When Destiny Knocks

Chapter One

I haven't changed at all.

The only viable differences were my hair, which had gotten considerably longer and now reached my mid-back. I was also a bit taller, merely an inch and half difference that added to my original 5'4 frame. Alas, I was still the same. The shy, stuttering, and easily embarrassed Hyuga Hinata.

I tugged softly at my darkish, blue hair, while staring at myself. Two big and ghostly – colored eyes stared back, deathly pale skin that made me look sickly (I could tan to save my life). My bangs covered reached my dark lashes, and two side bangs framed my face. I still looked the same.

Everything was still the same, nothing interesting ever happened to me. Sure, I am the heiress of Hyuga Corp. (which, I was more than sure Neji would take the position, anyway). I was a let down; I was not suited to run such a monstrous business. I was not as well suited as my family for that kind of life – style. More than likely, I was just going to grow old, get a more – than – expected job, like a nurse, never find romance, live with twenty or so freaking cats (which, I wasn't even that big of an animal lover) and die with my gravestone engraved with "Here – Lay – Who – Again?"

I wanted to change, even if just a little.

I sighed and just hung my head in defeat. I really was hopeless.

"Hinata – sama?" I turned around. As expected, Neji, my older cousin, was standing in the doorframe. A small smile planted on his lips.

"H-Hai, Neji-nii?" I looked at him, and couldn't help but shamelessly envy him. He had changed quite a bit over the summer. He had grown much taller, once standing at 5'11, now towering at 6'3. I felt like a little child when standing next to him. While I always shied towards the background, he commanded attention once he entered a room. He was never a coward, and never stuttered, his voice was clear and commanding. When comparing us (which I thought was completely unfair), people described him as successful, handsome, and confident giant. Me? A disappointing, shy, and unnoticeable mouse.

I guess you can see why all my confidence had been completely desiccated.

Don't get me wrong, Neji is really great, now. He watches over me, and cares for me, like my own brother. I love him with all of my heart. The past is the past.

"Hinata-sama? You're daydreaming again," I snapped my attention back to Neji, as soon as I realized I had been daydreaming.

I smiled at him."Gomen," I fidgeted with the hem of my pleated skirt. "A-Ano, was there something you n-needed, Neji-nii?"I asked.

"Oh, The limo is prepared, and school is about to start in half an hour." He informed me, I nodded.

"T-thank you, Neji, just g-give me, a few moments, please."He nodded, and stepped out the door. I could hear his footsteps echoing down the hallway, and when he made his way down the flight of stairs.

I sighed, and looked into the mirror. Large pallid eyes stared back at me.

Maybe school was going to be different, and maybe I wasn't the only that hadn't changed.


I quietly sat in the Limo, looking out the window; my hands were carelessly placed on my chin. My mind was fading to a faraway place.

What was everyone going to think of me? Maybe I had changed and hadn't realized it? I sighed, and looked at the white stripes speedily passing by in a blur.

"Hinata-sama?" I heard Neji's concerned voice. I turned slowly to face him, a questionable look on my face, as I quirked an eyebrow.


"What's the matter?" His eyebrows were furred in trepidation, which made me feel very guilty. I didn't want to cause him so much trouble like I have always done. I hated how I always seemed to be a burden to him, especially over so superficial and stupid. "You seem to have been out of it the past few days." I solemnly shook my head.

"I'm fine."

"Hmm..." He had a disbelieving look on his face.

"Really, Neji, I am..." I turned to look away from him. "Um, but... can I ask you a question?" I poked my index fingers together like I have always done, religiously, especially when I was anxious or uncomfortable. I quickly put my hands down. I needed to break that habit.


"Have I changed?" I asked, and inwardly gulped. Maybe I had? My heart was beating at a tremendous pace. I swore it was going to jump out of my chest. I finally looked up, to look Neji in the eyes, curious for his answer.

"Of course not, Hinata-sama, you're exactly the same." I instantly paled. That wasn't really the answer I had hoped for. I sighed, defeated, and just descended my head to my lap.

"Why, Hinata-sama?" He asked, totally clueless. Yes, even Neji, the beloved prodigy of the Hyugas, was sometimes very clueless.

"Oh, nothing."I feigned a smile.

"We are here." Our driver spoke, thankfully breaking the awkwardness, which only I felt. He looked at us through the glass. I smiled, and thanked him, while opening and stepping out the door. Neji exited through the other side.

I stepped onto the sidewalk, and our driver sped away. I smiled and looked at my school, Yondaime Academy, the school for the high nobility, the rich, and the gifted. I looked around the beautiful campus, scanning for any sight of our friends. I looked at Neji; he had a scowl on his face a clear sign that he was irritated. I caught sight of two girls that were passing by us. They were giggling, and not so discretely pointing at him. I heard one utter the word "hawt-ee". Typical fan girls. Neji hated that. I thought he was ungrateful, however. He was lucky he had admirers.

"Hinata-chan!" I turned around. A flash of dirty blond hair came running towards me, I blinked and without warning, I found myself on the grass floor of the campus. I blinked a couple of times, still trying to figure out what just happened. My mind was still in a blur, but I suddenly felt strong arms quickly wrapping themselves around me into an all too familiar deathly hug.

