The Beauty of Red

In a near-death situation, Naru Uzumaki unlocks her bloodline. How will this affect her life? She's not completely sane either. FemNaru. Story is better. Crossover.

Chapter 1



Demon's thoughts

Demon speaking/ jutsus

7 years ago the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked Konoha, destroying everything in her path in a violent rage. In the first ten minutes half the village was in ruins. The Yondimine Hokage sighed. This was it. This was his final stand; he would protect this village, even if it would cost him his life. And it would.

Arashi Kazama stood up. It was time, save the village or watch as everyone died at the hands of the demoness queen. "I'm sorry…." The tall man said to the small bundle he held close to his heart. The baby within the bundle gurgled and the usually smiling man's azure eyes filled with tears.

His daughter… she would be all alone. If he was right than this jutsu would kill him, and then no one would be there to look after his little girl. His wife, Kushina, had died in child birth, and the Purifying had left both Kushina and him orphans, the last members of their clans.

The Purifying. It was the worst event in history. Some clans from Iwa went on a mission to 'purify' the world by killing clans with 'dangerous' keki-genki. Among the clans labeled 'dangerous' were the: Uchiha, Hyuuga, Nara, Uzumaki (Kushina's clan), and Arashi's clan: the Kazama. Two other clans were hunted as well (Haku & Kimimaru's clans), but as far as Arashi knew the two other clans were gone.

But this wasn't the Purifying; this was the 9-Tailed-Fox. No one would survive if he didn't do something soon. Arashi sighed,"Time to go Naruto." He told his daughter. If little Naru inherited her mother's bloodline instead of his, she could really take the world by storm. But if she inherited his bloodline instead…well, he really hoped she wouldn't activate it. Arashi's keki-genki may have gotten him out of a lot of sticky situations, but it still caused him pain to use it.

AN: Emotional pain that is, it reminds him of the purifying, which reminds him of his dead family.

"Arashi" the Fourth Hokage turned around to see who had called him. It was Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. "You don't have to do this..." Sarutobi pleaded trying to dissuade the new father. "No, I have to do this. It's my duty as the Hokage to protect this village." He paused, picked up two scrolls, and then handed them to Sarutobi. One scroll was tied with a blue ribbon with a red Uzumaki spiral on it, the other scroll was tied with a scarlet ribbon and the Kazama clan symbol was drawn on the front of the scroll. "Give Naruto the scroll when she activates her bloodline," Arashi instructed his voice full of sadness. "Tell my daughter that I love her…tell her I'm sorry." The blond told the old man in front of him. With that, Arashi Kazama, Fourth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, disappeared in a flash of yellow light.

An Hour Later, the Hokage's Tower


Sarutobi sighed. Arashi had sacrificed his life for Konoha, now he was dead and his only child a hated orphan.

Arashi's daughter.

Sarutobi looked at the newborn asleep in a makeshift cradle, it use to be a basket, but the baby didn't seem to care. "Naruto…huh. Arashi you named your daughter 'maelstrom'. Interesting.' Sarutobi mused. Naru stirred, and then turned over in her sleep. The spiral seal on her stomach was viable from hen new position, looking like an exotic tattoo. The seal, that little seal imprisoned the Kyuubi in this small child. Now Naru was a jinchuuriki, condemned to a life of loneliness, a life of pain, a life of eternal suffering.

"Sarutobi, the council summons you to a meeting deciding the demon's fate. "Declared an ANBU ninja with a green pig mask upon entering the room. "I'm coming."Sarutobi replied to the nin, who then disappeared in a swirl of leaves to relay the message. The old man bent down over the newborn girl's basket and picked the baby up. "Let's see what fate has in store for us…."

Later, after the meeting


Sarutobi stood in the Hokage's office. It had been years since this office had been his. Now it was his once again. Naru stirred once more in her sleep, than she woke up. The newborn then began to cry, so Sarutobi reached down and gently picked the crying child up. Once Naru felt the old man pick her up, she stopped crying. She got what she wanted. She was no longer cold.

The vote had been close, but in the end the majority was against Naru's death. The Third Hokage heard a knock on the office door. "Come in." Sarutobi said calmly. It was the green pig ANBU ninja again,"The council says that the demon will be sent to an orphanage." Said the ninja before leaving the room. "Very well…." Sarutobi sighed, Poor Naru…

7 Years Later, October 10 – sunset


"Demon!""Burn in Hell!""Die Fox!"

