Part 2

"So you're saying you saw a live snowman?" Grimmer asked his buddy. He was pretending to be a Psychologist. Charmander was lying on a cot.

"Yes!" He said. "And the snowman had corn cob pipe, a buttoned nose, and two eyes made of coal!" It was sliding down the slope really fast with Poof, Pichu, and Kirby on board. It was really scary!"

"Uhhhh, very interesting!" Grimmer said, he wrote some things down. Can it talk?"

"Well no!" Charmander admitted. "But it was still really scary!" He covered his face in his hands and cried.

"I see."

"This is no time to goof off guys." Wanda reminded them. "It's time to find my baby before Christmas!"

"And find Pichu!" Stinger added.

"Yeah!" Cosmo said. "And we got to find all of them before that snowman takes them hostage!"

"Cosmo please." Wanda told her husband. "Do you really believe our baby and his cute friends are being hostages to a snowman?'

"Do you believe in Santa Clause?"

"Well yes but…"

"Then I believe a snowman has Poof and his friends as hostages."

"I say, let's attack that snowman with our shovels until he gives us back what ours!" Toad said and stood up. "I say we KILL the snowman! "Who's with me?"

"YEAH!" Everyone got up, grabbed pitchforks and torches, and marched outside, Toad as the leader.

"Well, that was weird and unsuspected." Timmy said.

""Well you know Toad." Toadsworth said. "He always dreamt of killing innocent snowman ever since he was little."

"Yeah, that's true." They all nodded. Then Wanda saw her hubby disembark from the group, and grabbed a pitchfork.

"Cosmo, what're you doing?" She asked. Cosmo looked back at her.

"I'm going to help kill that innocent snowman." He said. "There's no way that I'm going to let Poof spend Christmas by being a snowman's hostage!" He went out. "Daddy's coming Poof!" Wanda and the others just sighed.

"Well this is it!" Frosty said as the cartoons jumped off. Santa's house and workshop."

"Wows!" Pichu and the others admired all of the nighttime lights. "This place is a wimters woumaders lamds!" Then he looked at Frosty. "Ares yous comimgs with us?"

"Nope!" Frosty shook his head. "I prominced a little girl Karen that I would be back on Christmas day. So, got to slide!" Then he slid out of site. The three still looked at it, and then Pichu ringed the red doorbell on the door.

"Yes?" An elf answered it. "I'm Elfly the elf, what do you want?" He looked a bit grumpy.

"I'm Pichu." The yellow mouse said. "And theses are my friemds, Kirbys and Poofs." Kirby and Poof smiled and waved. "Amds we'lls here to see Samtas, cam you move sos we cam sees hims?"

"I'm sorry. But he's terribly sick." Elfly told them. "So you three bozos will have to wait and…"

"Thamks!" He went in. "Comes om guys!" Poof and Kirby followed.

"Hey did you hear me? Santa's sick, come back here!" But, they already went farther. "Then they saw lots of reindeer and Elves crowded by a sick Santa in bed. Miss. Klaus was beside her husband with a plateful of cookies.

"Pyro!" Kirby went towards the cookies. Pichu and Poof followed.

"Oh I'm sorry!" Miss. Clause Said. "Here, have some." She handed them out for them to grab. Kirby greatly licked his lips, and inhaled all of the cookies! Miss. Clause gasp. Kirby sat down, enjoying what he accomplished.

"Oh goodness me!" She said. "I'll make some more." She then went to bake some more. Kirby jumped up when he herd that more were on the way!

"Bad pinky!" Elfly scolded. "Now Santa is going to starve!"

"Ho, ho! It's fine Efly. Santa told him. "Now come here you three." The cartoons came by Santa's side.

"What's the matters Samta?" Pichu asked him.

"I'm feeling weak, not my jolly self at all."

"But whys Samta?"

"Well let's just say I've got a little cold for being in this winter wonderland for all these years." Then he coughed. Mss Clause gave him a glass of water; he drank it, and then put it down on the stool next to him.

"Sos, what do yous wamts us to dos? A snowman led us all the way here for nothimgs or what?"

"Yup!" Elfly answered. "Looks like you've been tricked suckers!"

"Don't mind him" Santa told them. "He's just grumpy because he didn't get his candy cane."

"I am not!' The elf snapped.

"Ho, ho, ho, yes you are, so anyways I need you three to find three very important gifts for me, can you manage?"

"Yes!" Pichu said. "I thimks we cams mamage, right guys?" They agreed.

