Poof, Pichu, and Kirby; the Heroes of Christmas

Part 1

"Who's got a beard that's long and white?" Cosmo sang to Poof, while playing with a Santa Cookie in front of his son. "Who comes around on a special night? Whose got nine reindeer pull his sleigh? Come on Poof, can you tell me who?" His son was in his highchair, drinking a bottle of milk, and wearing a Santa cup on his head. He listened, interested in his father's performance.

"Come on Poof, you know who he is!" Poof put down his milk bottle.

"SANTA!" The baby began bouncing up and down with excitement. "SANTA, SANTA, SANTA!!!"

"That's right Poof!" Cosmo congratulated. He put down the cookies, and began dancing with a plastic candy cane that was leaned against the wall.

"Must be Santa, must be Santa, must be Santa, Santa Clause!" When he finished, the baby clapped his hands and cheered.

"Like it Wanda?" Cosmo asked his wife, who was putting Christmas lights around their castle in the fishbowl.

"Oh it's lovely honey!" Wanda told him. "You got a talented way with kids!"

"Well this is Poof's very first Christmas." Cosmo reassured them. "And I want our darling little boy to have the bestest Christmas he ever had!" Poof laughed as his father gently pulled his cheek.

"Well, as long as you do that, he'll love it sweetie!"

"I know he will buttercups!"

"Hey Cosmo!" Timmy said to his god father. He was sitting in a chair with some cookie dough on the table. "Why don't you help your wife with the tree in the fishbowl, while Poof and I work on the Christmas cookies?"

"Done!" Cosmo said. He poofed into the fishbowl and helped his wife get the tree.

"Come on Poof!" Timmy encouraged his god brother. "Come help me with these cookies!" Poof excitedly agreed, and went to help the ten year old.

"Hey, how about some Christmas music while we all work?" Wanda suggested.

"Ok!" Everyone agreed. Wanda poofed up a stereo and everybody worked while they listened to Christmas music.

"All done!" Timmy said when they finished with the cookies. He looked at the baby. "Well Poof, what do you think?"

"Poof, poof!" The baby was excited! There were cookies of Santa, reindeer, snowflakes, snowman, candy canes, Christmas trees and weaves, mistletoes, stockings, and gingerbread men!

"Poof, want to put the star up?" Wanda asked from the fishbowl. Poof cheered, and poofed in by his parents.

"Now be careful Poof." His father told him, carrying the star. "The star is fragile, so don't drop it." Poof grabbed the star, flew to the top, and placed it on top. He was proud of what he had done!

"Nice job son!" Cosmo congratulated his son as he came down.

"Yeah, nice work!" Wanda agreed. She put the plug in the portable socket, and went by the others who oohed and awed at the tree lights.

"You know," Cosmo admired the branches. "The branches are lovely!"

"They sure are." Wanda admitted, leaning on her husband. "They sure are!"

"Hey Cosmo, let's have a snowball fight now!" Timmy told his god father.

"Ok!" So they went and grabbed their coats, and went outside in the winter wonderland. Wanda played wit her son's Santa hat while holding him.

"Want to watch Poof?" Wanda asked. "Want to watch your father and god brother throw snowballs at each other?"

"Poof, poof!" The baby quickly agreed.

"That's what I through!" So she and Poof put on their coats, scarves, and boots, and went outside.

"Hey Kid!" Poof herd somebody call him when he and his mom were watching the fight. Poof looked around, but didn't see anything but snow.

"Poof?" He asked himself. He was about to go when he herd it again.

"Hey little baby, over here!" Poof followed the sound, while humming to "Santa Clause is coming to town."

"Poof?" He asked when he got to the bushes. He gasped when he saw Anti Cosmo, Anti Wanda, and Anti Poof. Anti Wanda was holding the Anti baby. Poof was about to wail for help, when Anti Cosmo shushed him.

"Shhhhh!" He told Poof. "Don't cry, we're not here to kidnap you. We just want to talk!"

"Poof?" The baby shucked his thumb.

"You know Santa Clause?"

"Yous knows the one whos brings presents to all the good girls and boys?" Anti Wanda added.

"SANTA, SANTA!" Poof cheered.

"Well hate to break it to you kid, but Santa's a fantasy."