"Please! Stop! I didn't mean it! I'm sorry!" cried a small blond girl, about 7, curled up as tight as possible as the villagers crowded around her, throwing insults and rocks, beating her with sticks, fists, feet, and words.

"Ninja!" the word was whispered only once, but the crowed seemed to evaporate on the spot. Naru looked up, tear-filled cerulean eyes searching for the answer of why the angry mob had disappeared. What she saw was a ninja, but not just any ninja. It was Iruka-sensei, her teacher from the Academy, and her only friend.

With a kunai in his hand.

With a kunai in his hand, ready to attack.

Iruka-sensei was going to kill her.

Naru stood up head bowed, "so this is how it ends……"Her sky blue orbs welled with tears. Suddenly Naru's sadness disappeared, to be replaced by anger. "Why? I did nothing. They should all die…all of them!" Naru was suddenly filled with the desire to see Iruka dead at her feet, soaked in a pool of his own blood.

Naru's head snapped up, her gaze met Iruka's, but her eyes were no longer those innocent cerulean orbs, no. these mismatched eyes were filled with anger and hate. Naru's right eye was now an icy sapphire, and her left eye…it was a demonic red with the strangest scarlet symbol, a half-diamond with wings, replacing her pupils.

Iruka stumbled back, stunned."What type of trick is the demon brat trying to pull?" He thought as he prepared to attack once more. "No matter, the demon will die soon anyways…" "Why? Why does everyone hate me? I didn't do anything…" Naru asked Iruka, her voice full of anger, sadness, and pain. "You're a demon! You deserve to die!" Iruka shouted at Naru, kunai raised, ready for the kill. "Why don't you just die and leave me alone!" Naru screamed, "DIE!" she shrieked, her left eye glowing brighter.

Iruka froze, he couldn't move. His hand brought the kunai to his throat. No! He had to stop! He couldn't die! He couldn't let the demon control him! Iruka fought with all his strength, but in the end he had no choice. He had to obey….

Iruka lay dead in a crimson pool of his own blood, and Naru stood in front of him, laughing. Her left eye continued to glow a demonic red and her right eye glittered with malice. Suddenly Naru was overwhelmed with pain; she clutched her stomach and doubled over. Everything hurt so badly, she felt like her blood was full of sharp razors, like invisible people were sticking sebon in her one by one, like she was on fire….Naru was suddenly surrounded with evil-looking red chakra, which took the shape of a tall woman.

She had hair darker then night, and pale skin that seemed to glow in the rising moon's light. She wore a crimson battle kimono; and she carried a wicked-looking scythe behind her.

The woman walked over to Iruka's corpse and took his bloody kunai, he wouldn't need it. She wiped the kunai off on a piece of fabric that was once Iruka's sleeve. When the kunai was clean, the woman sliced her left wrist with it. She then walked over to Naru, who was still doubled-over in pain, arms wrapped around her stomach. She ripped Naru's left sleeve, exposing the 7-year-old's arm to the tip of her shoulder. The woman then dipped her right index finger in her own blood, and began to draw a symbol on the center of Naru's upper arm, in the woman's own blood. When the woman was done, she placed her palm over the symbol, and then her palm began to glow with the evil-looking chakra. The woman removed her palm a moment later, to reveal a blood-red sign, made permanent with chakra. The sign was the same as the symbol in Naru's eye, only bigger.

The woman repeated the process, only on her own forehead, using Naru's blood. When the woman finished the strange ritual, she removed her hand from her forehead to uncover a tattoo identical to Naru's in every way. The woman knelt down next to the little blond. She took a deep breath and was consumed by the evil chakra.

When the chakra cleared, it revealed an obsidian fox with a strange red marking on its forehead. The fox trotted over to the blond girl, and licked her face to wake her. "Wake up kit," the fox purred. Naru woke up with a start, "Who said that?" Naru cried, suddenly defensive.

"Are you going to hurt me? I'm not afraid to attack…"

Relax kit, I am Kyuubi no Kitsune, and there are no enemies here…

"I've been told that before…and it was a lie! Every time!"

Kit. Calm down. I will not hurt you; I'm here to protect you…

"So? I've been told that too… and it was always a lie!"

Kit I'll always be here for you, I promised to stay by you till the end.