"Ok." Santa said. "Elfly will explain your three tasks."

"What?!" Elfly was shocked. "Now you listen here Santa, I know you're sick and all, but I can't…" Santa shook his head.

"Elfly." He said. "If you don't do what I say, no more candy canes for as long as you live."

"But Santa, you can't…"


"I, I, sir!" He saluted. He looked at the cartoons. "Now come on you bozos, we haven't got all day!"

"Yes little puny elf!" Pichu and friends followed the little elf to do their first task.

"Now all three tasks each and every one of you will have to play as the characters in two Christmas favorites." Elfly explained. They were all in a room with a wardrobe in it.

"What's is it?" Pichu asked. "What's are ours firs tasks?"

"You're see!" Elfly opened the wardrobe; there was one single reindeer suit on a coat hanger.

"That's it?" Pichu wanted to know. "I thoughts we were going to be characters in Christmas parodies, nots cleam your raimdeers suit for yous."

"That would be nice." Elfly confess, taking out the suit. "But no, one of you fits in this costume, now we got to find out which one, one by one."

"Pyro!" Kirby jumped up and down, liking the idea.

"Ny firs!" Pichu cried, jumping up. "Ny firs!" Elfly chuckled to himself.

"Sorry little mouse." Elfly told him. "But Kirby volunteered first. So, you're go after him. Kirby jumped up in victory.

"Aw mem!" Pichu was disappointed. "It's nos fairs."

"Come on Kirby!" Elfly said to him. "Come try it on!" Kirby went to get in the costume. Elfly stepped back to observe.

"Hmmm," He scratched his beard. "Cute, but…" Then the antlers bended to the sides.

"Pyro?" Kirby looked at the droopy antlers.

"Nah nope!" Elfly decided. "Not going to work, too droopy!" Kirby felt ashamed.

"Ooh, my turms next!" Pichu said.

"Ok Pichu," Elfly told him. "Get in there!"

"Yamg!" Pichu zoomed up, and tried on the costume. "I womts let you dones!"

"Too big!" Elfly declared when he looked at Pichu in the outfit. Pichu looked down at himself.

"Awe darms it!" Pichu said. "I thoughts it would works."

"Well Poof." Elfly told the baby. Poof looked at him. "Looks like you're our last hope, will you do it?" Poof looked at everyone in the room.

"Comes om Poof!" Pleaded Pichu, who was out of the costume. "You're ours last hopes."

"Poof, poof!" The baby happily agreed.

"That's the sprit Poof!" Elfly said. "Now, get in!" Poof gladly poofed into the costume. It was a perfect fit!

"It fits!" Pichu said when he saw the baby. Kirby cheered.

"Perfect!" Elfly agreed. "Let's go outside for the scene!"

"Yamg!" They all followed the elf outside.

"Now Poof." Elfly said. "Here's your script, now you…"

"Hey Poof!" Wanda called. Poof saw his mom and dad; they were both wearing antlers on their heads. "Over here!"

"MAMA, DADA!" The baby ran over and hugged them.

"And how's our little joy doing?" Wanda asked.

"Well, by the way's he's hugging you." Cosmo observed. "I say he's happy and can't wait for tomorrow!" They kept hugging some more.

"Hey Poof!" Santa called to him. "Time for your flying lesson!" Poof went over to Santa.

"Hey, I bet he can't fly!" Wario teased. "I bet he doesn't know what flying really is!" He laughed. Poof glared at him, turned around, and flew. Wario looked and stopped laughing.

"Huh?" He looked surprised.

""It's a Christmas miracle!" Charmander said.

"Our baby's flying!" Cosmo added. Poof landed next to Santa.

"Taa daaa!" Poof told him. Santa laughed.

"Ho, ho, ho!" He patted the baby on the head. "One day Poof, when you're older, you're pull my sleigh!" Everyone gasped in delight.

"Wow, that's super cool Poof!" Grimer said. "Pulling Santa's sleigh was my life long dream, way to go bud!" Everyone Cheered.

"Congratulations son." Wanda told him. The baby shook his rattle with delight, and then suddenly, the nose on Poof's costume glowed a bright red. Everyone screamed.

"The light!" Charmander cried, covering his eyes. "It burns!"

"What is it?" Tails asked.

"It looks like a juicy red glowing ripe tomato." Grimer told them.

"Pull Santa's sleigh with that nose?" Wario said. "I don't think so!" Then everybody except Santa and Poof's parents busted into laughter.

