Opposites Do Attract

Chapter 1

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I am Kagome Higurashi, and am nineteen years old. I travel back and forth between my time and the Feudal Era, and have done so for almost five years now. I am a Miko and the keeper of the Shikon Jewel. Five years ago I had gone into the well house with my younger brother Souta to retrieve our cat Buyo. The seal on the well was released and a demon called Mistress Centipede flew out, grabbed me and pulled me down into the well and into the Feudal Era. There I met the half demon Inuyasha, whom was sealed to the Sacred Tree. I eventually released him from that same tree. Mistress Centipede came at me again and ripped the Shikon Jewel out of my body. It was after this when I learned that I was born a Miko.

Along my travels I have met the Priestess, Kaede, the demon slayer, Sango, the lecherous monk, Miroku, the mischievous fox demon, Shippo, a kind and protective cat demon, Kirara, a protective if not somewhat delusional wolf demon named Kouga, and Inuyasha's older youkai half-brother, Sesshoumaru.

I accidentally shattered the Jewel into hundred's of pieces trying to get it away from a crow demon. It was soon after this when I started traveling with Inuyasha find the shards. Along the way, Shippo, Miroku, Sango and Kirara joined our little pack. After about three and a half years I realized that I was in love with Inuyasha, but that was before I had found Inuyasha mating with his old love Kikyo.

After that I fell out of love with him. I can't help but sometimes feel that I was left out since Sango and Miroku fell in love. On the up side, I have adopted Shippo as my son. Sesshoumaru's arm has grown back and he has stopped coming after the Tetsaiga, but he still comes after Inuyasha for one reason or another. Naraku is still alive – unfortunately- and has more than half the Jewel. Kouga has also finally given up on me (thank Kami) and has mated with Ayame.

Chapter 1

As of now we are traveling through the western lands. I knew that Sesshoumaru would turn up sooner or later since we are in his lands. We had traveled for another hour, when Inuyasha stopped and sniffed the air.


It was no sooner when Inuyasha stated that when Sesshoumaru appeared in front of us.

The taiyoukai looked on his brother with disdain. " Half breed…"

"What do you want Sesshoumaru?"

His gaze drifted over to me for some reason, and I could not seem to look away from him. Inuyasha had seen this and jumped into Sesshoumaru's line of vision.

He growled at his brother. "What do you want with her?"

Sesshoumaru's golden stare darkened. "And why should I tell you?"

My idiot of a friend challenged him. "She's mine."

What did I do at this? I yelled, "I am not yours baka!"

"Shut up wench!" Inuyasha's angry glare turned itself to me, and I glared back at defiantly.

Sesshoumaru of course butted in. "You should watch your mouth little brother. Such language should not be directed at a lady."

The baka that is Inuyasha stepped up to his half brother's challenge and glared daggers at him. "Keep out of this Sesshoumaru! As if you are qualified to teach me a lesson in manners!"

"Oh, but I am half breed. At least I know how to respect a woman." The taiyoukai was as stoic and calm as ever, which only seemed to make Inuyasha angrier.

"She's not a woman! The only thing she is is my shard detector!"

I don't care if I don't love him anymore, those words really hurt. It must have shown on my face, because the baka's ears flattened against his head. My hurt was soon replaced by anger, and I felt as though I would explode before I screamed, "SIT SIT SIT SIT! I am not your shard detector anymore baka!"

I turned around and ran off into the woods, without knowing where I was going. I had reached a field before I stopped and caught my breath. It was then when I heard a gruff voice behind me. "Give me the shards."

I turned around and found a demon right behind me. My eyes went wide in fear. The demon jumped at me, and I couldn't dodge it in time. His attack hit me right across the abdomen as I screamed in pain.

Sesshoumaru's POV

"So do you like hurting woman's feelings or just those of the miko?" I stared at my half-brother in disgust, and hoped he would feel at least a bit guilty.

"It's none of your business." Inuyasha's ears were flat against his head until I asked my question. They perked up again in defiance, and his smugness irritated me to all hell.

