Birthday Surprises

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Summary:Elizabeth has just turned seventeen and her birthday party changes her life. Two men are fighting for her affections, one a certain lord of the EITC and the other the dashing

young Commodore. Norribeth and Beckabeth.

A/N:This story is completely AU so if that's not your thing then I don't recommend this. It is mostly centered around Elizabeth, Norrington, and Beckett so don't expect Jack or anybody showing up too much! Alright then with that said let's get this story on the road! ^_^

Chapter 1

The warm Caribbean air swept though the room. The air had a perfect combination of sweet and salty smells. The sweet coming from the beautiful flowers and wild fruits and the later coming from the sea. Elizabeth Swann preferred the sea smell. The ocean smelled of freedom and adventure. She had loved it since she was a little girl. It was beauty, mystery, and power all wrapped into one huge package.

Elizabeth sat at her vanity table running a brush through her golden waves. She paused a moment and stared at the mirror. She studied her reflection carefully. Funny, seventeen did not feel any different then sixteen. Why she was just sixteen yesterday! But her father had told her that things would be changing, that she was not a little girl anymore.

She figured her father meant that she was expected to marry soon and have children. Elizabeth felt her stomach turn at the thought. Not that those things did not sound nice but she simply was not ready for the domestic life just yet. She craved the adventures that the sea promised. But in the end she knew that she was destined for this quite life in Port Royal.

Tonight her father was hosting a party for his only child's seventeenth birthday. Many important people would be attending and surely a few men will try to win her affections. Elizabeth was not stupid, she realized that they would only be interested in her fortunes. She feared a man will not marry her for love. Even worse she feared her father may try to set her up with someone. She knew he will expect her to marry someone that had a high rank in society.

Elizabeth looked down at her hands and studied one finger in particular, that being her wedding finger. She traced where a wedding ring would soon be. She closed her eyes, trying to fight the hot tears that threatened to escape. Finally beating the need to cry she slowly opened her eyes and stared at her reflection again. In that moment she made up her mind. If her father wanted her to marry it would be on her terms. She refused to let herself fall into a loveless marriage.

Bearing that thought in mind, she stood up and went to find her maid, Iris. She needed to look good tonight for the party, after all it is not everyday that one turns seventeen.

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