Don't own, first fiction, r&r. Tell me what ya think, don't care if it's bad or not.

This is a bulma x gohan. Rated for sex & language(don't know if ages are right).


Bulma: 27

Gohan: 14

Bulma P.O.V.

The day started off like any other; wake up, get a bath, get some breakfast, & go work on the mechs. That was until Chi-Chi showed up with her son Gohan. Hello Chi-Chi, Bulma said, what can I do for you Chi-Chi.

I'm sorry I've come on such short notice, Chi-Chi said. It's no problem, Bulma interupted so what can I do for you. I know its short notice, but I need you to look after gohan for the weekend. Even though it's short notice, but sure I can watch him for the weekend. Thanks Bulma, Chi-Chi bent down and gave Gohan a kiss on the check and said to him, be good for bulma ok. Ok, he said back. Bye bulma, she said and ran off.

So what do ya want to do, Bulma said. Gohan just shrugged his shoulder thinking to himself,(Bulma has some nice breast, stop thinking like that, he thought to himself, she your friend, but her ass looks good to, stop he shouted to himself in his mind), and was surprised to see bulma saying his name and waving a hand in front of his face.

Are you alright, she said. Yeah I just zoned out there, he said. Ok, so do you want to help work on the mechs, sure he said. And I continued like the rest of the day with Gohan sneaking a few looks at her breast and ass. Until that night, after they had eaten, he asked her were the shower was, she lead him to it and told him to start and shed get him a towel.

When he was in the shower he started fantasizing about her. He thought about her breast, her pussy, & her ass. How he wanted to squeeze her breast, finger her pussy, & ram his dick into her ass. He didn't hear her come in until he heard a gasp. Her looked over and saw her stare starry eyed at his dick. He didn't realize he had a hard on until then, but he didn't care.

He walked over to her grabbed her neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss. She was still memorized by the size of his dick he was only 14 but he was larger than ever time she heard a friend talk about to sizes(the biggest she heard about was 8 in. but gohan was at lest twice that length). She finally snapped out of it and started to kissing back. He broke the kiss and backed away. Then he asked something he wasn't expecting. Bulma, he said, yes she replied, would you like to ………………

I hate cliffhangers but there so fun to do, so r&r(and I don't mean rest & relax for those who don't know what I mean). Aight