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Alice and Rose: 21 years old

Bella: 21 years old

Edward: 23 years old

Mike: 24 years old

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Sexy Santa

-Chapter One-

"Bella come on, it will look amazing on you! Mike will love it!" Alice excitedly exclaimed over the phone.

"Alice, how many times do I need to tell you that I am not dating Mike!" Bella said annoyed that her friend never stopped bugging her about Mike Newton. He's had a major crush on her ever since her high school years, and Bella recently bumped into him a couple weeks ago. Mike had asked her out to dinner to 'catch up' on all the years that passed by, or that is what he told her. Mike on the other hand had other idea's, he secretly tricked her into a date with him. Bella, having the worst luck on the planet, played right into his plan. To say the date was bad was an understatement, Mike kept on making very lecherous comments to her the whole time, making her feel very uncomfortable. Ever since the lurid date, Alice keeps on teasing her about it.

"Oh come on Bella, I have seen the way he looks at you. He really likes you. I mean you even went on a date with him for christ sakes!" Alice responded, ignoring Bella's annoyed tone.

"Okay, maybe he is into me. I am not into him though. He is so disgusting, you don't even know or want to know half of teh things he was saying to me. For the last time Alice, I didn't know it was a date. I was tricked into it!" Bella responded raising her voice a couple octaves.

"Oh come on Bella. Do you realize how many woman out there are probably begging to be admired by Mike the way you are?" Alice asked. "He is handsome, funny, nice, and rich."

"He is anything but all of those, Alice. He is an arrogant, pole up his ass, prick." Bella growled into the phone.

Alice let out an irritated groan, "Whatever, that is besides the point. What I am trying to get at is did you even wear that Santa set Rose and I bought you for your birthday?"

"I-I uh...yea." Bella stuttered as she looked around her apartment nervously.

"You are such a bad lier. Always were and always going to be. When are you going to stop lying, Bella? Everyone can tell when you are lying." Alice said amused. Judging from her tone of voice, Bella could tell she was smiling.

Bella huffed in a exasperation, "Fine I haven't warn it. I haven't had anyone to wear it for anyways."

"Well if you go out with Mike again, then you will. Do you even know if it fits?" Alice asked a little annoyed.

Bella not wanting to lie to her friend and risk being caught again -like always- decided to tell the truth. "Honestly, I haven't even tried it on."

"WHAT!?" Alice screeched. Bella had to pull the phone away from her ear because Alice's yelling was too loud for her ear to handle.

"Bella Marie Swan you will try that on right now!" Alice yelled

"Why?" Bella questioned raising an eyebrow even though Alice wasn't able to see it.

"Because then I will know you wore it once and Rose and my money would have at least have some use." Alice said

"Fine, what do you want me to do when I am wearing it?" Bella asked a little annoyed.

"Call me and let me know that it fits." Alice said

"Bye Alice." Bella said

"Bye Bella." She responded "Oh and don't forget to call me! Promise?" Alice added.

Back to her cheerful self. I swear her mood swings can give you whiplash. Bella thought as she answered Alice's question. "Promise."

"Stupid little pixie." Bella cursed as she hung up the phone and tossed it onto her leather couch. "What am I even going to need that for anyways?" Bella asked herself. It's not like Bella has a boyfriend who she can 'entertain' with all the little things Alice and Rose buy her all the time.

Bella not wanting to prolong the inevitable, ran up to her room and began searching high and low for the stupid lingerie set Alice was forcing her to wear.

"I can't believe she talked me into this." Bella groaned as she rummaged threw a stuffed bin in her closet.

I don't even have to wear the outfit, I can just call Alice and tell her I am wearing it even if I'm not. A wave of guilt immediately made it's way threw Bella's body at the thought. Alice and Rose did buy it for me and it came with a pretty hefty price tag too. If I was in her shoes I would probably feel the same way about the whole situation. The brunette concluded.

She continued to rummage threw everything looking for the 'sexy Santa' outfit. She was finally able to locate it all the way at the bottom, buried beneath her old pajamas, and other lingerie Alice and Rose have bought for her throughout the years. She surveyed the set up and down with disdain. How can someone even wear this without being embarrassed?



Looking in the mirror at her reflection thirty minutes later Bella sighed.