It was then my heart skipped a beat, I heard Kagome scream.

'Oh no.' My inner demon seemed to think I should do something. I leaped into action without thinking and took off the direction of her scent. 'I hope she is okay. Wait…why do I even care about what happens to her? She's a ningen, and a miko no less.'

'Because you care for her'

'Why would I? This Sesshoumaru cares for no one.'

'We want her for our mate, don't deny it.'

'I assure you, it is not going to happen.'

'We shall see…you will learn to love her, and if you didn't care for her, why are you running to protect her?'

My step faltered for a moment before I answered my beast. 'I don't know'

'I think you are falling for her.'

'I would not fall for a human'

'But you are, and there is nothing you can do about it…it's fate's wish.'

I almost gave into sighing at my inner demon, but composed myself. 'I suppose I cannot change fate…but why must it be with her?'

'You will find out soon enough.'

I broke out of my battle with my inner demon as I came into a field where I smelt blood. It was the miko, Kagome. She lay on the ground bleeding profusely. A demon stood over her with her blood on his claw. I was outraged that this poor excuse for a youkai had attacked an innocent such as her. I quickly pulled Tokijin out of its sheath and growled lightly.

The demon turned around and looked at me with hate. "Who are you?"


I unleashed my sword's attack, 'Dragon strike,' and it killed him instantly. I walked over to Kagome and found her unconscious. I checked her injuries and I could feel my beast roar when I found a wound across her entire stomach. It wasn't until I started to heal her when my beast calmed. When I finished and pulled her shirt back down I was hit with a predicament.

'What am I going to do with her?' I pondered this question until my beast decided to answer for me.

'Take her back to our castle or back to camp with you; which ever is better for you.'

I thought about it for a moment before sighing inaudibly, 'Camp is better.'

'I agree.'

I looked at her peaceful features and sighed at how angelic she looked. I shook myself from my musings, gently picked her up bridal style, and took off for camp. When I got there I had the urge to roll my eyes as I found Rin and Jaken arguing. I laid Kagome down under the nearest tree before I walked over to my still arguing charge and retainer.

I looked upon them without interest and raised an eyebrow, "What is it you two?"

They either didn't notice me, or didn't care I was there; their argument did not stop. I did the next thing that came to mind. I picked the both up off the ground and held them apart. They finally noticed me. Jaken looked at me first, and his eyes nearly bulged out of his head.

"Why hello Lord Sesshoumaru what are you doing back so soon?" He looked at me and tired to grovel at me feet as from the air. I had the urge to sigh again. Instead I opted to glare at the idiot.

"What were you and Rin arguing over?"

He of course was too nervous to answer me so I turned my gaze to Rin.

The young girl looked down at her feet as she shuffled them. "Jaken said that you don't care about me, and that you are going to leave me at the next village."

My eyes widened with surprise and then narrowed in anger at my baka retainer. "Now Rin, after five years do you not think I would have done that awhile ago. If I did not want your presence I would not have let you follow me in the first place."

"I know… I guess your right Lord Sesshoumaru. I'm sorry for believing such foolishness." A tear escaped the young girl's eye and my attention quickly turned to Jaken.

I set Rin down on her feet, and threw Jaken. A satisfied smirk graced my face as he hit a tree and was knocked unconscious. Rin giggled at Jaken before she noticed Kagome and ran over to her. My ward knelt down next to her and looked at her with worry. I slowly walked over to them, and saw Rin look over Kagome and then up at me.

"What is wrong with Kagome Lord Sesshoumaru? Why is there blood all over her?" Rin looked back down at Kagome and tucked a piece of raven hair behind her ear.

"She is okay Rin. I healed her…she was attacked by a demon." I looked at Rin's eyes widen before she broke into a wide smile.

"At least she is okay now! Right Lord Sesshoumaru?"

I allowed Rin a barely noticeable smirk in return. "Yes Rin…I am going to go hunt for your supper."

