The Miko and the Demon Lord,The Sequel

chapter 1

Hello is the Sequel to my story The Miko and the Demon if you haven't read the firest one you mite be kinda lost in this one.

I hope you all enjoy this sequel because I worked really hard on I guss I will let you know.

It has now been 13 year's since Kagome and Sesshoumaru's twins Hope,and Maru where have trained them in there every ones surprise Hope has miko powers as well.

They won the war they had been twins are full blooded dog thouhgt Hope has miko has got matted with the princess of the northe has turned into a demon and ,moved to the northern castle.

Everything has been very busy at the and Souta have never went back to there time and so forth sealed up the well after she made her un selfish wish on the Shickon Jewel.

Sango and Miroku have had 6 children of there own.4 boys and 2 are living at the castle.

The Present Time

Kagome's POV

I am in my office doing some paper for the winter ball coming up in a month.I thought

'I realy miss the twins being little babys.I think I mit talk to Sesshoumaru about having another little one.I mean it has been 13 years and thetwins are old enuff to take care of them selves.'

I put my quil down and stood up.I walked out of my office and down the hall to Sesshumaru's study.I opened the door and walked in,I shut the door behind me.

He looked up from his desk with a little smirk on his eyes middened a little because I just remembered I am in heat which makes Sesshoumaru act very silly.

He stood up and in the blink of an eyes he has me pinned against the wall kissing me passhenetly.I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss.

We stayed like that for the longest a while thought we had to break apart for some much needed both looked at each other in the picked me up bridal style and ran out of his office and up to our rest can not be explained.

I woke up some time around dawn the next day.I sat up and looked down and found Sesshoumaru sound asleep.I smiled down at him remembering last nights events.I blushed at it.

I got out of bed and grabbed his top and threw it on and walked into our bathroom and over to the hot spring.I threw his shirt off of me and got in the water.

I reliaxed into the water.I layed in there for a while,but after a while I I finished I got out and grabbed my towel and driend off.I got my robe and put on.

I walked out of the bathroom and into our closet.I grabbed a pair of blue jeans and a long sleeve shirt.A winter jacket and hat.I put them on along with my boots..I walked out of our closet.I found Sesshoumaru still asleep.I walked out of our room and over to Hope's room.

I opened the door and walked in.I found Hope still in bed.I walked over to her and started to wake I finally woke her up she sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep out of her then looked up at me and said

"Good morning mother."

"Good morning my little angle."

"Mother why are we up so early"

"You ,Me ,Sango, Anna,and Hayley are all going for a walk outside of the castle."


She then jumped out of bed and ran into her bathroom.I walked out of her room and walked down to the main I already told Sango and her girls last night about this I don't half to go get them up.

Soon they came downstairs along with all grabbed our wepons from the wepons room and walked out of the castle and into the snow covered country.

We walked around in the snow for hours.I love this time of all the cheary castle is decorated with Christmas decorations and in the Living room there is a giant christmas tree decorated.

After a while we went back to the castle,We went into the garden where we found Rin,Shippo, Maru,Sesshoumaru,Miroku,And there 4 all went over to them and Hope,Annia and Hanna went over to the other children and they all started to make snowmen.

Me and Sango went over to the men and stood beside watched the children play in the all turned ouur head's away from them talking when I felt something hit my back.

I put my hand on it and pulled it in front of me and found it to be all turned around to the children and found them all holding snow new what was coming next so we all quickly made snow balls and got ready for a snow ball fight.

They then fired some at us so we did the did that while we tryed to make a snow fort to protect we got a little tired we put up a little white flag for surrender.I yelled

"Ok guys I think its time to go in and get something to eat"

"Ok Mother"

So we all got up and brushed the snow off of us and walked into the castle and into the dinning hall,We all sat down and the servants came out with our chicken soup and sat it down in front of then bowed and left and we started to eat.

We all sighted in we finished eating the children got up and ran back out to play.I haven't felt to good today so I said

"Sango come with me"

"Ok Kagome"

So we got up and walked out of the dinning hall and up to the east wing and into the nurse's room.I found Kanna our new nurse since Kiade had died a couple years back cleaning up a little.

We walked up to her and she turned and bowed and said

"What is it that you need Lady Kagome"

"I think I mit be pregnant again,couple you check and see"

"Of course my lady"

So she took me and Sango into the royal chamber and I layed down on the bed and let her check she finished she washed her hands in the bassen and came over to me and said

"Congradulations my lady,you are indead with child"

"That's great"

I jumped out of bed and grabbed ahold of Sango's arms and dragged her out of the room,down to the main hall and out into the garden where we found everyone at it again.I said

"Everyone I have an anousment to make"


"I am pregnant"

"That's GREAT"

They all got up and came over to me and hugged and Maru said

"Does that mean we are going to have a baby brother or sister"

"Yes it does"


"I have a job for you two"

"What Mother"

"Can you fly to your Uncle Souta and Aunt Kara's castle and get them"

"Of course Mother"

So they made there demonic clouds and took to the sky heading for the a little bit I said

"Rin,Sango,Annia,Hannah come with are going to get our ball gowns"

"But what about Hope"

"I will do her's when they get back"


So the 5 of us walked into the castle and up to the fitting room where our semstress is working on our ball gowns for the winter ball coming up.I still have the gold ball gown Sesshoumaru gave me but I kinda grew out of it.

For Mine,Rins,and for Hopes gowns,they have our lands mark on it which is a cresent others also have it since they live here and are part of the family.

We walked into the fitting room we found our semstress Marie working on found all of our gowns hanging up on walked over to them and got said

"Just go into the fitting rooms my ladys and I will be in"


So we each walked into a seperat room with just a changing screan and mirror.I walked behind the changing screan and undressed and dressed into my new ball gown.I walked out from behind the changing screan and over to the mirror.

