Safe bet.

Author: Starlover1990
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate, MGM or anything of it(If only…). I'm just playing with the characters. I don't earn any money with it.
Spoilers: Season 7, certainly a lot of things out of Grace, Death Knell and Heroes.
Season: Season 7.

Paring: Sam/Jack.
Summery: What if the conversation Sam had with her subconscious (Jack) went different than in the episode Grace. What are the consequences?

A/N: I wanted to work with the butterfly effect in this fanfic so in the beginning it will be very close to the real episodes but how further we go in the fic how different this reality gets from ours/ the episodes.

The fanfic is also finished I will slowly update all chapters, depending on my beta how fast.

Many thanks to Sarai for beta'ing!!!

Chapter 1/Prologue

Sam was walking on the ship. It was quiet. She had woken up a few days ago with a major bruise on the head and she was the only one still on the ship. It looked like everyone had abandoned it; even all escape pods were gone, Sam was left behind in the chaos after the attack. She'd tried to fix the ship to escape but the sub light engines just weren't cooperating. The hyper drive didn't work either in this cloud; the window couldn't form because of the gasses inside of it.

Yesterday her father had showed up and she even started to see Teal'c and Daniel. Deep inside of her Sam knew that they weren't here, that they weren't real, but she felt compelled to talk with them. It was the little girl she didn't understand. What was she doing here? What was her purpose in here? Where did she come from? Daniel said to her that it could be the consciousness of the cloud and that she should talk with her, but that didn't make any sense at all. The little girl sang twinkle twinkle little star, the song her mother used to sing for her. Sam had long forgotten about it; hadn't thought about it for twenty years. It wasn't much, but she felt the girl couldn't be the 'cloud'. Not unless it could read her mind.

Sam spent every day fixing the ship, cataloguing her supplies and trying to find a way out of there, Daniel helping her. Teal'c helping her to stay awake because of her head injury. Jacob talking with her about her love life, something that didn't went very well. She envied the love her father had had for her mother.

There was one person missing. The only one she really wanted. But also the one person that could help her in times like these. He hadn't shown up and probably wouldn't. Hell, he was her CO and she was just his 2IC; nothing more.

The ship was getting more and more structural damage, she had to find a solution somehow, but she didn't know how, she tried everything. Sam settled into a corner of the ship, hoping that someone or something would come to save her. She had given up. Grace, the little girl, was now next to her blowing bubbles. Her first thought went to science; to the surface tension of the bubble, binding the molecules together in a certain way. She couldn't help but compare it to her own life. So bound. So fragile. Grace interrupted her. She heard another voice.

"All right Carter, come on, on your feet let's go." He finally showed up and Grace had disappeared.

"I wondered when you were going to show up."