"What's so funny?" Cosmo wanted to know. "I don't see anything funny, do you?"

"Oh Cosmo, your son's nose is a little firefly!" Laughed a young Toad in the snow. Poof looked down in shame, he was teary in the eyes, and sniffed sadly.

"Stop laughing at my son's nose!" Wanda ordered. "How you feel if we laughed at you if you had something different about you? Like a zit, or if you had a disability, or if your skin was a different color?"

"Yeah!" Cosmo added. "It's not nice to make fun of others you know. Even I'm not laughing about it!"

"You should Cosmo!" Laughed Timmy. "Your son will be perfect for a circus!" They gasped.

"Timmy!?" Wanda was shocked. "Not you too!" Grimer whistled for everyone's attention. "Ok." He said. "Everyone inside and from now on, Poof can't be part of any more reindeer games!" Everyone agreed and went inside.

"Poof, the red nose dork!" Gannon snickered.

"More like the red nose loser!" Larry said. They both laughed as they disappeared. Poof felt sadder then ever now!

"Oh Santa." Wanda told him. "Please, it's not his fault, he was born that way."

"Yeah, he can't control it!" Cosmo added. "So it wasn't an accident!"

"Oh I know." Santa sighed. "I'll try to reason with them." He went inside.

"Oh Poof." She and her husband went to console their sad baby. She hugged him. "Don't cry it's not your fault that you ended up like this!"

"It's their fault!" Cosmo added. "I'm not laughing at my son's nose; they don't know what they're missing!"

"Oh honey!" She hugged him again. "We'll always love you no matter what others say!"

"Just like in the Tarzan movie! Cosmo added.

"I don't gets it!" Pichu told them while they were walking to their next task. Poof was with them again. "I meam, whys were all of our frienbs evils to Poof? Grimer, Charmander, what is ups wit that? They'll the nicest pokemons I's met."

"They were actors." Elfly replied.

"Ohs, so tats makes it oks?"

"Pichu." Elfly changed the subject. "How do you feel if you're going to play a little girl?"

"A what?!"

Pichu was dressed as a girl, and sleeping in bed as Poof and Kirby giggled off set.

"Shhhh!" Elfly told them. "Poof, we didn't laugh at your shiny nose. So don't laugh at Pichu!" They both quieted down and watched.

Pichu was dreaming about gingerbread when he herd something. He woke up, and went downstairs to see what the noise was. He saw Stitch as Santa; he was carrying the Christmas tree. When he was about to stuff it up the chimney, Pichu yawned. He stopped, and looked at the electric mouse.

"Whys Samta?" Pichu asked. "Whys are yous stuffing up our tree Samta? Whys?" But Stitch was clever; he thought up a lie and thought it up quick. He pointed to one light on the tree.

"Won't light." He told Stitch. "Taking to workshop."

"Whatevers you say and waimts a mimimites! That light…" Stitch then quickly pushed Pichu up thee stairs. "Hey, what's about my waters?" Stitch quickly got him a cup of water, and then departed. Pichu was alone. "Hello, Samta?"

"Your last task." Elfly told them at the train station. "Is to ride this train to your last gift."

"Oks." Pichu said. "Are you comimgs with us?"

"No, I got some elf business to finish up."

"Well oks, byes!" Pichu and the other jumped on the train. "Happy holidays!" They all waved as the train was out of sight.

At the stop, the cartoons jumped off the train. Right away, they saw Santa with their gifts. They ran to him.

"Hey Samta!" Pichu said. "I thoughts you were sicks."

"Ho, ho, ho!" Santa laughed. "I'm better; I'm back to my jolly self again.

"Pyro!" Kirby cheered.

"Tat's greats!"

"Ho, ho, ho, now open your gifts!" The cartoons gladly opened their gifts.

"Poof?" Poof asked when he took out a note from his box.

"Heys, what gives? I got a mote to!"

"Pyro!" Kirby jumped when he picked up a reindeer bell. It rang gracefully!

"Nos fairs! Why did Kirby get something, and me amb Poofs omly gots motes tat I cam't evem reads?" Santa laughed again. He went to Poof.

"Poof." he said. "These are important Christmas massages, and yours says that you should just be happy be with the things you got, no matter what people think!"

"Poof, poof!" The baby hugged Santa. His costume nose lit up again.

"Oohs! What does mime says?" Pichu wanted to know. Santa walked over and sat with him.

