Christmas with the Sparrows

Chapter 1: Introduction

Author's notes: Okay, peoples I'm completely bored out of my mind so…I'm just gonna write a Christmas story about the Sparrows. And by Sparrows I mean the ones from The Pirate's Child series which is mine BTW.

Okay, this is set after Longing for Freedom so we got the whole gang here, Jack, Arabella, Rose, Jason, Mattie, and Cassie. Now let's see how this goes.

As the sun was setting making orange lights dance off the waters of the ocean, a young woman about eighteen years of age stood by the railing of a ship with black sails otherwise known as the Black Pearl. It had been about a month since her recent adventure on the high seas which included her getting kidnapped twice and having to defeat an army of hypnotized pirates. And after all this ended, the man of her dreams got down on one knee and pledged his heart to her. She of course accepted his offer of marriage and was counting down the days till she became Mrs. Rose Baudelaire.
But for now she had to wait with her family for another three years. But at this time of year, she wasn't so sure about spending time with her 'family'. Actually, her family was known as the infamous pirate family, the Sparrows. In other words, crazy relatives that show their love to each other by trying to kill one another. Well, that was the extended family anyway which she didn't see too often, but now she and her immediate family were on their way to spend time with them because of one thing…Christmas.

Rose didn't really understand why the Sparrows spent Christmas together since they were pirates and didn't do all the things normal families did at that time of year. But when she asked her father this, he simply said "We have our own ways of celebrating this holiday, luv." She had a feeling this Christmas was going to be very…interesting.

"Oh bad can a Christmas at Shipwreck Cove be?" she asked herself. I mean she has dealt with pirates on a regular basis so how much more trouble could come from spending time with the rest of the Sparrows? Oh if only you knew, Rose. If only you knew.

Author's notes: I know it's a short first chapter, but I'm trying to keep this story short because Christmas Eve it tomorrow and Dad's cooking steaks right now so I need to hurry this up. Dang that stuff smells good!

Anyway, reviews would be lovely and I'm talking very lovely. Please? I've got some chocolate chip cookies? Anybody? COME ON!!!!!!!