Yea, thirty minutes later.

Honest to the gods above, it did take Bella that long to put on the outfit. Half of the time was spent sitting in the bathroom sending death glares at the piece she held so much disdain for, and the other half was figuring out what went where. Alice is going to owe me big time for this! Bella thought.

before Bella called Alice stopped by the mirror in her room and surveyed herself. She coulde't help but smile, a little. Bella isn't one to be arrogant, but she had to admit that she did look pretty good in the outfit. The red silk contrasted against her pale skin perfectly and the white fluffiness at the bottom of the skirt and at the top of the bra added a innocent feel to the skimpy material. The skirt was very, very short and it accentuated her long toned legs, but barely even covered her butt. If she were to bend over the red thong underneath would be very visible. The bra was an extra push-up and barely covered her breasts, which made them look a little larger than usual. Okay time to call Alice.

Bella started to look around her room for a cord-less phone, but it was nowhere in sight. Where did that stupid telephone go? When I need it I can never find it. Now I have to go all the way down stairs. Bella mentally groaned.

She sprinted down the stairs and into the family room, preying no one saw her right now. She began looking for the phone, completely oblivious to the noises coming from the chimney.

"God where did I put it!" She moaned as she started lifting the pillows on the couch.

Just then there was a loud crashing noise and coughing. Bella dropped the pillow she was holding and crouched down behind the cocktail table. She tried to look threw the black could of smoke that was protruding out of her chimney, but no avail. The coughing increased as someone dressed as Santa emerged from the thick clouds and looked directly at her.

"You know... you should get...that cleaned." A velvety voice said in between coughs.

"S-sorry, I think I missed y-our name." Bella stuttered as she looked over the man in a Santa Clause outfit.

The man opened is eyes and looked at the brunette woman crouched behind the table and raised an elegant eyebrow completely ignoring her question. "What are you doing over there?"

He wasn't able to get a good look at her because she had a curtain of brunette locks covering her face from his view, but what he could tell was she had very long wavy locks of mahogany hair.

"Answer my question first." She demanded crossing her arms over her chest, letting him know she wasn't going to let the question go that easily.

"Isn't it obvious?" He asked pointing to his outfit and the black back slung behind his shoulder.

"I'm not stupid, Santa doesn't exist." Bella said as she turned her head to look at the man.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk. And if you are so curious my name is Edward Cullen, also known as Santa Claus all over the world. Now, who ever told you Santa isn't real?" He asked as he surveyed the woman crouching behind a table.

"It is a known fact." She shot back.

"What is your name? and if Santa isn't real then what am I?" He asked her

"My name is Bella Swan and you Edward are some creep who just came down my chimney for no apparent reason."

He laughed at her statement. "If I wasn't Santa then how would I know that you wanted..let's see..." He started as he began looking threw several sheets of paper. He pulled out a crumpled out white one and began reciting it to her, "A green scarf, new black boots, a loofah, mustache remove-"

"That mustache remover is for my friend." Bella cut in.

"Sure it is." He said sarcastically, "bra's, underwea-"

"Okay, but that doesn't prove anything. You probably got that list from my friend Alice." She said harshly as she stood up from her sitting position ready to snatch the list away from his curious eyes.

Bella completely forgot what she was wearing until she looked up at the man's glazed over green eyes. He has some beautiful eyes. Bella thought as she looked into their darkened depths. She watched in a daze as the man began to take off his Santa hat and fake beard which was concealing his identity.

Underneath all the material was the most gorgeous guy Bella has ever laid eyes on. He had pale skin that looked silky smooth, emerald green eyes- which she mentioned before- but were even more prominent now, and an untamed mop bronze colored hair. Gorgeous is an understatement Bella thought looking at the man. He is a walking Adonis! To be honest, he looked really out of place in Bella's small family room. He looks like he should be a statue in the Seattle Art Museum, or maybe on the cover of Vouge. Bella continued to watch him as he began unbuttoning his large red coat and peeled it off laying it on the rocking chair next to the fireplace. Bella marveled at the sight of him only in a skin tight black t-shirt that showed off his chest muscles and his flat stomach. God he is so hot. She couldn't help but stare at the magnificent sight in front of her. She didn't know how much longer she would be able to hold off before she jumped him.

