Madison... again:

I find it hard you can criticise me for my grammar when you don't use capitals. The only thing I'm going to say here is:

Fiction (definition): A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact.

This is my story, my imagination, my little world. Like it or lump it. I don't care if I don't have the correct facts and quite frankly I don't think any of my readers do either.

My Happy Ending?

I can't believe he's down there. What on earth am I going to do? I didn't know whether I should just go out there and face him, or just stay hidden up here in my room and hope that he goes away. I had dreamed about this moment for two months and I had never really thought that it would happen. Every dream had played out differently and not once had I dreamed of this moment taking place in a homeless shelter.

He looked shocked to see me. But was that a good shocked or a bad shocked? I really hoped it was that of the good kind.

I just sat there on the bed contemplating what I was going to do. It seemed that those butterflies that I had thought had gone had been replaced by a new bunch, much more alive and excited than the last. I honestly felt sick.

I placed my keys on the nightstand next to my bed and walked towards the window, looking out at the gorgeous view of New York.

I jumped suddenly when there was a knock at the door. Shaking nervously as I edged towards it. I hoped it wasn't who I thought it was and I was relieved when I realised it was only Marcia.

"I thought you might like your bag" she said holding up my bin liner which was full of my possessions.

"Thanks" I replied, taking it from her and placing it on the bed I had claimed. She settled on to the adjacent one and began taking out the clothes she was going to change into. Her clothes were the only thing she had managed to keep from her shambolic marriage. That along with her mothers wedding ring.

I headed towards the shower room making sure to lock the door. I didn't want some random people walking in when I was showering.

It took me a while until I finally emerged from the shower. I hadn't had a shower for ages so getting rid of all the grime took a great deal of effort but as soon as that was all done, I was able to get dry quickly and put on some 'decent' looking clothes.

There wasn't much that I could do to my hair, so leaving it to drip dry was the only option available to me, not that I minded too much. My hair was naturally straight anyway but being able to do something nice to it would have been wonderful.

Marcia was waiting for me in the room when I came out the shower; she had used the one downstairs and was already putting her dirty clothes in a bag. That was another great thing about the shelter, they had a laundry room and I was really looking forward to using it. Leaving here tomorrow would be great, knowing that I would have some clean clothes to last me for a little while.

She gave me a hug and wished me good luck before leaving the room, holding the door open for me. I was glad she was going to walk down with me.

I caught myself in the mirror as I was about to leave the room, hating what I was seeing but feeling relieved at the same time. Surely I must look a bit better than what I did in the hospital? God I hoped so.

Taking a deep breath I made my way towards the lobby, trying in my head, to figure out what I would say to him. It was something I had no idea about. What would I say to the man that made my heart speed up just by the sight of him? How could I tell him what I feel when I know that he wont feel the same?

He wasn't in the lobby when I arrived downstairs which in a way I was sort of relieved about, it would mean that I would get a few more minutes to plan out what I was going to say. If I could say anything at all! Knowing me and my foolishness I would end up getting all tongue tied and looking like a complete idiot.

Deep breaths Bella, deep breaths.

It was the only advice I could give myself at that moment in time. I was nearly freaking hyperventilating at the thought of seeing him, what would actually seeing him again be like.

I felt a hand slip into mine and a slight pressure on it made me aware that Marcia was still right beside me. I knew she would stay with me until I told her to go. She was a great friend to me and I knew she seen me as a daughter like figure. She was always trying to protect me and made sure I came first.

We headed into the main lounge where there was TV set and a few sofas kicking about.

I didn't have to see the face to know that it was him standing in front of me. His bronze hair gleaming from the reflecting ceiling light.

"Edward" I said, trying so hard to stare him in the eyes but failing badly. Darn my lack of confidence. I wanted to show him I was fiery and independent, not fragile and small.

"Isabella!" he said a smile tugging at the edge of his lips, seeming as though he wasn't sure exactly how he should act.

"Bella" I replied. I never really liked people saying my full name; Bella seemed to suit me more.

"Sorry, Bella…" he pointed to the chair obviously hoping I would sit down with him. I looked towards Marcia and gave her a slight nod, telling her I would be fine. She gave my hand another gentle squeeze before breezing out the room. It was going to be awkward enough with some of the other guests who were here never mind her.

"How have you been?" he asked.

"I've been better and I've been worse. What about you, how have you been?"

"To be honest, I've been rubbish Bella."

"Why? Has something bad happened?"

"I suppose you could say that" he said taking my hand in his. A tingling feeling crept up inside me, an electric current per say. "Why did you leave the hospital without saying goodbye Bella?"

I looked into his eyes, nearly getting lost in those deep pools. I sighed looking down at my hands. This had to be the most awkward moment ever. Do I tell him? I look up at him again and I know that either way I have nothing to lose. I can tell him how I feel and if he doesn't feel the same then I can leave here and pray that I never see him again. If he does feel the same, then great, even more than great, fantastic!

"I left because I was scared…"

"Scared of what Bella?" he said, his eyes sad as if he thought my pain came from somewhere else.

"I was scared of what I was feeling… for you." I closed my eyes trying to get myself to calm down. The last thing I wanted to do was cry.

I feel his soft yet calloused hand come up to my cheek urging me too look at him. I can't help but stare into those eyes that I love so much.

"What do you feel for me Isabella?" and this time I don't care what name he calls me because even though I hate my real name so much, he makes it sound better.

"I t-think I'm in love with you…"

I didn't even have a minute to compose myself because his lips were already on mine. As though he were meshing us together, those tingles creeping up my spine at one hundred miles per hour. His warm lips feel great against my shivering own and my tears are already loosely running down my face. I froze for a minute before I gathered myself and allowed my body to respond, my lips softly going against his, not quite sure how to do this.

His lips leave mine after what feels like forever. His eyes lock with mine again and I nearly faint.

"I love you too."

Sorry for my little bitchy rant up there but hey, I'm PMSing I have an excuse! :)

A quick note here. I'm not sure if I want to just leave the story like this. What do you guys think? I suppose if I leave it I could work on a sequel to it (maybe) and then when it's ultimately finished start posting it (so then you guys aren't waiting all the time for it). Or I can continue... All your opinions would be great!