"Okay! I will start a fire then." The little girl's smile widened as she set to work.

I turned and left camp slowly, and started my hunt for Rin's supper. I smirked at the idea of hunting again… I had a great deal of energy that wanted to be let out... perhaps I would let my beast play for a bit.

Kagome's POV

'Where am I…what happened?' I tried to remember why I was unconscious, but could not figure it out for the life of me.

'Don't you remember? That demon attacked us.'

The memory came back to me, but something was still left unexplained. 'Yes, but why am I not dead? Someone must of saved me…'

'Well open your eyes and see for yourself.'


When I opened my eyes I found myself lying under a tree with a fire not too far away from me. I tried to sit up, but pain hit me in my stomach, and I remembered my wound. I groaned lightly and lay back down.

I looked over to my right and found Rin running toward me. When she got over to me she knelt down beside me, and looked at me with worry.
"How do you feel Kagome?"

I smiled at her lightly and explained, "I have a little pain in my stomach, but other then that I am fine. Rin…where am I?" I looked around and realized I was definitely not at camp with Inuyasha.

The little girl gave me a bright smile, which made me smile in return. "You are at our camp now. Lord Sesshoumaru is out hunting for supper."

I realized that my stomach wasn't bleeding anymore. I looked at Rin with disbelief, "Did he heal me?"

"Yes he did. Would you like me to help you try and sit up?"

"Yes please."

She helped me gently, and I sat gingerly against the tree. Soon I felt Sesshoumaru's aura coming closer. A moment later he came through the forest. He looked over at me as he walked over to Rin and gave her what looked like four fish.

She bowed and put them over the fire to cook. He then came over to me and sat down beside me. I was surprised when he addressed me.

"How are you feeling Miko?" He looked at me without emotion, and his question came out quietly.

"Better, and…thank you for healing me."


I looked over at him and found him looking up at the sky. I followed his gaze before looking back at him. I noticed how he looked in the fire's glow and my breath caught.

'He sure is hot…wait…what am I thinking? He would never like a human, let alone love one.' My face fell in disappointment when I heard someone inside my head.

'Well then, tell me this…if he does not like humans why does he keep Rin around?'

'I don't know… maybe for entertainment?'

My inner self scoffed at my response, 'Five years of entertainment? I don't think so.'

'Well then what other explanation can I give?'

'Maybe he cares for her as a daughter.'

I thought this idea over for a moment, and it seemed plausible. 'Maybe'

I broke out of my thoughts and looked over to Sesshoumaru again, but this time he was looking right at me. I blushed and turned my head away from him. I gasped lightly as I felt his hand under my chin.

He turned my head toward him. I was still blushing, so I tried to avert my eyes from him, but I heard him speak.

" Kagome, look at me. "

I almost gasped… he used my name. I had no choice; I turned my gaze back to him. I looked him in the eyes but this time I didn't see ice in them. My eyes went wide at what I saw in them. Gone was the cold stare, and in its place stood love, warmth, and kindness. My breath hitched in my chest and I smiled at him.


"Yes Kagome?"

I looked at him with confusion and surprise, "Why did you save me… a human?"

I saw him think it over before he replied to me. "Because no one, not even a human deserves to be hurt in that way."

I looked into gold with disbelief, and knowingly huffed back to him. "You're not telling me the whole story Sesshoumaru. I can tell…"

His eyes flashed suddenly, and I had to make myself stand my ground.

"I told you everything Miko, so do not question this Sesshoumaru again."

My eyes softened slightly. "Sesshoumaru you are a bad liar, and besides…you shouldn't lie to me since I am powerful enough to purify you to hell and back again."

He looked at me with disbelief. "No one can do that"

My eyes flashed at his challenge. "Do you really want to bet on that?"

Rin looked at us with curiosity as she ran over with two fish. She handed one to each of us and took the other 2 for herself and Jaken. We ate quickly and in silence. When we finished Sesshoumaru stood up and ordered Rin and Jaken to pack up camp.

