Last Time: Davis is still covered with the very potent X2C…and now it's affecting KARI! After taking TK home, Davis went to Kamiya house to find that he and Kari…would be alone.

Aphrodisiac: Part 4

Davis felt dizzy; like he was about to faint. He looked up to see Kari Kamiya…wearing a lovely pink dress that left her shoulders bare and came all the way down to her knees. Davis recognized it as the same dress that she wore to the school dance a month ago…when she went with TK as 'just friends'. Now Kari was wearing that same elegant dress…just for Davis. And Davis noticed something else, too.

Kari was actually wearing makeup on her face. Davis had never seen her wear makeup before. Kari wasn't a tomboy by any stretch of the imagination, but she still wasn't the kind of girl to wear makeup. But there it was, right on Kari's face. And Davis could see the eyeliner just below her beautiful ruby eyes.

Kari began to make her move. She had no shoes to remove, so she went straight to the couch Davis was sitting on and crawled on top of it. She began to inch closer to Davis…and she put her arms around him.

Unlike the other girls Davis had encountered so far, he wasn't making an effort to escape this time. This was what he had been waiting for. The love of his life was right in front of him. She had HER ARMS AROUND HIM and wasn't about to let go. Davis' heart had been aching for this moment forever.

There were no words exchanged. Kari immediately began planting small kisses on the goggle boy's face. She took his jacket off and tossed it to the side. Things began to get more intense as Kari began softly nibbling on Davis' ear. Then she went a little far…

"OW! Kari, you bit my ear!"

Kari giggled playfully. "Sorry, stud. I guess I'm just…a little excited. Just stay right where you are, sweetheart. Let me feel every inch of you."

Davis never thought he'd hear those words from Kari…so soon. He was cocksure he'd hear those words SOMEDAY…just not today. But nonetheless, he heard those words come out of Kari and, sure enough, she was nuzzling and kissing Davis all over his face and neck. Since Kari crawled onto the couch, Davis had felt a great feeling of happiness. But the happiness was starting to go away gradually…and it didn't help when Kari uttered those three words…

"I love you, Davis."

Davis wasn't feeling very happy anymore. The satisfaction and thrill was gone. He was starting to feel something else. There was a new feeling overcoming Davis now.

Davis was feeling guilty.

He thought about everything that was happening and what it meant…what it TRULY meant. Davis could no longer handle it…and gently pushed Kari to the side. Kari was persistent and kept trying to reach for Davis, but he just softly pushed her aside again.

Unfortunately, things were now getting out of control. Kari didn't want to give up. She reached for Davis again. When he tried to push her aside, Kari gripped his wrists and tried to pin him down.

"Kari, I can't do this! It isn't right!"

Kari momentarily stopped. "What do you mean, Davis? Isn't this what you've always wanted?"

Davis stood up. "Yeah! Of course this is what I've wanted! The one thing I want more than anything in life is for you to love me the way I love you! But…this isn't the way I want it! Kari…the feelings you have right now…it's just lust being created from this stupid aphro-whatever! This X2C I got covered with!

"This isn't fair, Kari! None of this is happening because you want it to! It's all…artificial! And I don't want that! I want you to love me for who I am! I want you to love me because of my confidence! I want you to love me because you can always count on me! I want you to love me because of my personality! I want you love me because of my courage! I want you to love me because of my intell…uh…because I'm always willing to try! I want you to love me because I'm comfortable with who I am and because no matter what happens, I'll always be me! And…I want you to love me…because I love you more than anybody.

"You're going to love me for ME! I don't want you to love me because of some cheap perfume! It isn't fair to either of us! It's just………WRONG! I can't stay, Kari. I have to go before you do something you'll regret."

Davis turned to leave, but a hand held onto his own. He turned to see a pair of ruby-colored eyes sadly looking up into his own.

"Davis…this IS what I want," Kari said sadly.

Davis felt his heart breaking. This was the hardest thing he ever had to do. "You don't mean that! Kari, I have to go!"

Unable to endure anymore, Davis tried to leave again. But he felt that same hand start pulling him. Kari's sad expression was replaced by an expression of determination. She obviously wasn't about to give him up that easily.

"Don't you leave me, Davis!" Kari huffed.

Davis forcefully pulled his arm away from Kari and turned to leave again. But leaving his back turned was a huge mistake…because as Davis reached the door, he felt something clobber him in the back of his head.

Not knowing what hit him, Davis fell and blacked out.

