing not being able to 'get it up' but in my defence I don't think many people would be able to this quickly. However I haven't taken into account what Kaoru is going to do next.

Mesmerised, I watch my twin flick open the cap of the lube bottle nonchalantly and dribble some on his fingers, scissoring them so that strings of lube form then snap.

'Where does this go, Hikaru?' he asks with a smirk before rolling agilely onto his front, and kneeling up with his legs wide apart so that I have the best view of his ass. I hear myself let out a small groan as Kaoru spreads lube all the way up his ass crack, then slips the first finger inside. I watch as he carefully pushes it in to the hilt.

'Mmm,' he sighs, 'I can just imagine this is your finger Hikaru. It's easy seeing as our fingers are identical. You are stroking me, curling your finger inside me and- ah!'. I realise Kaoru has made himself moan by stroking his own prostate and amazingly I feel myself getting hard.

As Kaoru adds another finger, pushing and pulling in and out, gasping and moaning, I stiffen further. By the time he applies a third finger and a little more lube, grunting a little and shifting his hips back and forward to meet his thrusting fingers I can hardly hold back.

'Hikaru,' he pants and when he turns his head slightly, his flushed cheeks and wide pupils make me just want to shove inside him with no manners and no holding back. And it seems Kaoru is thinking along the same lines as I am.

'I want you inside me Hikaru. Or else, ah!' Kaoru breaks off, indulging himself for a moment by stroking his prostate again before focusing once more on me, 'I'll come,' he moans.

No further encouragement is needed. Immediately, I scramble forwards onto the bed, clasp Kaoru's hip with one hand and my now tense, rigid penis in the other. Kaoru leans round and clasps me in his hand as well, helping to guide me in.

It's wonderful. Kaoru is hot, wet and tight just as he promised and just as I imagined. Many times now I have visualised being inside him but this is even more wonderful than my expectations. I slide in to the hilt and pause, stroking Kaoru's lower back in case I am hurting him. It is strange, I was so turned on I wasn't even nervous but now I am slightly anxious that Kaoru isn't enjoying this as much as I am.

'Ung, Hikaru.' I tense against him.

'A-Are you okay?' I stutter but then I feel his hips buck against me.

'What are you doing?' he moans, 'move.'

Oh. That wasn't what I expected. He thrusts against me again and this time I meet his thrust with a groan. Slowly I move back and forth a couple of times until I really can't hold back. Clasping Kaoru's hips hard I begin to push inside him, faster, deeper.

'Uh, uh, uh,' he gasps at each fast thrust and it only spurs me on to move faster. I feel him clench around me and throw my head back, not caring what I look like, only focussing on prolonging the intense feelings I am experiencing. Everything is made better by the fact I love Kaoru, so damn much.

'W-Wank me off,' Kaoru gasps, grabbing my hand and placing it on his cock. I squeeze first then drag the skin back and forth fast.

'Gonna come Hikaru?' Kaoru asks.

'Mm,' is all I can reply, and then I repeat the noise only louder. 'Mmmm!'

Finally the stimulation becomes too much. The sight of Kaoru's perfectly round bum with my erection, shiny with lube, disappearing between the cheeks, the sound of his quiet gasps, incoherent murmurs and not so quiet groans as I push extra hard against just the right spot and the feeling of being squeezed and rubbed faster and faster, is just too much. My arousal is like a Christmas cracker, pulled to its limit.

And then with a feeling equivalent to the bang of a cracker or the explosion of a firework I come. Desperately I stroke Kaoru as I repeat his name.

'Uh, Kaoru, KAORU... God!'

I rock against him, releasing deep inside him. I would have thought it was impossible to feel any better in this moment if it wasn't for Kaoru's sudden load groan and the feeling of his penis jerking against my hand, telling me he is coming too. He is coming because of me.

Gasping and sweaty we both flop down on the bed simultaneously. I don't fail to notice the erotic trails of cum seeping down his thighs, his chest frantically rising and falling and his tongue running along his pink lips that have dried from all the panting. On impulse I roll on top of Kaoru, careful not to put any weight on him and give him a lingering kiss on the lips.

'Thank you,' I sigh.

'Why are you thanking me?' he asks with a tired smile.

'For being so wonderful. For making me feel so wonderful. For letting me do that.'

'Ah,' he puts his arms around my and snuggles his head my chest, 'But I wanted to do it silly. I love you.'

'Hmm?' I say grinning at him, 'Didn't quite catch that...'

'I love you. I love you. I love you.' Each of Kaoru's I love you's is punctuated by a kiss on the lips until I roll over and reciprocate.

'I love you,' I smile, pulling him in for a kiss too but I am interrupted by a sudden loud knock on the door.

'Kaoru get the door,' I tell him, flopping back against the pillows, too lazy to move.

'You get it.'

'You're closer.'

'You came first...'


'Okay, okay,' Kaoru grins, 'I'll go.' Immediately I feel guilty for letting him get it and as he has already pulled the sheet from the bed to wrap around his middle I grab the hotel provided gown and hurry after him. He opens the door and I sneak up behind him. Hidden out of view, I begin kissing his neck and stroking his ass through the sheet, rumpling it. Then I glance up to see who it is.

There is a porter at the door, bowing slightly though his formal uniform is slightly rumpled and he has a Christmas hat on his head. Tinsel is spilling out of his pocket. I assume that it is the Christmas party downstairs or something similar, especially as there is a sudden strong smell of alcohol in the air. Then he straightens up and Kaoru and I blurt out simultaneously, 'You?!'.

Standing there, still wearing no shoes and still kind of annoyingly attractive, is Kano.

He seems just as shocked to see us as we are to see him and he takes a couple of steps backwards, nearly tripping over his own feet.

'Sorry,' he mutters, acting completely differently to the confident flirt I met before, 'I was called up here about noise disturbance.' Amazingly quickly he overcomes the shock and his confidence visibly returns. He leans against the doorframe casually, looks us both enthusiastically up and down and drawls out, 'You guys were having a little too much fun I take it. I'm glad you made up.'

Although I can't bring it in me to hate this guy, I am uncertain about the way he is looking at Kaoru and I reach for my twin's hand, winding our fingers together tightly.

'You helped a lot in that actually,' Kaoru smiles.

'Thank you,' I mutter, trying not to look into his annoyingly enticing eyes.

'Well, I'll leave you to it then, enjoy those... items you bought earlier, ' Kano grins, 'Just try and keep it down, 'kay?'

He is turning to go and suddenly something twinges inside of me. I reach out a hand to stop him but Kaoru gets there first.

'Oh, I don't know,' I hear Kaoru's voice beside me. He uses his free hand, the one not being clutched possessively by me, to scratch nonchalantly at the back of his head.

Then he looks at me. I look at him. It has always been one of our twin things, knowing what the other person is going to say and I know exactly what Kaoru is thinking.

In unison, holding hands defiantly, not bothering to hide at all that Kaoru's hair is tousled, my dressing gown is open with absolutely nothing underneath and there is a suspicious smell of salt and lemon in the air, in perfect unison we say:

'We've always fancied a bit of ménage a trios.'

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