This kiss they were sharing seemed to last forever. His lips were on hers. Aang felt the happiest he had felt in so many years. He was kissing the girl of his dreams his child hood crush.

Katara felt good. She had thought she hurt Aang the day of the play on Ember Island. She tried to convey all her feelings to him in that one kiss.

"Katara I…" he started

"Aang, I love you" she whispered.

"No more confusion?" Aang said

"No, there never was"

"What?'" Aang whispered.

"I was scared of losing you and I thought it would hurt more if we were more attached to each other. I now see that was foolish. If you or I hadn't come back you would never know how I felt"

They kissed again and held each other. They started to watch the stars appear as they enjoyed each other's company.

"Hey Katara, look a shooting star. Make a wish"

"Why? I have everything I want right here"

"You mean that" he said as a tear shone in his eye.

"Of course" she said and smiled

Back in the tea shop the others were looking at Sokka's now complete "art".

"Katara has to see this, she will get so mad for drawing her so badly" Suki laughed as she looked at Sokka's painting

"Where is she anyway?" Sokka asked.

"Yeah, and Aang too" Zuko commented.

Toph just started to giggle.

"What?" Sokka questioned

Zuko smirked as he realized what was going on. Suki started to beam. Mai looked like she was going to gag. Iroh chuckled.

"What?" Sokka questioned again.

"FINALLY SUGAR QUEEN MAKES HER MOVE!! Their heart beats have been driving me crazy since I joined"

Sokka turned to look toward the balcony where his entire friend's attention was. His mouth gaped open at the sight of his best friend and sister kissing before regaining his composure.

"I knew those two would be together. But if Aang's hand gets any lower I am gonna cut it off."

The others started laughing as Aang and Katara walked back into the room minutes later.

"What have you two been up to?" Suki asked grinning.

"Stuff" Katara said blushing.

"Romantic stuff?" Zuko smirked at her.

"How did you.." Aang started but realized by the looks on all his friends faces that they knew.

"You caught us, and we wanted it to be a surprise but…"

"Not much of a surprise. Everyone knew you liked Katara"

"Really" Said Aang and Katara in unison.

"Who cares at least we now have each other" said Katara.

"Who said you could be together" Sokka interrupted.

"It isn't your decision Katara snipped back. Aang is my boyfriend get over it." At this Aang started to blush. He wasn't used to the term boyfriend. The others giggled while the two siblings continued to stare each other down.

"I thought you had a girl Aang?" Sokka questioned.

"What Who" Katara snapped back at Aang.

"Yeah Who" Aang asked confused.

"That girl from to Aunt Wu's village" Sokka said.

"MENG, what' are you talking about?" Aang said.

"Who's Meng" Toph and Zuko asked.

"This girl who lived in a fortuneteller's village and had a huge crush on Aang, who I thought liked her back."

"Why would you think that?" Aang asked Sokka.

"You asked me for advice about her"

"I was talking about Katara" Aang said.

Sokka slapped his palm on his face and the others laughed.

"You know what, I approve, I wouldn't trust my sister with anyone else other than the avatar. If I can't trust him who can I trust" Katara smiled and hug her brother.

"There are rules though" He sad

"Like what" Katara replied.

"No kissing, no touching, or no mushy garbage in public or in my presence." Katara smirked and went over to where Aang was sitting and plopped herself in his lap. At this point Aang was like a tomato. His urge to just kiss her equaling his embarrassment at the situation. He wasn't used to the public closeness.

Sokka just scowled at her.

"Not my fault you didn't kiss a girl till you were 16" Katara joked.

"Well no girls my age lived in the tribe except you" Sokka remarked

"Your first kiss was just now, I've had two girl friends and many kisses to you just getting your first of both" he said with a smug grin.

"Well for your information my first kiss was 4 months ago so there" She remarked.

Everyone started looking at Katara questioning and Aang and Katara were blushing like mad. They started looking from face to face. Toph was just laughing.

"What were you two doing" Sokka asked.

"Uh, Ummm, Uh" Aang started to stammer.

"Remember when we got stuck in the cave of two lovers" Aang started

"How could I forget, dumb hippies" Sokka said.

"Well our torch was starting to go out and since it was the cave of two lovers we thought we could use love to get out so we kissed." Katara finished with a sigh.