"Take a picture, it will last longer." He stated puffing his chest out pretending to pose for a picture, making his chest muscles strain against the tight fabric and in the process made Bella suck in a deep breath.

Bella snorted, "You wish." She said after she recovered from her ogling.

The man smirked and stepped forward making Bella take a cautious step backwards. He took another step forward and she took one backwards. It was a game of predator and prey and it ended when Bella hit her couch and fell back into the comfortable pillows, Edward quickly climbing on top of her, trapping her to her couch.

"Y-you kn-know t-this can be illegal." Bella weakly said.

"And hows that?" He asked smugly.

"It..uhh... you are...uh." Bella just couldn't think straight, the man in front of her was just to good looking for his own good. That's when Bella did the unthinkable. She lifted her arms and laced them around his neck bringing his face closer to hers, and crashed her lips onto his in a searing kiss.

Edward pulled back and looked into Bella's eyes and gasped at what he saw. Her eyes were clouded with pure lust, and just for him.

"It can't be illegal if you are enjoying it, or if you are the one who instigated it." He responded to her previous comment.

Edward ducked his head and brought his lips back onto her now swollen ones. Bella moaned in pleasure and that only fueled Edward's desire for her. Edward trailed his skillful fingers from her hair and down her sides to take her hips into his grasp. Edward detached his lips from hers and started trailing wet kisses down her neck and along her collarbone. Bella fisted her hands in his luscious locks tugging on the strands of hair when he lightly bit down on her skin. Edward slowly trailed his lips back up to hers and laid a little kiss on them before trailing down to her eager breasts. Edward unhooked the red bra and released her supple mounds from their restraints.

"God you are so perfect." Edward purred when he saw her breasts.

He ducked his head to them and lustfully ravished them, in a skillful manor before moving downwards to he womanhoodood.

"Oh Edward." Bella moaned as Edward caressed her more than ready core.

Edward couldn't help but moan when he felt how wet she was with want for him. Bella could tell he wanted her too by the feel of his arousal pressing up against her thigh.

"A little excited are we?" Edward asked huskily

"Your not one to talk." Bella said as she threw her head back when Edward pushed her panties to the side and delved two digits into her dripping center, and began a fast rhythm.

"Yes Edward...please... faster.." Bella panted.

Edward happily obligated to her commands as he pushed his fingers into her at a much quicker pace.

"Do you like that Bella?" Edward asked as he watched her throw her head from side to side as she had her eyes tightly.

"Y-yes..I'm going.." Bella couldn't get her words right, she floating threw ecstasy.

"Let it go." Edward whispered in her ear, immediately making her come undone. Edward continued with his pace as she rode out her orgasm. Edward pulled out his fingers and licked them clean.

"So good." Edward said in a daze. He quickly snapped out of his trance and stood up to his full hight and carried Bella over to the desk in the family room. With one swift movement his cleared off all the items on the desk with his arm as they all went crashing to the floor.

"Ill clean it up later." Edward said as he gently laid Bella down on the desk.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Edward asked looking down at Bella straight in the eye.

Please say yes... He thought

She nodded her head, "I wouldn't want anything more."


In no time, Edward was positioned right in front of her, and tore away her skirt and underwear throwing them carelessly across the room. Edward slowly guided himself into her before he filled her completely. He slowly pulled out, and plunged into her making her cry out. The two of them found a rhythm together and their bodies started to move as one.

"Oh yes Edward... you.. feel so.. good!" Bella yelled

That only heightened Edwards desire for her has he started plunging into her harder and deeper, his movements becoming more eager to please her.

There body's started to become slick with a sheen coat of sweat. Bella wound her arms around his neck bringing him down for a passionate kiss before she orgasmed for the second time that day. Edward feeling Bella's release getting closer took hold of her hips and started thrusting into her faster.

"Edward.. I'm soo.. close." Bela managed to get out in between moans. Edward grunted and continued to plunge into her a a rapid pace.

Bella screamed Edward's name in pleasure as her orgasm took over her, immediately sending Edward over the edge where he too yelled her name. Edward rolled off of her and laid on his side as he watched Bella. She was currently playing with the sweaty strands of hair on the back of his head.

"God, that was amazing." Bella said

"I know. You up for round two?" Edward asked with a mischievous smile.