Davis opened his eyes and moaned from the pain in his head. Suddenly, he looked around and noticed he was still in Kari's living room. But more than that, he was sitting in a chair…and he was TIED UP. That's when Davis began to feel a draft. He still had his torn X2C-covered shirt on, but he looked down to see…only his underwear. His pants had been taken.

Finally, Davis looked up and saw Kari smiling gently at him. And in her hand…was a broken broomstick.

"I'm really sorry I had to do that, Davis," Kari said calmly. "But I just couldn't let you leave. You don't know just how much I truly want you. I want you BAD!"

"Um…can you at least close the window?" Davis asked dumbly. "My legs feel cold."

Kari didn't dignify that with a response. Instead, she sat on Davis' lap and began kissing him again. Every kiss was like a dagger in his heart. Davis didn't want this to happen…not THIS way. He had never felt so guilty in his life. It all felt so…fake. And it felt like things couldn't get worse…

…until Davis looked at the doorknob on the front door…was turning slowly.

Davis felt a great fear strike him. If it was Tai coming home early, Davis wouldn't live to see tomorrow. If it was Kari's parents, how would he explain being tied up like this? He closed his eyes just as the door slowly came open. He couldn't bear to look. But he didn't hear any footsteps at first. A few seconds later…all he heard…was Kari.

"Hey! Get your hands off me!"

Davis opened his eyes…to see TK dragging Kari towards the couch. It looked like TK was saving him from Kari. Then Davis thought about what was happening. TK was saving DAVIS…from KARI. It sounded wrong on so many levels.

TK gently placed Kari on the couch. "Kari, stop! Think about what you're doing!"

"What are you doing here, TK?!" Kari shouted.

TK smirked. "You forgot to lock your door." His smirk quickly disappeared. "Kari…what's going on?"

"What does it look like?!" Kari sneered. "I want DAVIS!"

TK turned around to see Davis. "Davis…why don't you tell me what's going on?"

"You caught me with my pants down," Davis grinned, unable to resist the pun. "Um…hey, TK? How did you know we were here? You came in just in time…and that doesn't sound like a coincidence!"

"It kinda wasn't," TK explained. "I got a call from a certain someone who told me EVERYTHING that happened. And we knew that with you covered in an aphrodisiac, you'd go straight for Kari. And…he had a suspicion that Kari wouldn't be able to control herself and you'd be in a lot of trouble. But I didn't imagine trouble meant you being tied up in a chair without any pants.

"He wanted to bust in right away, but I wanted to wait and see if you'd really go through with this. I knew what a kind-hearted person you are, Davis, and I knew your conscience wouldn't let you go through with this. So I was glad to see you were about to do the right thing."

"So wait a minute!" Davis interrupted. "How long were you out there?!"

TK grinned. "Long enough. That's all you get out of me, goggle boy."

Kari stood up and shot TK a cold stare. "TK…can you please leave us alone?! I want to be with DAVIS!"

"You don't mean that!" Davis shrieked. "I wish I never covered myself in this stupid perfume!"

"I think a certain someone can fix that," TK responded. "Izzy?"

Coming in through the front door with a huge sack was Izzy Izumi. He walked up to Davis and poured the contents of the sack over him. Davis immediately noticed a sickening odor spread over the entire house. Then he looked to see what he was covered with.

"FERTILIZER?!" Davis shrieked. "You covered me in FERTILIZER?!"

Izzy nodded as he untied Davis. "No matter how powerful an aphrodisiac is, it's no match for the amazing stench of fertilizer. There is NO GIRL on the face of this planet who would ever want to be around a guy covered in fertilizer. So it's safe to say this should counteract the effects of X2C."

It looked like it was working, because Kari was moaning and holding her head. She fell back onto her couch and TK knelt at her side.

"TK…what's going on?" Kari asked groggily. Then she looked around and screamed. "T-There's fertilizer everywhere! DAVIS!"

Davis sweatdropped. The fertilizer that was all over him naturally incriminated himself. "Uh…hi Kari."

"Davis, my house is covered in fertilizer! And…WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?!"

Davis frantically looked around and finally found his pants behind the couch. He quickly scooped up his pants and jacket and put them on in the blink of an eye. He felt so embarrassed, he wanted to crawl under a rock and die.

"Um…maybe I should just go," Davis muttered sheepishly.

As Davis stumbled out the front door, he knew he would never forget the stern look on Kari's face. It was an exasperated look that Kari had given him many times in the past, but it never really bothered him before. To see that look on Kari's face now hurt Davis deeply.

