Chapter one

In need of assistance

The weather in Mobius was rather depressing, with it's endless storms that seemed like it wouldn't show any signs of lighting up anytime soon.

Sonic quickly ran in through the doors of his apartment, his body drenched with the rain, "holy fuck…" he muttered as he removed his jacket, revealing a few bruises and scars on his arms and neck, "will this weather ever end?"

He tossed his jacket onto the couch and, then, removed his soaked sneakers thereafter. Slowly, he entered his bedroom in search for a pair of dry clothes.

Once, he found an outfit, he entirely removed all of the clothing thus showing off a bruise on his back and ribs, and slipped the clothes on over his body. It felt so much better to be dried much rather soaked with his shirt sticking to his chest. He picked up a towel and ran it through his spines.

He repeated the process for several more minutes before laying it on top of a nearby hamper.

It had been awhile since he had last went out for merely himself for some free time, and it was only because no one was home to tell him what to do and was able to control his every movements. Nor was anyone likely to mistreat him.

He sighed and sat his body down onto the bed. As much as he wanted his boyfriend to come home, he was also rather mixed about his emotions.

Sonic's hand gripped at an old scar on his arm and closed his eyes, 'I love him…he just….he just needs help,' he thought, 'and he loves me too. I know he does…'

He heard the door open, and his ears perked up as his entire attention was drawn to the doorway where he heard the echoing of heavy footsteps as well a red echidna stood by the door, staring harshly into Sonic's emerald eyes.

"It's pouring out," Knuckles stated the obvious, but his body showed no signs of it ever getting touched by the fluids. In terms, he was entirely dried. Sonic continued to stare at the echidna with an emotionless stare.

Slowly, he walked into the bedroom and sat down just beside Sonic. His hand ran through Sonic's spines, and a smile inched his lips. Yet Sonic could've sworn it looked like a grin.

The hedgehog's body grew tense when he could now feel the echidna's breath on his neck. He pulled away, "why…why don't I go make us some dinner," he stuttered and stood from the large bed, but with Knuckles's unbelievable strength with it was almost impossible to get away for he roughly grabbed the hedgehog and slammed him against the wall.

Sonic winced, "Kn…Knuckles, stop it…you're hurting me…"

"I'm not hungry for dinner," he told him a-matter-of-fact and pressed his lips to Sonic's, then, traveled ever so lowly until he had reached Sonic' shoulder.

"Let go of me!" Sonic begged as he struggled to release from the echidna's grasp, but an effort that proved to be pointless.

Knuckles threw Sonic on the bed, but he fell right off and hit his head on the corner, which immediately formed a gash on his forehead.

He struggled to sit his body erect as Knuckles pressed him back down onto the floor, and bit onto his neck while his hands worked to unzip the petrified hedgehog's pants.

"Fuckin' let go of me!" he screamed and managed to kick Knuckles off of his body, and stood to his feet while flipping him off, "don't you fuckin' touch me!" he continued to scream and touched his head. Agonizing pain shut through his head and he felt blood running down his face.

His arm from the tight grasp began to bleed, but he ignored it as he quickly left the bedroom to gather his material. Already, he had enough of this.

"Where the hell are you going exactly?!" Knuckles hollered as he followed Sonic into the living room and watched him quickly slide his jacket onto his sore body.

"away," he answered as tears formed in his eyes, "you…you need help! Severe help! I need to leave and think about this! Just," he opened the door, "leave me alone!" he slammed the door shut, and quickly ran in tears.

Where did his relationship take this type of turn? A month ago everything was perfectly fine.

Sonic leaned against a building wall, and fell to his knees as more sobs left him. He couldn't help, but blame himself. Maybe he did do something wrong. But what was it? He couldn't even recall doing anything that was worth this much suffering inflicted on him.

Beyond the distance, he could see where Shadow was currently staying through the pouring rain, and now he was left with the choice to either stay or go. Nobody knew of this situation, not even his best friend, Tails, and now he wasn't quite sure if he wanted to tell anyone anything that was occurring.

It wasn't until today when Knuckles attempted to fuck in such away. Before today, it started as a hit or two everyday, but then gradually built to severe beatings, shoves, and now this. And sonic wasn't even doing anything to deserve this type of behavior.

By now the rain had began to seep through his jacket and he shivered, but still refused to make a budge towards the only place he knew he could go and stay until things back at home lightened up.

After awhile of being out in the cold, pouring down storm, he heard the footsteps and splashes of small puddles, then, it seemed as if the rain had stopped, but it was only because someone had put an umbrella over his head in an attempt to start drying him off.

"S…Shadow?" he questioned in complete shock.

Shadow's fur was now soaked and his clothes stuck to his skin, showing off his muscular structure and his every curve. Slowly, he bend down to Sonic's eye level at that moment, "I saw you from my window," he spoke loudly, trying to drown out the loud racking of the rain, "why are you out here anyways? It's pouring, you could catch cold."

Since it was dark out, it was no wonder Shadow was completely oblivious to the gashes on the hedgehog's body.

"Shadow, I…" Sonic mumbled as his voice cracked.

The ebony hedgehog drew closer to Sonic, now a bit suspicious about his rather urgent, mournful behavior, "you what?" he pressed for him to continue though he was rather calm about it. He didn't want to inflict any pressure on what seemed to be a rather hurt hedgehog.

He never answered. Instead, he threw his arms around Shadow's neck and the umbrella flew from Shadow's loose grasp, causing it to land in a nearby puddle. Shadow was frozen with shock.

"Sonic…this…this is a big surprise," he managed to say while failing to hide his shock.

"Shadow, please! I need your help!"

He twitched, "help? What sort of help?"

To be continued…