And so they did and the sounds of kisses, words, pants, groans, and moans filled the house one last time before they both drifted off into a peaceful slumber.



Bella awoke the next morning to the sound of the wind whistling outside. She yawned and stretched her sore muscles and realized she wasn't in her bedroom. Letting her eyes adjust to the light pouring in threw the windows she realized she was down stairs in her family room. What am I doing down here? she asked herself as she looked around the room. Her eyes soon settled on a well sculpted naked man sleeping on his stomach, his butt uncovered for her to see. Bella tried not to laugh, but the sight was just too funny. She picked up his blanket off the ground and covered his sleeping form. oh. ohhh. Now everything that took place last night started to play threw her mind over and over again like a broken record.

Bella began looking around and noticed several discarded clothing articles around her family room. There was a Santa hat laying in the branches of her Christmas tree. She looked around more and saw a large red coat with white fur outlining the edges, matching pants, and black leather booth. All were scattered around her family room floor. Bella look another look around her family room as saw a fake white beard hanging from her ceiling fan above and with it was her skimpy red bra. Bella blushed and didn't even bother to look under her blanket, for she already knew what would greet her.

Not wanting to have Santa wake up, and see her in this current state she wrapped her blanket around her and hulled her ass upstairs to get dressed. Once she was in her room, she started rummaging threw her drawers looking for something decent to wear. She decided on plain red sweater and black sweat pants. Bella didn't even bother to do anything with her hair because it was a wild mess and was completely unnameable.

She hurried back downstairs, and started gather all her 'garments' from the night before. She grabbed all of Santa's aka Edward's and placed them next to the fireplace, she would get her bra and his beard down from the fan when he wakes up. As a matter of fact, she should have him get it, especially with her clumsiness she was likely to fall. The chances were going to be even higher when she knew she had a very sexy Edward watching her.

"Oh my god!" Bella yelled as Edward went to roll over, but ended up falling onto the floor. The blanket that was covering his body was now laying next to him, reveling everything to her.

"What should I do?" Bella whispered to herself as she turned around so she wouldn't be looking at him like some weird creep. Doing what she thought was right, she walked over to him and placed the fuzzy material on top of him, trying to keep her eyes solely on his face.

When that task was completed, Bella plopped onto the couch and flipped on the television, not having anything better to do at the moment. She switched the channels and saw that there wasn't anything on because it was Christmas, so she went to the news channel where there was a picture of Santa on the screen. That immediately caught her interest and Bella observed the picture. Under all of the fur and material she was able to make out two very familiar gleaming emeralds. She felt a shiver go down her spine, he had the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen on a human being. The picture quickly disappeared and on the screen was a picture of a woman- obviously the news broadcaster.

"Today was a tragedy for most kids, and some adults around the whole word. More than half of the kids didn't receive their presents from Santa." The woman paused and looked into the camera with a sad expression. "This footage was just brought in to is not too long ago. It appears Santa got a little too busy at someones house last night and forgot to deliver the rest of the presents." The woman finished with a sad smile.

She slowly faded out and now on the screen was Santa stopped on someones roof. The person with the camera zoomed out at Bella's breath got caught in her mouth. On the camera was Santa getting ready so slide down her chimney. The news station sped up the footage, and at the bottom of the screen you can see the time the film was being shot and it said 3:30 AM. She remembered seeing the time 12:30 AM being at the bottom of the screen when the footage first started.

"How did that person stand out there for three hours?" Bella asked herself.

The screen froze and the blonde lady from before reappeared on the screen, "As you can see, Santa didn't emerge from the woman's house this morning, upsetting a lot of children out there." The lady said. "Thankfully, this person had the camera sat on this woman's house -for a very odd reason- and was able to catch all of this on tape. This is Lauren Mallory reporting live from Seattle News, and I hope all is going to go well this Christmas." She finished.

Bella turned off the television and looked over at the now awake Edward, and she jumped in surprise, she wasn't expecting him to be awake. She thought back to the news broadcasting and guilt washed over her like a tittle wave, until Edward's soothing voice calmed her nerves.

"So do you believe in Santa now?" Edward asked smiling, those same green emeralds gleaming with amusement. His smile was contagious and she couldn't help but smile back and nod her head.



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