He could literally feel Kari's heart slipping away from him. She was already mad. But Davis knew that if Kari found out the truth, she would never forgive him. The walk home never seemed so long. And all Davis could do…was think about everything that happened.

The walk home felt like an eternity, but finally Davis walked through his front door. His parents weren't in the living room, but his sister was on the couch talking on the phone.

"Hey, Davis! DAVIS! What happened to you?!"

Davis blinked. He looked at himself to see his shirt was still torn and he was still covered in a lot of that fertilizer Izzy poured on him. There was no way he could possibly explain that, but Davis tried anyway.

"I fell in a pile of fertilizer! What does it look like?!"

Jun shook her head. "You doofus! You never cease to amaze me!"

Davis shrugged and was about to go up to his room…until he heard someone knock on the front door. He stopped for a second to see if Jun would get it, but she was too preoccupied with her phone conversation. Davis groaned and went to answer the door himself…and was surprised to see who was at the door.


Kari Kamiya looked at Davis sadly. "Davis…can I talk to you?"

Davis answered by stepping out onto his front porch and closing the door. "What's up?"

"Davis…TK told me what happened. He told me about everything you were saying back there and…I owe you an apology."

This was making Davis' head spin. This marked the second time in the last few weeks that Kari was apologizing, which was a rarity for 'Miss Perfect'.

"You had me right where you wanted me," Kari continued. "I was willing to do anything you wanted. I was pretty much your slave. And you chose not to take advantage of me. You don't know how much that means to me, Davis."

"Kari, I meant every word," Davis replied. "I want you to love me because of who I am and not because of some cheap perfume. I don't want you to be a slave for me. That's not the girl I fell for. I just want you to be who you are…and like me, too."

Kari smiled. "Thanks, Davis."

Unfortunately, Davis didn't know when to stop. "Besides…I just know you'll fall for me someday! I mean…who wouldn't fall for a great guy like me?"

Kari raised an eyebrow. "You're just SO sure of yourself, aren't you?"

Davis grinned. "It's who I am. If I didn't have my natural confidence, I wouldn't be the guy I am today. So…wouldn't you just love to be with a confident guy like me?"

Kari giggled. "Well…I have to admire some of that confidence. What other guy would have the guts to make a move on me while he was covered with fertilizer?"

Davis sweatdropped. "Uh…yeah…now THAT'S confidence!"

"But maybe I should tell you the same thing I've been telling TK. I'm not ready for a boyfriend. Try and get that through your goggled head."

Davis sighed. He had struck out again. Then he realized what Kari said. "Hold on a second! What do you mean 'the same thing you've been telling TK'? Has he been making moves on you, too?"

Kari scratched the back of her head nervously. "Well…lately TK has been acting weird. It's like he's been going out of his way to impress me. And while he's a great guy, I hope he understands that we're just friends. I don't know why he's been acting so weird. He hasn't been the same since we came back from the lodge."

Davis sweatdropped again. He remembered the vow he and TK made while they were snowed in. They both promised each other they'd pursue Kari with no hard feelings. 'May the best man win' was the promise made.

Davis knew he had to ask. "Do you think…you'll be ready for a boyfriend soon?"

Kari hesitated before answering. "Well…it's not exactly at the top of my priorities list. I would say 'no', but…you never know what tomorrow will bring. For all we know, I might fall in love tomorrow."

That was the best news Davis had heard all night. That was all he needed to get him determined again. He felt much better and even the awful odor of fertilizer wasn't enough to bring him down.

"So…I guess I'll let you get cleaned up," Kari smiled. "Good night, Davis."

Davis couldn't help but press his luck. "Um…Kari, last time you apologized to me, you kissed me."

"Huh? You actually think I'm going to kiss you when you're covered in fertilizer?"

Davis kept a hopeful gleam in his eyes. Kari sighed, but kept her smile anyway. She reached over and kissed Davis on the cheek.

"There! But that's only because you didn't take advantage of me. I figure you deserve that much."

"Thanks, Kari! So can we go out next Friday?"

Kari groaned. "Good night, Davis!"

Before Davis could get another boneheaded comment in, Kari walked out. But nothing was going to bring down Davis on this night. He felt like he was on top of the world again. Not only were things going great between him and Kari, but now he felt like he still had a chance to win her heart. Davis vowed he would work harder than ever.

But first…Davis needed to clean himself up.


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