It has been 7 months since that kiss with Sesshoumaru in the garned.

About 5 months ago me and my Mother had our double wedding.

It was very Mom also just recently found out that she is pregnant.

We all are so happy for her and and Miroku are still at the castle.

Me and Sango love anoying Sesshoumaru and Miroku.I have moved Kiade here to the castle because I want her to deliver the twins.

Me and Sesshoumaru have also decided on what the twins names will be.

The boy will be Maru Intiasho the firl will be Jasmine Jen Taisho.

There middle names are from Sesshoumaru's I thought are very cute.

Rin and Shippo have both learned how to wield swords and how to use a bow and arrows.

I had two swords made by both have demonic powers in them and are very powerful.

Inuyasha and Kikyou have only bothered us a couple of times.

Kouga and Ayaime have came a couple of times to visit.

Other then that I am very close to my due date with the twins.I am not up on my feet as much.

Sesshoumarus dosen't want me walkin around as much since I am in a delicate state,I am very lucky I have such a loving husband.

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