CVM: Throttle

"This is not going well," Allison muttered to herself, speeding after the motorcycle containing the woman in black and the still-screaming Chuck. She revved the engine and sped up the bike, pulling up next to the other motorcycle. She could smell the asphalt and felt the adrenaline racing in her veins; her mind was focused on her mission. This was what she had became a spy for.

"Pull over!" She shouted. The woman shook her head and Chuck just kept up the girlish scream. Allison rolled her eyes. They always had to do things the hard way. She pulled her gun out of the holster with one hand while she kept an eye on the road. No cars, only the blackness of the road interrupted by the white dashed line in the center, blurred to a pale translucent glow as she kept her speed. She pointed the gun, loaded only a few minutes ago with Casey and Sarah there, at the woman.

"Pull over or I'll shoot!" The words were torn from Allison's throat by the air rushing around her, but her shout carried to the other motorcycle above the roar of the wind.

"You won't endanger the hostage!"

"I don't even like him all that much! Pull over or I'll shoot you!"

The woman sped up and Allison growled obscenities under her breath in Japanese. It had been a bit of a bluff, but she could hardly not follow it up. She could shoot out a tire; all she had to do was time it right. After all, riding with no hands was a skill she had acquired before, when she was a little younger and much more convinced of her indestructibility. But the kick from the pistol and the…no. Doubts got you killed.

Ignoring the 102 things that could go wrong with her bike, not to mention all the injuries the Intersect could sustain, Allison aimed, balancing carefully, finding her center before letting go of the bike to grip her gun firmly. She fired a shot. The bike swerved as she seized the handlebars once more. Missed by an inch. Checking her mirrors and over her shoulder, Allison followed the motorcycle onto the highway. The merging ramp was her best bet if she wanted to avoid a multiple-vehicle collision. The road curved and she leaned slightly, trusting her body to remember how to do this. Aim…fire.

With a small explosion, the rear tire on the other motorcycle blew out. Swerving from one side to the other, the bike and the sidecar containing Chuck ended up in the drainage ditch, dry from the lack of decent rainfall. Allison pulled over, running to the crash site, her gun loaded and out. The woman in black was moaning softly, trying to get out from under the large, heavy motorbike as she cradled a clearly broken arm. Allison hurried over to Chuck, pulling off his blindfold over his brown curls. He was out cold, but when Alison laid her fingers to his throat, he had a steady pulse. As she laid him out on the grass, a black SUV with tinted windows pulled up.

Allison pointed her gun at the vehicle, still on alert, but Sarah threw open the passenger door as Casey got out the driver's side, and she lowered the gun.

"Hey," Allison grinned, despite the sweat and dirt on her face, and pulled off her helmet. "I got Chuck. He's out, but he'll be fine. Mystery woman is over there." Pointing to the woman still pinned beneath the cycle, Allison went over to help Sarah get Chuck into the SUV.


Casey and Sarah arrived on the scene to find Allison, who smiled brightly at them and gave a quick explanation before going off to help Sarah. Sarah didn't like the way Chuck looked, and Casey didn't like the strange feeling in his gut when he saw Allison standing unharmed, smiling at him like it was Christmas. Both of them were pleased, however, to get their hands on the woman, whom was still an unknown factor in the entire escapade. Allison was just happy that she had gotten the Intersect back, even though he had to get his head checked.

The morning brought three exhausted agents to the castle, while Chuck lay in bed, resting off his mild concussion. Neither Casey, Sarah, nor Allison had slept. Sarah and Allison had been at the hospital with Chuck while Casey got treatment for their mystery woman. After that, the woman had been put in holding while they attempted to get information on her from the NSA, CIA, or the Library of Congress. Omnicron had been unwilling to share any information, but Allison informed the other two agents that this sort of behavior was to be expected. Apparently, Omnicron was more of a, 'look out for no one but yourself' sort of agency.

The debriefing at just before dawn brought news that the night of searching had failed to provide. The woman's name was Danielle Amoretti and she was a rogue Italian spy whom had killed her partner and been on the run ever since. Allison didn't bother volunteering for interrogation, as Sarah was already in the room, hooking Agent Amoretti up to a polygraph.

"Is your name Danielle Amoretti?"

"Yes." the agent replied. The polygraph bleeped positive.

"Are you an agent or ex-agent of an Italian espionage firm?"

"Yes." Positive.

"Good. Working fine. Now. Did you target this team for a specific reason?"

"No." Positive.

"Did you find out about us from someone else?"

"No." Positive.

"Were you planning to kill the hostage if we did not cooperate?"

"No." Negative.

Sarah repeated the question with cool authority and the agent re-answered with a yes. Positive. Further questioning slowly revealed that Agent Amoretti had uncovered the signal because the secure line used for debriefings had somehow been unsecured. Allison made a note to have the government fix it and continued listening as the dawn turned to morning, until a message on a now re-secured line came in; the debriefing. It started with information updates and ended with,

"Two agents will be sent over to pick up Agent Amoretti within the hour, good work." The general signed off and Allison stifled a yawn.

"Ugh. I need a shower." she muttered, "Is it okay with you guys if I go back to my apartment, or do you need me for something?"

"We can handle it. There's still a couple of hours to go before the Orange Orange [until very recently, thought to be called the Fro Yo by the author] opens, and the exchange is hardly a complex thing."

"Great. Be back in half an hour or so. Casey can give me back my guns after his shift." Allison found her bike intact in the parking lot and rode it back to her grubby little apartment. After a lukewarm shower (apparently the single hot water heater was for the set of four apartments), a clean set of clothes, and shoving several guns into her foldable couch, Allison left for the castle again, but picked up several bagels and some coffee and orange juice on the way over.


With Allison gone, Casey and Sarah were free to discuss her and how she had done on their mission.

"She's thinking on her feet, that's for sure, but shooting out that tire could have just as easily killed Chuck as caught Agent Amoretti." Sarah was not overly critical, privately still assessing Allison as an agent, a person, and just in general.

"Not bad," Casey admitted grudgingly. "No call to let us know she was in pursuit, though. We need to be informed and she looks like she's going to be a wild card."

"She didn't exactly have time to call." Sarah pointed out.

"Still a wild card."

"So we'll keep an eye on her."

Casey checked on Agent Amoretti, then went back to the table and the pair sat in silence, which was more common than conversation between the two of them anyhow. After a while, the door opened and Allison walked down the stairs, bearing coffee, orange juice, and bagels. Sarah smiled at her as she set the bag and cardboard cup holder onto the table.



The dropping off of Agent Amoretti was easy and both Sarah and Casey got to go home and shower before returning to their jobs. The three of them took shifts at Chuck's house, protecting him as he slept off his evening of terror. Allison was grateful for Galaxy's Coffee. Caffeine, in her opinion, was a miracle drug.

That night, all three agents and one human-Intersect slept soundly, and emerged the next morning, normal citizens of Los Angeles whom just happened to work for the US Government.

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