Well here is the Epolong.I hope you like it.

5 Years Later

It has now been 5 uears since we rescued and everyone is so happy around here.

Kikyou has matted our top general Momoko and she is now pregnant with there first child. (In case you are she was brought back to life she was given a real body not a clay one).

Sango and Miroku's kids have grown up quit alot and now have familys of there is yet again pregnant.

Shippo,well he is still the little sweety he has always has married a fox demon,her name is are expecting ther first child soon.

Rin is has not changed much at has married to our surprise one of Sango and Miroku's .They are very happy and also expecting there first child.

Hope and Maru have grown up so much in the past 5 years.

Hope is married to the Northern lords .They make a very happy is also pregnant with there first child.

Maru is being just like his has also married to one of Sango and Miroku's girls were all kinda surpried at that one.

Souta has changed has married also Sango and Miroku's other Dauther Yuki.

Both her and her sister are now expexting there first children.

Kouga and there just the has just delivered there 3rd child a couple days ago.A healty baby girl which they have named Kassie.

Inutasho and they are as happy as I have ever seen have renewed there vows and have also moved in with us at the castle.

Well Sesshoumaru and me.

I am doing good considering I am 6 months pregnant with our 4th child.I am loving my life just as much as always.

he's really did not change that much.

We have both also renewed our vows to each other.

Life as I like to say it is correct that PERFECT.

I have my whole family around me and almost all of us girls are let's just say those boys of ours are going to have there hands full with 7 children on the way and 1 new born.

I am out in the garden right now with all the are sitting down under the sakura tree watching David and Jessica which is Kouga and Ayaimes second child. run guys came out of the castle and over to us.

Sesshoumaru sat down and I moved into his lap and he wrapped his arms around me nad laid his hand's on my growling said

"My life is perfect"

"So is mine"

We then lent up to each other and kissed.

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