"T-Temari-chan, I can't br-breathe." I sputtered, barely able to utter a word.

"Oh, Hinata-chan you're finally here! I've missed you, Gaara missed you, heck, everyone missed you," She cooed. "And you haven't even changed a bit!" Temari rambled, while squeezing me tighter. I felt the air being sucked right out of me.

"You're choking her, Sabuku." We both turned around at the sound of Neji's voice. Temari loosened her grip a bit, but was still latched on. "And please get off the floor, you're embarrassing yourselves."

Temari scoffed, rolling her eyes, and turned her head away from him in defiance. "Who asked you, prick?"

"I just don't want my younger cousin killed by a barbarian." Neji smirked, and crossed his arms around his broad chest. Temari whizzed her head around sending him a dark glare.

"Excuse me?" She asked in a deathly tone.

"You heard me, Sabuku." This caused Temari to quickly unlatch herself from me, and stand up looking Neji square in the eye with so much venom. Even though Neji was now a full head taller than her, Temari didn't seem unraveled by this, in the least bit.

"I wonder how Hinata can stand being around you! You insufferable, long-haired sissy!" She spat.

"Well, at least I'm civilized." Neji calmly retorted.

"At least I look like my gender, you prissy freak."

"At least I have manners."

"At least I'm straight." Neji uncharacteristically gawked at that one. He was speechless. Temari had his his ego right in the bull's eye. Temari and Neji always fought, seriously, all the time. Sometimes it seemed that they were about to claw each other's eyes out. This, truthfully, was one of their more tamed brawls.

They kept glaring daggers at each other; the tension was very thick and heavy. I sighed silently.

"Ano, p-please guys break it up...pl-please we have to find the others before c-class starts..." I said, trying to calm the fury duo down. I finally stood up from the ground, and dusted off the remnants of grass from my hand.

"Gay Sissy!"

"Blonde bitch!"


"Guys..!" I yelled (well, as much of a 'yell' I could muster).They turned to look at me, both twinning a quirked eyebrow.

"Nani, Hinata-chan?" Temari asked, suddenly eerily calm, a stark contrast from just a few seconds ago.

"Ano, pl-please let's go find the others, b-before the bell rings...please?"

They both stared at me for a moment, I awkwardly stared back. Temari smiled wide, and laced her arms around my neck, "Hina-chan you're so cute! I'm so glad you haven't changed!" She cooed, giving me a tight hug.

I wish she would stop saying that!


Dark eyes searched the area carelessly in observation of the people walking around, chattering loosely without much care. He shifted his bag over his shoulder, without much thought. A couple of girls walked past him, giggling and eyeing him with interest. They pointed at him, and he let out a snarl, which caused them to look away quickly.

His unruly dark hair blew in the wind; he looked up at the clear, cloudless sky, his thoughts drifting to the events just moments before.

"Last time, Sasuke," The stubby police man growled at the young ebony – haired boy. "This is your third time in the Juvenal Detention Hall, have you no shame?" The youth stared up at the cop, his face conveyed no emotion. He simply grunted carelessly, indicating his disinterest in the serious matter.

Irritated, the police man let out a sigh at the boy's silence. "Do you think this is some kind of joke?" He slapped his hand on the metal table, looking Sasuke dead in the eyes. "The first time, theft. Second time? Beating a kid to near death, and possession of a lethal weapon. Not only that, you were caught with drugs that are illegal for minors."

It wasn't his fault he beat up the kid, he was a punk, and maybe if he listened, and if he hadn't tugged and pushed on Sasuke's last nerves, he would have beaten the shit out of him. Also, it was only a small pocket knife, and a packet of cigarettes. He grunted again, and crossed his arms, leaning back against his chair.

"You were lucky this time, Sasuke. The judge was pretty lenient with you because she has a soft spot for kids like you, especially under your circumstances." He lifted his hand from the table, and sighed, eyeing the boy. "Why don't you care, Sasuke? You have your whole life a head of you. You are such a handsome boy, intelligent, too. You could really become someone some day...," The police man's eyes softened with more sympathy.

Sasuke resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He had nothing to live for, his life was already ruined, and it ended a long time ago. So what did it really matter now? Nothing mattered.

The stout man sighed, noticing the lack of effect his words were having on the young teenager. He narrowed his eyes, completely changing his demeanor, and brought himself down to the raven – haired boy's eye level. His voice dangerously lowered, and spoke in a warning tone, "Usually, third time would be strike out. But, the judge decided to give you another chance. If you ever get caught by the police or any law enforcement infringing on the law – Sasuke – you will be sent directly to prison. Your life will be over."

Sasuke didn't flinch at the warning, he moved closer to the police officer, his face still blank.

"Whatever," Was his answer.

Sasuke walked over to his motorcycle, and put the key in the ignition.

Why did the fucking police act like he even cared? In the end, he would just be happy to see me off the streets. Sasuke thought bitterly.

The motorcycle's engine roared violently to life.

No one cared anyway; his life was going no where. It didn't really matter anymore.

His answer for life was still the same.


Author's Note: Do you like? Did it get you interested? Teehee, I'm just revising, and restarting up this story I changed the title, I thought it was to 'eh', hehe. Please give me your humble opinions, please and thank you!