"Kissing before dating, interesting" Zuko said.

Katara only scowled while Aang blushed more.

"I want to see them kiss again. Just to seal the deal" Suki said.

"Yeah, let's see the lovers make out" Toph said.

Aang looked into Katara's eyes and she looked into his. Their heads leaned forward and within seconds they were kissing. They depended the kiss and Katara put her arms on his shoulders while Aang wrapped his arms around her waist. Sokka's mouth dropped.

"Where did you learn to kiss like that? You never kissed a boy before Aang. "

"Yes but we had time to practice" Katara said.

"How many times have you kissed Aang?" Suki questioned.

"Counting that one we have kissed, um, 5 times" Aang answered.

"WHAT!! Do you guys just like kiss for fun. That's like 3 times before you actually dated when did this happen. I would have known about it"

"Well once in the cave, once at the invasion..

"WHAT! You were kissing at the invasion. What were you thinking" Sokka yelled

"I didn't know if I'd come back. I had to let Katara know how I felt." Aang said.

"When was the last one" Sokka said.

"That is so romantic" Suki replied.

"The ember island play, that's when we decided to postpone our relationship until after the war"

"Makes sense" Zuko said.

"Now that you have successfully evaluated my romantic life what are we doing next after this. What is the plan?"

"Well Aang Zuko and I have to stay in Ba Sing Se for peace meetings but those don't start for a week and a half."

"You" said Katara pointing to Sokka.

"Dad made me a representative of the water tribe since he wants to help with the rebuilding.

"Makes sense" Mai said.

"Well I am staying with Aang" Katara said. Aang only smiled at her words.

" I don't feel like living in the capitol alone. I am staying with Zuko" Mai said

"I am not going home" Toph said "My parents drive me nuts"

"You should at least visit them" Aang said "The meetings don't start for 2 weeks. We should visit them and explain what happened."

Everyone started agreeing with Aang and Toph finally caved. Suki decided to stay in the Ba Sing Se too so the gang decided to get a house and live there together. The city offered to pay for expenses and to give a free house in the upper ring for their service to the earth kingdom. Then they would head to Gao ling to see The Bei Fongs.

The day of departure had come. Toph was trying to find any reason not to go but her friends were practically forcing her. Their time in between had given Aang and Katara a lot of time to become a close couple to the annoyance of Sokka.

"Yip Yip Appa" Aang said.

The sky bison lifted into the air and Aang jumped back to the saddle with the others. He sat next to Katara who leaned on his shoulder.

"Do you two need to act like your attached to each other" Sokka said.

"If only we were" Katara replied dreamily, still tired due to the early departure time.

"Aang shouldn't you be steering Appa" Sokka said trying to split them up.

"Yeah okay" Aang said as he got up. This prompted a small pout from Katara who then preceded to follow him to Appa's head.

"You don't need to follow him"

"No, but I want to" She said before lying on Aang's shoulder again, this time while sitting on Appa's head.

"Leave them alone Sokka, after all they went through, they deserve each other" Suki said to him. Aang and Katara snuggled while she enjoyed the warmth of his body.

"Love you" she whispered into his ear. He replied with a soft gentle kiss.

"I love being able to do that" He said cheer in his voice.

"Me too" she whispered before kissing him back. Before long they were making out on Appa's head. Sokka started hearing the sounds of their fun.

"Don't make me come back there. You two behave."

"Yes dad" replied a sarcastic Katara.

"Is that the town" Suki asked pointing at a town with a large manor.

"Yup" said Aang.

Appa landed in the courtyard of the large estate. They were greeted by many guards and servents who led them to the main hall. There the Bei fong's were waiting. When they saw Toph they ran and hugged her.

"Are you alright" Lao Bei Fong said.

"Fine dad"

"Where is Avatar, he will pay for kidnapping you"

"He didn't kidnap me, I ran away"

"Why would you do that?" her mother asked.

"I had no freedom I couldn't earth bend and for the first time I have had friends. I have had a chance to explore the world and be happy"

"Well I am glad you have had a chance to enjoy yourself but now you will stay here with us" her mother replied.

"No, I am not staying here for long; I have a new life now, better than my old one. I have a new family and home. I am just here to visit and explain."

