Chapter 5: Oh, the Joys of Christmas

The following morning after a night of little sleep, Rose hid her face in her pillows and wrapped the covers tightly around herself. Shipwreck Cove for some odd reason seemed to be getting rather cold. Either that or Rose was not getting as much rest as she thought. "I'm sure they won't mind if I miss breakfast for just another hour of sleep." Rose thought as she sunk down deeper into the bed.
Oh, how wrong she was. Not ten minutes later, Rose's door banged open with a loud BAM as it hit the wall, "Oh Rosie Posie! Sun's up and breakfast is nearly on the table!" her incredibly annoying Uncle Jim shouted as he stomped over to her bed, "Come on, Sleeping Beauty, time to get up." He said as he tried to pull the covers off of her. Rose just groaned as she held on tightly to the blankets and tried to sink down farther into the mattress. Jim chuckled evilly as he tried to pull the blankets from her face, "That was a bad move, Missy." He said with the infamous Sparrow smirk on his face.

Rose was about to retort when she felt arms slipping under her and lifting her and the covers right off her bed. "Ah!" she yelped as Jim threw the blankets off of her before throwing her over his shoulder, "Put me down this instant!" she screamed as she smacked her uncle's back.

"I told you to get up, Rosie, but you didn't listen so don't get mad at me." Jim said, still grinning evilly as he made his way towards the kitchen.

"Uncle Jim, this isn't funny nor is it a pleasant experience. NOW PUT ME DOWN!!!!!!" As Rose said this, she grabbed Jim's pants and pulled up hard.

"Oooofff…" he said as he nearly dropped his niece. While groaning at the pain in his 'family jewels', he sent Rose a terrifying glare, "That was called for, young lady." He said through gritted teeth.

Rose just smirked smugly at her dear uncle, "I told you to put me down, but did you listen? Nope." She said before turning on her heal and heading back upstairs to get dressed.

Jim rolled his eyes as he made his way into the kitchen and sat down on the bench. Constance soon came in with a tray of pancakes and set them down on the table before turning her eyes towards her husband, "What's the matter with you?" she asked, noting the slight pain on his face.

"Blame it on Jack's little brat." He growled, staring down at his empty plate.

"What about my brat?" Jack said as he walked into the room before sitting himself down across from his brother. When he saw the look on his brother's face, he smirked evilly, "I hope you learned a valuable lesson, dear brother. Never throw Rosie over your shoulder." He said before laughing at his brother's misfortune.

Not much more than an hour later, the rest of the Sparrow clan entered the kitchen and began to devour the large breakfast the older women had made. The adults mainly just stuffed their faces and complained about the East India Trading Company and Brethren Court affairs while the kids were bouncing up and down in their seats screeching about the fact that Christmas was tomorrow. Rose looked around her at the crazy bunch of dirty pirates that were her family. The enjoyment of spending time together (in their own piratey way) wasn't an act like it had been with the people Rose had grown up with most of her life. No one even bothered to care what the others around them thought. Was this what a real family was supposed to be like? Was this the attitude real families had when it came to spending Christmas with each other? Rose had seen a few glimpses of real family Christmas when the Baudelaires still lived across the street, but that had been it. After all these years, would she finally see the truth of what a real family was?

Rose felt someone nudge her shoulder, pulling her out of her thoughts. When she looked up, she saw her father sit down beside her with a curious look on his face, "Something on yer mind, luv?" he asked.

Rose shrugged as she let out a sigh, "Not really, I'm just tired I guess." She said as she fiddled with the leftover pancakes on her plate.

Jack shook his head in disbelief as he saw the far away look in the young woman's eyes, "Darling, don't you think I tell when you've got yer mind on something? Ya get the same look on yer face that I do when I'm thinking hard. Now tell yer dear, old dad what's troubling you."

"Just trying to forget my past I guess." She replied, her voice barely louder than a whisper.

Jack's curious look turned to one of hurt and sadness at the thought of his oldest daughter not understanding what Christmas was supposed to be like. For most of her life, she'd gone without any kind of love. She'd had to fend for herself since she was no more than a toddler. It just simply wasn't fair, but it seems life is never fair.
Quickly taking a look around to be sure no one was paying attention, Jack tapped Rose on the shoulder and motioned for her to follow him when she looked up. He then led her out the back door and over to the old, wooden dock that was behind the house. After they both sat down on the edge, with their legs dangling over the water, Jack wrapped his arm around his daughter's shoulders, "Ya know, just this morning, I was thinking about the first Christmas yer mother and I had with you."

Rose smiled as she leaned her head on her father's shoulder, "Well, are you just gonna mention it or are you gonna tell me the story?" she asked.

Jack laughed before going into the long story of that first Christmas he had with the family he and Arabella had created. Rose drank up every word her father said as he continued the story. She loved nothing more than just sitting here beside her father as he told her of her past. She especially liked the part where she said her first word. "To this very day, yer mom still gets irritated when I remind her of that." Jack said with his infamous smirk on his face.

Rose laughed as she pictured the annoyed look on her mom's face when she'd said 'dada' before 'mama'. Unfortunately, this lovely father/daughter moment was interrupted when they heard a loud scream come from the house along with a horrible stench of burnt flesh. Thinking someone was hurt, Jack and Rose hurriedly jumped up from where they sat and ran to back into the 'house' as fast as their legs could carry them. As they ran toward the sound of the scream, the horrid smell became even stronger. When they finally reached the den, they found Collette screaming at the top of her lungs as everyone covered their ears. Rose looked over at her brother and whispered, "What's that smell?"

Jason sighed as he shook his head in annoyance at the screaming, but really, he was trying his best to hide his amusement, "Fried pussy cat"

Rose raised an eyebrow at him, but he just shook his head, "It's a long story which I'm sure I'm gonna have to explain to keep Mum and Da from skinning me alive."

Everyone was covering their noses, trying to block out the horrible smell. Jim, thinking Collette was the one hurt, was hurriedly looking her over trying to see where she'd been burnt, "What happened, lass?" he finally asked when he couldn't find where she'd been hurt.

Collette stopped screaming long enough to point at Jason and her twin brothers before shouting, "They threw my kitty into the fire!"

Jack, Arabella, Jim, and Constance gave their sons and nephew(s) accusing looks. Jason, not wanting to get in trouble yet again, stepped forward and explained, "Lucas and Jourdain were provoking the stupid fur ball and the next thing I know, the idiotic animal jumped onto my face and started clawing at it! I did the only thing I could do and threw that blasted cat off me! It's not my fault it landed in the fireplace and wasn't able to get out before it got fried!"

Now everyone else was trying to hide their chuckles as Jim and Constance turned on their two oldest sons. Collette continued to bawl her eyes out, but Rose was starting to think it was only to provoke her parents to further to giving the boys a harder punishment for traumatizing their little sister by killing her cat.

However, once Jim and Constance had removed their kids from the room, everyone broke out into loud and long fits of hearty laughter. It seemed there was never a dull moment in the Sparrow residence. Christmas just made the weird and sometimes hilarious moments multiply!

Author's notes: I know, I'm pushing it again! But I'm hoping I can write the final chapter before Christmas is over. I failed miserably last year, hopefully I'll do better this year, but I can't make any promises cause I don't know what's gonna happen.

Boy howdy! We've got a blizzard down in my area. And to think, the ONE year I didn't really want a white Christmas…IT HAPPENS and it happens HARD! People will be lucky if they can leave their driveways in the morning. Good thing our neighbor has a tractor.

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