"Poof?" What was Anti Cosmo talking about?

"Yous been tricked Poofs." Anti Wanda said. Poof looked at her. "You parents are nothings but lyers."


"Sorry to tell you the truth." Anti Cosmo said. "But since you're 10 months old, I figure why spoil your fun when I can do tell you're the truth right away? Face it Poof, your parents are nothing but fibbers. Santa is not real and never will be."


"No Santa, no Santa!" Anti Poof said as the Antis poofed away.

"Santa?" Poof felt as his heart has just been crushed to pieces.

"Ok, time for the Christmas party." Wanda said, picking up her baby.

"Whooo hooo! Let's go and see what Santa brought us!" Cosmo said as they all poofed away, with Timmy carrying the Christmas cookies and gifts.

"Awe Mrs. Gummel, isn't this a wonderful holiday?" Count Pichu asked his assistant.

"It sure is!" Mrs. Gummel agreed. Count Pichu was lying on a lawn chair outside. He grabbed a Christmas cookie out of Mrs. Gummel's box, ate it, and drank his Coke.

"You know the saying Mrs. Gummel." Count Pichu said, relaxing. "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a…"

"Hi cousims!" Count Pichu herd Pichu say.

"Great!" Count Pichu said. "The electric moron is here." Stinger and Pichu came to his side.

"Ready for the Christmas party?' Stinger asked.

"Oh yeah!" Count Pichu stood up. "Just get the gifts in the car while I talk with Pichu here."

"Ok." So Stinger went with the Smoothum to pack up all the presents in the car.

"So what dos you wamts to tells me?" Pichu asked when they were alone.

"My sweet Pichu. Santa isn't coming tonight."

"Oh that's ok. When he comes soon, I'lls be happys dos!" Count Pichu shook his head.

"No, he's not coming because he's not real." Pichu laughed.

"Wells, of course he's reals!" Pichu told him. "Who else send all those preamts to the good girls amb boys?"

"Their parents!" He answered.

"Excuses me? Whats dids yous say!"

"Their parents! Santa is not real!"


"Ok come on Pichu." Stinger said. "We're ready!"

"Yamgs!" Pichu jumped up, and went to the car.

"No driving!" Charmander told Grimer in their car. "Are you crazy!? You'll get your slimy goo on everything!"

"Don't worry Charmander!" Grimer told his friend. "It's Christmas Eve, besides I'm a professional!" They both buckled as the car zoomed. Charmander screamed as they drove into a snow bank.

"We're perfectly A O.K!" Grimer said, as the airbag appeared.

"Ready Kirby?" Tuff asked him. They were on snowboards on the pinnacle of a snow slope.

'Pyro!" Kirby happily said.

"Then 1, 2, 3, GO!" They both zoomed down the slope. They both had fun! Kirby stopped when King D.D.D, and Escargoon.

"Hey what's that stupid red cap doing on your head Kirby?"

"Pyro?" Kirby looked at his Santa cap on his head.

"It's a Santa cap sire." Escargoon said.

"What you mean that pink puff stills believes in that big phony?"

"Pyro?" They both laughed.

"Please!" Escargoon told Kirby. "The only fat person around here is King D.D.D and he's…" Insulted, the king bonked the snail on his head.

"The point is pinky," The king told Kirby. "Santa is a fake, and there's nothing you can do about it." They both walked away, laughing.

"Pyro?" Kirby pondered out loud.

At the party, the cartoons all put cookies for Santa, and carrots for his reindeer on a stool, then they all went to sleep.

Poof awoke when he herd some talking.

"Poof?" The baby got out of bed, and went to the staircase. He couldn't believe it, for he saw his mom and Santa kiss under the mistletoe. The baby was excited, and went downstairs.

"Do you think that the little ones will think I'm Santa?" Cosmo asked his wife. He was in a Santa outfit.

"Yes!" Wanda said. "I think you're a great Santa, and Poof will love you no matter what." Wanda told him.

"Thanks honey!"

"We're still under the mistletoe you know."

"I know honey." They were about to kiss, when Poof interrupted.

"SANTA!" He said and hugged him.

"Awe Poof!" Cosmo started. "I'm not really…"

"PYRO!" Kirby cheered.

