Chapter five

The first, and only, thought that raced through the hedgehog's mind as he quietly entered the apartment, was that if Knuckles had realized that he had snuck out in the middle of the night.

'Maybe, seeing Shadow was a big mistake,' he continued to scold himself as he quickly threw the case under the couch where he had resumed to sleep at. He can't remember the last time he had actually slept with Knuckles.

Sighing once more, he threw his body on the couch, and attempted to sleep before Knuckles came home from god knows where. Though, he could not get much sleep. Shadow kept racing through his mind, and he began to panic, 'what if Knuckles find out that I…kissed him?' he began to think, 'oh no…I just endangered Shadow. I'm such a burden on everyone!'

He heard the door open , and his heart literally stopped.

Knuckles paused by the door, and crossed his arms, "well," he began, "you snuck out last night, why? Better question: just who did you see last night?" when Sonic never answered, he nodded, and walked towards him, "Shadow, huh?"

"Knuckles, please…" he simply pleaded, "just leave him out of this."

"Leave him out of it?" he repeated, and stopped until he stood just before the hedgehog, "if you wanted him so desperately to be untouched, then, you would've stayed."

Sonic stared down at the ground with narrow eyes, "Knuckles, we're through."

"No, we're not," he ordered, and pressed himself against Sonic while gripped him tightly, "you fuckin' whore. Don't think I don't know just what you and Shadow are doing together."

He flinched, "no! we're not doing anything!"

Knuckles didn't believe him, and he licked Sonic's cheek, then, his tongue lowered to the hedgehog's lips.

Sonic cringed, "s…stop," he ordered in a shaky voice.

But, Knuckles never stopped. He roughly pressed Sonic down to the couch, and he started to bite down on Sonic's neck.

'I'm to powerless to stop him!' he shouted in his mind as tears formed in his fear-written eyes.

Once Knuckles finished with his neck, he began to undo their pants, then, worked on the zipper of Sonic's jeans.

"No!" Sonic screamed out loud as he began to squirm.

Knuckles pinned him down much more fiercely, "stay still," he whispered, and flipped Sonic onto his stomach. His tongue traced his spine, and he drew his body closer to his until his erection touched the hedgehog's anus.

"Please, don't!" Sonic sobbed, but Knuckles ignored his please, and started to enter inside of him.

Sonic cried out as the pain became unbearable. All he wanted for it to just end, "please!" he sobbed, "pull out!"

As quickly as he could, Knuckles continued to thrust, "oh god," he moaned, "your so tight…" eventually the thrusting slowed down, and he panted, "I…I got…" and he came inside the sobbing hedgehog.

Slowly, he began to pull out, and Sonic quickly turned his back to kick Knuckles directly into the stomach.

"Fuck!" he shouted as he coughed up some blood.

The hedgehog fell off the couch, and stuck his hands under it to pull out the case.

Once he had a firm grip on it, he stood up, and ran into the bedroom while locking the door. Then, he sat on the floor, and cried.

"Okay," he breathed, and pulled out his cell.

Knuckles began to pound on the door, and Sonic screamed in shock.

Now, while trying to remain calm and try to gain back his strength, he dialed Shadow's number, "Please," he whispered as he shook, "please answer."

A few rungs later, Shadow finally picked up the phone, "hello?" he questioned, irritated.

"S…Shadow," he was relieved, "please come over as soon as you can…"

Shadow could sense the fear in his voice, and he nodded. Something had happened. If only he knew what, "I'll be over, Sonic," he soothed over the phone, "just stay strong. Use the phone if you have to."

With that, he hung up, and Sonic felt another pound on the door.

'Fuck!' he shouted to himself as he stood from the floor, backing away while the case was pressed against his chest, 'the lock wont hold for much longer.'

There wasn't much of a choice, he must use the gun.

'He knows that there was something between Shadow and I. he doesn't know about the kiss, but he assumes it,' more tears formed in his eyes, and he hugged the case, 'there isn't a choice…but…I'm not strong enough to pull the trigger.'

There was another slam on the door, and with Knuckles's strength, it would only be a matter of time before he would be in.

Sonic sat the case on the bed to open it. Once his eyes became in contact with the gun, his mind froze. All it took was to pull the trigger once Knuckles entered the room, but there was no way he could do it. It wasn't like he was up against Robotnik, this was completely different.

'Oh god,' he thought as he began to cry again, 'I can't…'

The lock to the door broke, and Knuckles walked in.

"Kn…Knuckles…" he stuttered, and picked up the case.

"You going to shot me?" he questioned when he saw the gun.

Sonic froze, "I…I can't…"

The echidna walked closer to Sonic until their bodies had met.

"No!" Sonic screamed, and shoved him out of his way. He tripped over his foot, and fell to the ground. The trigger to the gun was pulled, and the bullet went through Sonic's shoulder. He screamed in agony.

Knuckles sighed, and picked him up from the ground, "now, don't move," he ordered.

He winced, he was losing blood, and rather quickly, "let go of me…" he pleaded.

In the corner of his eye, he could see the gun. Now if only he could get to it.

"You need to be punished, Sonic," Knuckles spoke.

The hedgehog spat in Knuckles's face, and ran to grab the gun. Quickly, he cocked the gun, and shot it at Knuckles's head. His brain, and blood splattered all over the wall. He dropped the gun to the floor, and cried.

He heard the front door open, and Shadow entered the bedroom with a pause, "Sonic…" he whispered as he placed a hand over his nose. The scene smelled of blood. Walking up to the sobbing hedgehog, he bend down to an eye level, and gently touched his cheek, "it'll be alright," he soothed.

"I shot him!"

He remained silent, but tenderly brought Sonic's naked, shaking body into a tight embrace while he stroked Sonic's spines.

Sonic pressed his face into his chest.

"You don't deserve someone like him," he spoke in a small tone, "you deserve someone that'll teach you with much more respect."

"Like you?"

Shadow pulled away, and stared into his eyes, "me?"

"Before Knuckles, I had feelings for you."

He was shocked, "that's weird, I liked you as well."

Sonic went to connect lips with is, but Shadow pulled away, "Shadow?"

"I can't do it," he explained, and stood to his feet, "before we can become more then what we are now, you need time to think about things."

"Shadow…" he spoke, and narrowed his eyes, 'It doesn't matter. I'm dead! I killed someone!'

Quickly, he pulled out the gun, placed it against his head, and shot.

"Sonic!" Shadow screamed in horror, and picked up his body, "oh god…" he spoke, "what'd I do…" tears formed in eyes as he pulled his body closer, "I love you, Sonic…why didn't I say it then?"

He pulled his body away, and gently connected lips with his, then, broke the kiss, "I'm so sorry…"

The end.