There were tears in her parents' eyes but they finally understood her.

"Well until you leave make yourself comfortable" Her father said to her. He smiled at the gang and ordered a servant to show them their rooms. Meanwhile Toph recapped their adventures with her parents.

"So how is your relationship with the Avatar" Poppy Bei Fong asked.(Her mother)

"Great, He and I are great friends mother. Everyone in our group is really close."

"Have you ever thought about being more than just friends with him?" She asked Toph.

"Twinkle Toes?" she said trying not to laugh, "Um No, we aren't like that, we are just good friends."

"Well it's never too early to start to think about these things" Poppy said.

"Mom me and Aang are not going to have a romantic relationship. Besides he is with Katara"

"Who is this Katara girl. How could he choose her over you. What connections does she have that the Bei Fong's have. What is her bloodline…"

"Whoa mom ,stop, don't insult my friends like that. Aang and Katara are in love there isn't anything you can do about that."

"We will talk to the avatar tomorrow"

"No you don't have to"

"Goodnight Toph"

Toph knew things might get ugly. Aang and Katara were asleep and there was no time to warn them of tomorrow's events.

The next morning Aang was called to a meeting with Toph's parents privately. Only Toph knew why and she knew if she told her friends they would be mortified.

"Good morning" Aang said politely as he walked in.

"Good morning Avatar, did you sleep well?"

"Yes, so what would you like to talk to me about?" He said curtly.

"Our Daughter. She is the next in line to carry along the Bei Fong family. She needs to marry a noble and great man to honor her family. We thought what better man than the Avatar, one of her best friends."

"You want me to marry TOPH?" Aang said really confused.

"Yes and.."

"I love somebody else, I am sorry but.."

"Yes the water tribe girl, she doesn't have the bloodline or honor in her family Toph has. You should honor yourself and us by marrying Toph, not some water tribe peasant" Lao said cooly.

"How dare you. She means everything to me. I am not going to throw that away. Are you saying she is not honorable enough?"

"She is not honorable enough Avatar. Honor yourselfand…"

"This meeting is over" said Aang.

With that Aang walked out the room and back to his friends who were in the courtyard.

"What was the meeting about?" asked Suki.

Everyone looked nervous based on the angry look on Aang's face.

"What did they say, they did something dumb didn't they?"Toph said.

"It couldn't have been that bad" said Katara.

"OH it was, They told me I should marry Toph because of her bloodline. They told me we shouldn't be together because you weren't honorable and by being with you I was dishonoring myself.

Everyone looked at Katara whose face had fell and then turned to pure rage. She marched right back into the house and into the meeting room.


An hour later the gang was on Appa headed towards the newly renovated South Pole to see Sokka and Katara's family.

"There it is, home" Katara said excited.

"I wont be able to see there will I, since it is all ice?" Toph said a little sad.

"Oh I guess not" said Aang.

"Its okay we will only be there for three days anyway" She said.

"It looks so much better. Pakku and the other benders did such a good job." Said Katara

"Yeah I'll say." Said Aang.

Appa landed and they were soon surrounded by all of the tribe members. The kids surrounded Aang, who started telling them stories. Some were a little wary of Zuko, remembering his last visit even with Katara and Sokka telling them he was cool. They met up with Hakota who looked happy to see his children. Aang went to unpack and Zuko Toph, Mai, and Suki went to explore. Katara and Sokka went to their grandparents hut.


Katara yelled as she ran over and gave her grandmother a hug. Sokka was already in the room being as he came earlier.

"Hello Katara, you look very well and happy."

"I am" said Katara.

"Sokka told me you have a boyfriend now"

Katara blushed.

"he did huh" Katara said now looking at Sokka with her eye brows arched.

"I bet he is a water bender" she said.

"Yeah, that and an earth bender and a fire bender and an air bender." Katara said grinning.

"So you ended up with the Avatar. I knew from day one you two had a special bond."

"You did" Katara said as she smilled.

"Are you two gonna make me a great gran gran"

At this Katara really started blushing and Sokka was laughing.

"Not yet, we've only been together for about two weeks. I don't think we are quite there yet."

Her grandmother laughed and they enjoyed the rest of the day.