The fox sighed,"Let me explain…

I was walking, just out for a stroll…when this ninja comes up to me and attacks me. I admit that I have a short temper sometimes, and well, the ninja just made me really pissed. Then I found out that the attacking ninja was a distraction, sent to keep me occupied while my kits were slayed for their fur. So I set out for some revenge. I noticed that the ninja wore a leaf hitai-ate, so I attacked this village.

That's when you come in, and your father the 4th Hokage. He performed a few complex hand signs, and then I was sealed inside of you. The jutsu was a sacrificial jutsu, so your father died after it was complete. But his spirit paid me a visit in my prison. He offered me a deal, partial freedom, for a promise. I promised to train you with your bloodlines, to guide you, and to always be there when you needed me.

Your father told me of two scrolls, they explain your bloodlines. You have a third bloodline also, but with my help it will be easy, even if you don't get the scroll explaining it…

"I have three bloodlines?"

Yes. The Uzumaki bloodline from your mother, it gives you control over wind, the Nara bloodline from your mother as well-


Yes, your grandmother was a Nara, so you can also control shadows, and you also have your father's keki-genki, which is called a Geass. The symbol in your eye, on your arm and on my forehead is the Kazama Clan symbol. Or you could call it the Geass sign. I think we should go get those scrolls, the Hokage has them…

"The old man has some explaining to do…"

The Hokage's Office


"Paperwork. It never ends…" the third Hokage complained at the sight of the huge mountain of papers. Suddenly a few papers escaped the monstrous pile, as if a wind had disturbed them. "Strange." Sarutobi muttered as he reached down to pick the papers up. More and more papers fluttered down from the pile onto the floor, replacing the papers that Sarutobi had just picked up. "What-?" Sarutobi started, but then in a whirlwind of wind and shadows, a young girl appeared in the center of the room, a dusk-colored fox on her shoulder, and a lifeless corpse beside her.

The girl looked like Naru…

It was Naru.

But it couldn't be Naru…

This Naru was different; she seemed to radiate anger and hate. This Naru had killed Iruka and apparently gotten over the shock of a ninja's first kill. No, there was no shock, Sarutobi somehow knew Naru had killed her sensei and felt nothing. Nothing but bloodlust. This Naruto that stood before him now was not the Naruto he knew. The Naru he knew was kind, sweet, caring, and happy. This Naru was different, she seemed……broken.

"Naru-?" the old man asked the girl tentatively. Naru's gaze snapped up to meet the Hokage's. Sarutobi recoiled. "Her left eye…the Geass…Arashi's keki-genki! Oh Kami!" were Sarutobi's thoughts as he gazed into Naru's mismatched eyes. "My bloodlines have been activated, I would like those scrolls." Naru said monotonously, holding out her hand. Sarutobi pulled out a drawer, took out the two scrolls that lay inside, and then handed them to the girl.

"Thank you sir." Naru said, her voice empty of all emotions. She saw Sarutobi eyeing iruka's body, and decided to give him an explanation. "He tried to kill me. I merely told him to die and leave me alone. It's not my fault that he decided to do just that." With her side of the story told, Naru began to leave. "Naru! Wait! I discovered that-"Naru silenced him with a cold look,"Discovered that I have relatives? Yeah. I already know I'm related to the Nara's." Naru smiled at the look of shock on Sarutobi's face, she found it funny. "I enjoy living alone; I don't have to rely on anyone but me. I only trust myself. Trusting others only causes pain. So I'm not gonna go live with my uncle." Naru informed the third Hokage. Wind and shadows began to swirl around her until she could no longer be seen. When the shadow winds cleared, Sarutobi only saw Iruka's corpse.


On top of the Hokage monument stood a girl with sunshine yellow hair and an obsidian-colored fox with a red mark on its forehead. The girl stood on top of the fourth's head, observing the village below with one cerulean eye and one crimson eye. She then began to sing to herself,

"Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me…"

AN: Naru will not be Gaara-insane; she'll be a bit like Anko.

Naruto/Code Geass crossover!!!! YAY!!!! There will only be the Geass thing though…

Kyuubi will be like C2, and in this story Kyuubi will be the Demoness of Darkness.

Don't ask about the Nara cousin thing, it was a random spur of the moment thing.

I need some ideas!!!! Naru will be able to give a Geass to someone she trusts. I need ideas for what it should be! For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about… I need ideas for some sort of psychic power that Naru will be able to give the other person. Once I have some ideas I'll poll.