"Samta!" Pichu said as they came down the stairs. "I kmews you were reals!"

"Look I'm not…" Cosmo looked at his wife who was smileing.

"Ok, I'm Santa!"

"Yamgs!" They cheered, as Cosmo picked up Poof.

"So Poof!" He said. "What do you want for Christmas?" Pichu was about to say something, when Cosmo caught himself. "Oh, and I'm Santa so I know all of your names, ho, ho, ho!" Pichu and Kirby gasped in astonishment. Then Pichu looked puzzled.

"Hey Samta?" Cosmo looked at him. "Why were you kissimg Poof's mom earliers, what was that all about?"

"Pyro?" Poof looked at Santa (Cosmo).

"Ummmmmm…" He looked at his wife for help. But she just ushered him to go on.

"Well you see.." Poof played with his dads cap, and then it came off!

"WHATS?" Pichu jumped.

"Pyro?" Poof looked at his dad.


"Hi Poof!" He said. He got tears in his eyes.


"No Poof." Cosmo consoled him. "Let me explain, I…"

"SANTA!" Poof flew off crying. He threw the cap on the ground, and then left the room.

"Poof!" Wanda said. "Daddy was just…"

"Guess cousims was right." Pichu said sadly. "Samta is nothing but a fakes." He went out, Kirby followed.

"Poof, Kirby, Pichu." Cosmo said. "Ho, ho ho! I was just…" Then he sighed. "Uh, what's the point, I ruined Christmas for everyone!" Wanda consoled him.

"Hey, my turn to be Santa!" Grimer said when he saw the three storm outside in the snow. He was in his Santa outfit. "I'll be Grimer Clause!"

"Cam't beleave we's beem lied to all these years." Pichu said. They agreed sadly as the three built a snowman. Pichu looked at Poof. "Wells excepts you Poofs, you nevers beems lied to before, now welcomes to the club." Poof sadly agreed.

When they were all done, the three stood back to admire their work.

"Wells, what do you wamts to names it?" Pichu asked.

"Pyro." Kirby shrugged.

"Poof!" Poof didn't know ether.

"Fime them, hows about Frostys?" Kirby and Poof looked at the electric mouse.

"Whats? It just came tos me oks?" They looked at it again. "Poor smowmem must be colds out heres, hows cams we warms it ups?" Poof took of his Santa cap and looked at it and the snowman.

"Poof, poof!" He had an idea. He placed the Santa hat on the snowman's head, and then watched as the snowman shook with magical dust!

"What's happemings?" Pichu shirked. He looked at the baby. "Poofs, whats did you do to our smowmams?" Poof shrugged.

"Here's I kmows what hats he wamts!" Pichu took the Santa hat off and replaced it with a black hat with a bell on it. Poof and Kirby just looked at the mouse. Pichu noticed.

"Whats?" he shrugged. 'I stoles this hat from a magics mams ok?"

"Happy birthday!" The snowman greeted. They screamed.

"Frosty's alive!" Pichu screamed. They hid behind some giant snowballs

"I am?" Frosty asked. He scratched his head. "Hmmmm, I guess you're right, I am!" He chuckled to himself. The three came out of hiding.

"Now you three got to help us at the North Pole." Frosty told them. "Santa is sick, and he lost three important Christmas gifts, and he's considering on not having Christmas this year. So I came here, hoping your guys will help. So, what do you say?"

"So." Said Pichu. "You wamts us to go to the North Pole to cheer a invisible Samta up by finding his imvisible gifts"" Frosty nodded. Pichu thought a moment.

"We'll do its, but omlys becauses we gots nothimgs betters to do."

"Great!" He got on all fours. "Now all three of you climb and my back and I'll take you three all done to see Santa at the North Pole."

"Oks!" They all went on his back.

"Ready? 1, 2, 1, and away we go!" Then the snowman slid down the slope. They all cheered as they zoomed by.

"Hey Charmamder!" Pichu waved to Charmander who walked by, carrying a loudful of gifts.

"Ok you kids have fun on that alive snowman!" Charmander waved to them. Then he turned and continied. He paused and froze.

"Wait! Alive snowman!" Then he and the gifts fell to the ground, as he fainted in the snow.