The two replied at the same time. One with a smile on her face, and one with a bow and a terrified look on his, "Of course Lord Sesshoumaru!"

They quickly put the fire out and did as they were told. Rin brought Ah-Un over to me and smiled cheerfully.

"If it helps you Kagome, you can ride Ah-Un!"

I looked down at the girl kindly, "I don't think I need help Rin, but thank you."


Although she agreed to my answer, she still stood by my side. I sighed as I stood up, walked over to Ah-Un and mounted him. Rin beamed as she and Jaken got on behind me. Sesshoumaru made his demonic cloud and we all took to the sky.

We flew for most of the day. One time I had asked where we were headed, and Sesshoumaru replied curtly that we were after Naraku. After hours of flying we found a place to camp for the night. Rin and I set up camp as ordered. When we were nearly finished Sesshoumaru came to my side.

He looked at me with his usual stoic expression, "Kagome follow me."

I looked at him cautiously as I replied, "Okay."

He started to walk into the forest and I followed behind him with curiosity. We walked in silence for a little while, and soon stopped at a cliff looking over a lake. I stood beside him when he addressed me again.

" Miko, you need a bath."

I looked at him in with disbelief and was a little offended by his statement. I opened my mouth up to say something, but I then looked down at myself and found my clothes caked in blood. I blushed and looked up at him.

"Okay… maybe I do. Could you tell me if there is a hot spring nearby that I could take a bath in?"

To my disappointment he didn't answer me, and started walking to our left. I huffed in silence as I followed him. He walked for a little while and then stopped in front of a hot spring.

"Bathe Miko"

He walked off, and I smiled as I walked behind a tree and undressed. I slid into the hot spring, and sat in comfort. I ducked under the relaxing water, surfaced and started to wash the blood off of me. I scrunched my nose at the red filth on my body and wondered how I had bled so much and survived.

I finished quickly, and emerged out of the hot spring. I looked to where I left my cloths and found that they had vanished. In their place was a violet kimono and drying cloth. I picked up the towel and dried off. I was happy when I found that the kimono fit me perfectly when I put it on. I walked out from behind the tree and looked around and could not find Sesshoumaru anywhere.

I remembered the way we came, and started to walk until I came back to the cliff. I was going to start walking back to camp, but Sesshoumaru walked out of the woods toward me. I looked at the bow and arrows in his hands curiously and noted a dead rabbit. He handed me the bow and arrows when he reached me and I took them and put them over my shoulder. I thanked him quietly and he replied with a curt nod. We started to walk back to camp in silence. As I followed him I wondered where he got the bow, arrows, and kimono from the entire walk back.

When we made it back to camp he gave the rabbit to Rin and went and sat down under a tree. I went over to Rin and helped her prepare the rabbit, and put the rabbit on a stick and put it over the fire to cook.

We went and sat down and waited for the rabbit to finish. (Here you could either put in a conversation between Rin and Kagome, or just put in a couple of sentences or so that they talked while the rabbit was cooking). When I got up to check the rabbit, I noticed it was finished, and we each got a piece and started to eat. When we finished Rin and I talked for a while until Rin got tired. She lie down against Ah-Un and soon fell asleep.

After a little while Sesshoumaru got up and left without a word. When he was out of hearing range Jaken got up and came over and stood in front of me. I looked up at him expectantly and was not disappointed when he asked me a question.

"Why did you come human?" His bulbous eyes looked at me with disdain.

I sighed tiredly and answered, "Sesshoumaru brought me here. It was not my decision."

He jumped and angrily shouted back in his annoying voice, "Well why don't you leave and take Rin with you! You both are a burden to Lord Sesshoumaru!"

I could not handle his squawking anymore, so I simply stood up and walked off. Behind me I could hear him cussing at me for ignoring him. I sighed and shook my head at the imp's behavior, and walked for a while, just enjoying it in peace.