"Pichu." He said. Yours says Christmas is a time for great cheer, and nobody should miss out. Be nice to everyone, even through that's person's grumpy and rude all the time."

"Hey Samta, what did happens to Stitch?"

"Well Pichu, let just say that his heart grew three sizes on Christmas morning"

"Why couldn'ts it have grew 300 sizes?" Santa laughed. He went to Kirby.

"Now Kirby." He told him. Kirby looked at him. "That reindeer bell is very valuable, you better not lose it."

"Pyro!" Kirby saluted. Santa stood up.

"Unfortunately Rudolph caught my cold, so I'll have to not take toys this year."

"Whats?!" The cartoons were speechless.

"I'm sorry." Santa said. "But unless a miracle happens, I can't go out tonight." The cartoons all looked sad. Then Poof's costume nose glowed a bright red.

"Poof!" Santa said. "We're saved!"

"Whats you meams?" Pichu asked.

"Poof?" Santa kneeled to Poof.

"Poof." He said. "With your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?" The baby looked at Santa.

"Poof!" He said and hugged Santa. Santa laughed.

"You two can come for the ride to." He told Pichu and Kirby,

"Reallys?" They looked delighted.

"Of course! Now come on, I haven't much time!" They ran and hopped in the sleigh.

"Ready Poof?" Santa asked from the sleigh.

"Poof, poof!" His nose lit up on his costume. "Good now, 1, 2, and away we go!" Then the sleigh took off and flew in the nighttime sky.

Back home, they all called for their love ones. Cosmo sighed.

"Well Wanda." He told her. "I guess I blew it again, I just wanted our little baby to experience the Christmas joys off the bat, and I ruined it for him. I ruin everything." He sighed again.

"You didn't ruin it." She consoled him.

"What do you mean?" She grabbed his hand in hers.

"Cosmo." She said. "Christmas isn't about holly, ginger bread men, presents, and all."

"It's not?"

"Correct. Cosmo, Christmas is about love and being together."

"But why did Poof run away then? It's because he doesn't love me." He sat down, looking sad. Wanda sat by her husband.

"Cosmo, you got him ready for this holiday with all your heart. I think he loves you for just that and having us as his parents."

"I know but…" Then they herd some laughter from inside.

"What the?" Stinger asked. "That laughter sounds like Pichu's.

"And Kirby's!" Tiff said.

"Poof?" Cosmo asked. Then they all went inside.

"What's you meams you forgot Samta's bell?" Pichu asked Kirby.

"Pyro!" Kirby shrugged. He looked everywhere but couldn't find Santa's bell anywhere.

"Well, Samta's going to be pissed at yous Kirby." Pichu told him. He picked up a gift from the floor. "Im thes meamtimes, let's open up this gift!" Kirby looked ashamed. How could he've just let Santa down? Pichu opened the gift.

"Heys!" He picked up the bell. Kirby looked up. "It's the bells tat Kirbys lost!" Kirby jumped up and grabbed it. He ringed it.

"It stills works!" Then all of the cartoons came in.

"MAMA, DADA!!!" Poof shouted and ran to hug them both. They were both delighted.

"So how do you like your very first Christmas sport?" Cosmo asked his baby. The fairy baby looked from his mom and dad.

"Christmas, Christmas!" He said excitedly. The parents were delighted, espcially Cosmo, and hugged their baby.

"I love you Poof!" Cosmo hugged him.

"Dada!" Poof said, hugging him back. Everyone awed.

"Isn't first Christmas's always special Charmander?" Grimer asked his friend.

"And magical!" Charmander added. "It's so magical, that not even Cosmo, Wanda, or Poof could've granted it!"

"You said it buddy! The only magic that happened was all our doings, in each of our hearts." Then they herd the clock stoke midnight, Christmas.

"Hey midnight! Grimer said. "Merry Christmas!"

"Don't say it to us Grimer!" Charmander told him. "Say it to the readers!""

"Oh yeah!" He turned to the readers, then every cartoon in the room with Squidward's golden claranet playing, began to sing.

"We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, and a happpppyyyyy neeeeewww yeeeeaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas everybody!"

Meanwhile in the daytime, Toad saw his snowman. He smashed it with his shovel.

"Die, die, DIEE!!!!!" He looked at his accomplished work. Then the snowman rebuild itself, and came to life!

"Ah, nice snowman!" He said. Toad ran for his life as it chased after him.

"Awwwwwww!" He screamed. "This is not what a Toad hopes for on Christmas!" It chased him out of sight.

Happy Holidays, Boolia