I looked at myself in it and ball gown in gold and silver with a dark blue cresent moon in the middle of it.I instintly fell in love with soon came in and did a couple things to it to make it fit a little better.

She soon left thought leaving me woundering how Sesshoumaru will look when he see's me in the gown.

'Maybe he will kiss me or NO NO KAGOME BAD THOUGHTS.'

I went behind the changing screan and took the ball gown off and put my regular clothes.I grabbed my ball gown and walked out of the little room.I hung my gown up on the wall where I got it.

I walked out of the fitting room and down to Sesshoumaru's office.I opened the door and walked in,I found him sitting behind his desk doing some paper work.I shut the door behind me.

I walked over behind him and wrapped my arm's around him and layed my head down on his shoulder.I looked at the paper work he is doing.I said


"Yes love"

"Why are you working so hard on the paper work"

"I got behind a little and I want to get ahead so I will be finished before the ball"

" can't you atlest spend some time with your mate"

"Not right now I am busy"

I unwrapped my arms from him and moved around from his back to his side.I pulled his chair out from his desk and sat down in his lap.I made him look at me by grabbing his chin and turning it towards me.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into a passenet wrapped his arms around my waist and held me to we were just getting into it a knock came at the door.

We quiet and I got out of his lap and stood beside said

"Come in"

The door opened and Hop and Maru came running in followed by Souta,Kassie,Shippo,and Rin.

"Mom Souta and Kara are here"

They started to leave along with Rin and Shippo but I said

"Where are the 4 of you going"

"To cut down and Christmas tree"

"Ok becarful"

"We will"

They then left and Souta and Kara came over and sat down in front of Sesshoumarus said

"So sis your pregnant again"

"Yes I am"

"Hey if its ok we are going to stay till the ball since um"


"Kara's pregnant to"

"That's you two"

I walked over to them and hugged Kara.I said

"So I guss I am going to be an Aunt now"


"So do you guys want to help us decorate the christmas tree"


So we all walked out of Sesshoumaru's office and down to the family to all of our surprises they are already back with a beautiful had all the boxs of ornamints brought down from the storage room and we all started to decorate the tree.

We finished about 1 and a half hours all stood back and looked at our all sighted in ,Miroku and there kids walked in and said

"Did you guys just do this"


"Its beautiful"

"Thanks guys"

"You know Christmas is only about 2 weeks away"

"Ya I can not belive how soon it is."


We all then left the family room and walked down to the main hall and into the dinning all sat down,the servant's came out and served our all then started to eat.

When we finished we all got up and bid each other good night and walked up to our went into our room and into our went over to the hotspring,undressed,and got in and started to bath.

When we finished we got out and grabbed our towels and dried then got our robes and put walked out of our bathroom and over to the dresser.

We got our night clothes out and put them walked over to our bed and pulled the covers down,we layed down and Sesshoumaru pulled the covers over us.

He wrapped his arms around me.I cudled closer to him and both soon fell asleep.

2 weeks later

It is now christmas and Sesshoumaru had just finished wrapping up the childrens gifts and Sango,Mirokus,and there childrens..We gathered all of them off of our bed and walked out of our room.

We walked down to the family room,we put all of the gifts under the found some other ones there with name tags for looked at each other and smilled.

We also found some others one for everyone else.

We each got up and walked out of the family room and up to the childrens peaked in each one of them and found them all sound asleep.

We walked back to our room and gathered all of the stuff up and put it in a grabbed a blanket and walked out onto the is falling and landing right on us.

Sesshoumaru took the blanket and wrapped it around stood there for the longest time looking over the white winter land.I love this time of year.

When it started to get realy cold we walked into our room and Sesshoumaru closed the balcony brushed the snow off of us and it instintly melted.

I seen Sesshoumaru sniff the air,he then said

"We have to little peakers heading for the gifts."


So we walked out of our room and walked down to the family room without barley making a walked in and seen the children almost at the both said

"What do you two think you are doing"

They both jumped in the air,probubly scarred out of their turned around to us with a we-were-caught-smile on there faces.I then said

"Now you know you guys are not supost to be opening up christmas presents till tomarrow with everyone"

"We know but we coulden't resist"

"Up to bed the four of you"


We chasses all of them up to there rooms and made sure this time they were then left them and went into our room and over to our dressed.

I got out his boxers and threw them at him and then I got my flanel christmas pants and shirt.I went behind the changing screan and changed into them.

I walked back out and over to the bed,we pulled down the covers and crailed into pulled the covers over us and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest.

We layed there for a while,I sung a little christmas song to then said

"Good night my beautiful Kagome"

"Good night Sesshoumaru"

We both soon fell into a restful sleep.

Christmas Morning

Kagome's POV

I woke up about an hour before dawn.I got out of bed and walked into our closet.I picked out a red and green christmas dess.I put it on and grabbed Sesshoumaru's white hariko with red and green hexigons on it.

I walked out of our closet and found Sesshoumaru sitting up in bed rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.I threw his outfit at him and said

"Get dressed Sesshy we half to go wake the children up"

"Ok love"

So he got out of bed and put his clothes both then walked out of our room and over to the Rins we had put the children to bed all in one room it was easy to wake them all up.

We had to run after them to keep up with ment Sango,Miroku,and there all walked into the family room and sat down in front of the christmas tree.

All the children started to open up there were all so happy at what they adults then started to do all thanked each other for them.

We spent all day doing christmas had the best day in a long the time it was time to go to bed all of us are tired all went into our rooms.

We chanded into our night clothes,climed into bed and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Well there it is the first there are any mistackes please over look them because my beta for the story is busy.

Also I wish everyone a safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From your friend