I soon came to a field of flowers. I was awed at how lovely it was, and giggled as I sat down in the middle of it. The events of the day went through my head as I looked down at the kimono I was wearing.

'This is a beautiful kimono. I wonder why he gave such a beautiful gift to me…'

'He loves you too'

My eyes widened at the thought. 'Sesshoumaru? He wouldn't like me…'

'Are you sure of yourself?'

I sighed sadly as I answered my own question. 'Yeah...he's probably just using me for bate for Naraku so he can kill him. Then he will get rid of me too, and pretend like I never existed.'

'I am not so sure of that. I mean, if he wanted you dead he would of never saved you from near death'

'You are right about that…but still this is Sesshoumaru we are talking about; the 'Killing perfection,' Great Lord of the West, and the Great Dog General's Son.'

'Yes but you know he has some feelings for you. I mean, that time you looked into his eyes you saw love in them.'

'But that doesn't mean it was directed at me. For all I know he could have a mate.' That thought made me even more depressed than I already was, but it was a fact, and could be true.

'I highly doubt it.'

I was ready to reply, but then the voice left to the back of my head again. I thought about it and some of the stuff she said was good. She could have been right for all I knew…

I looked up in the sky and spotted a shooting star, I closed my eyes and wished for the impossible; to have Sesshoumaru tell me he loves me. I sighed deeply, and when I opened my eyes back up I found Sesshoumaru walking toward me.

I gasped lightly, and when he finally got to me I looked up at him, smiled and patted the ground beside me for him to sit down. He did but he didn't look up at the sky like I thought he would…he looked right at me,

"Kagome do you like traveling with me?"

I was taken aback by his question and thought about it for a moment. "Well…it's hard to say since it's only been a day…"

He looked at me seriously, and I noticed his eyes were a bit softer. "Haven't you put up with enough of Inuyasha's crap these past five years?"

I sighed and let out a breath I had been holding in. "Yes."

He sighed lightly through his nose. "Well you have more patience than I do, because I would get tired, and leave someone if they were to do that to me."

I raised an eyebrow at him, surprised at his answer. "Yeah?"

"Kagome…" His voice was soft, as were his eyes.

I looked right at him and he surprised me by bending down and capturing me in a passionate kiss. At first I just sat there in shock, but then the passion took over and I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. We stayed like that until we had to break apart for some much needed air. I sat there stunned for a moment, and then looked at Sesshoumaru with a shock written on my face. After I recovered from my shock I looked at him with confusion.

"Sesshoumaru…why did you do that?"

He looked back at me with the same expression I had. "I don't really know."

I took a deep breath and nervously asked him, "Sesshoumaru…do you believe in love at first sight?"

He smirked slightly at my question before he replied. "Yes, that's how my parents met."

I smiled up at him. "Oh, the same happened with mine."

"Why do you ask Miko? Have you someone special?"

I didn't even think as I quickly replied, "Yes."

The taiyoukai who had stolen my heart looked at me with curiosity. "Who?"

I was flustered by his question for only a moment before I huffed lightly. "It's none of your business"

He growled at me lightly. "Listen Miko, you travel with me so it is my business."

I laughed as I realized he was jealous. "You are more like your brother then you know Sesshoumaru."

Before I knew what is happening he had me by my throat and raised me in the air. I gasped as I saw a hint of red in his eyes.

He growled threateningly at me. "Never say that again Miko. I am nothing like the half breed. I am Lord Sesshoumaru, ruler of the western lands, the most feared demon in all of Japan, and you shall respect me as such."

I whimpered at the pressure around my throat and quickly replied to his anger in a soft voice. "Yes Lord Sesshoumaru…"

He then dropped me unceremoniously on the ground. I groaned in pain lightly. I was too afraid to look at him, so I just kept looking at the ground.

I could have sworn that I heard Sesshoumaru sigh before he addressed me. "Miko come."

I heard his footsteps move a way but I was still too afraid to move. I stayed in my place for a few moments, but when the shock wore off I got up and followed him with my head down.

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