Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters and parts are taken verbatim from the novel for plot purposes.

Setting: during Eclipse, when Bella escapes from Alice to hang out with Jake.


"Did you mean what you said before, Bella? About him turning you…" Jake stopped, too disgusted to finish the question. I nodded slightly after a moment, and his shaking intensified.

"Calm down, Jake. You knew it was coming," I whispered. He struggled, grimacing against the urge to shift. I waited, trying to be very careful. I was already in enough trouble with Alice and Edward for playing Prison Break this afternoon, and I didn't need a trip to the ER to set them off more. After a long moment, the trembling lessened.

"How long?" he managed to choke out. "We have a few years at least, right?"

"Not quite. More like til graduation." This began a whole new wave of tremors. Jacob sprang up, the unfinished soda crushed in his fist. I was too startled to care that my hair was now dripping coke. He clenched his jaw so tightly that the muscles bulged from his cheeks, shut his eyes in concentration. Despite the security I always felt with my best friend, he was coming dangerously close to scaring me – I could see his human form slipping away – yet I couldn't make my legs obey me, to back away from the potential disaster.

Groaning, he slowly regained control. He panted from the effort and I could see that any wrong move now would mean an eternity of looking like Emily. I didn't want to do that to Jacob, to put him through what Sam faced daily. Not to mention the scars that I would have to explain….

"Weeks?" he hissed.

"Of course Jake, " I whispered after a long minute of silence. "He's seventeen, Jacob. And I get closer to nineteen every day. Besides, what's the point in waiting? He's all I want. What else can I do?"

I'd meant that as a rhetorical question.

His words cracked the snaps of a whip. "Anything. Anything else. You'd be better off dead. I'd rather you were."

I recoiled like he'd slapped me. It hurt worse than if he had.

And then, as the pain shot through me, my own temper burst into flame.

"Maybe you'll get lucky," I said bleakly, lurching to my feet. "Maybe I'll get hit by a truck on my way back."

He didn't move or say anything as I hastily towed my motorcycle from the shelter of his garage and into the downpour. I jammed it into gear and sped furiously into the night.


He was really, really pissed. And I was really, really hoping that he wouldn't take away my new toy.

"Look, Edward," I tried to reason, "This kid's obviously really important to Bella. You can't control her like this – as a human, she needs someone other than you there for her. Jake was there for her when – " I stopped. Nobody ever really mentioned our disappearance last year in front of Edward, not after the scars it had left on both Bella and my brother. Finally, he sighed.

Wow. I wasn't expecting to be so easy. The hand that pinched the bridge of his nose dropped to his side, and a resigned look replaced his previously furious façade.

"You're right. I just hate taking that chance... I can't lose her Alice, and it drives me insane to be away from her. Especially when she's blind to us." He grimaced. "I've been a bad boyfriend, huh?"

I grinned wickedly. "Well, I won't say that I haven't enjoyed holding Bella hostage. It's really quite fun, you know. These human – " Just then, a vision overtook me. I gasped, and Edward was out the door before I had opened my eyes. I knew he had seen in my thoughts what took too long to say out loud….