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The TARDIS library was quiet and mostly dark. A low light burned in one corner near a high-backed chair. Occasionally the sound of crisp paper being turned could be heard, but apart from that sound, all was silent. Until the Doctor bounced into the room, reached over the high back of the armchair and swiped the book straight out of Sam's hand.

"Oi!" she protested, glaring up at the book-stealing Time Lord, "I was reading that!"

The Doctor looked down at her with a grin full of energy and manic hyperness. "Books can wait Sam! I've just figured out something very important, really important, something of utmost importan. . ."

He stopped as Sam held up her hand in the universal signal of 'hang on a minute'. She took the book back from him, put in an envelope as a bookmark and put it back on the shelf. "Right," she said, "what's so important you had to interrupt me while I was in the middle of the latest Discworld novel?"

The Doctor gave Sam one of his biggest grins. "It is," he announced dramatically, "two days before Christmas! Isn't that great? I haven't been able to actually get ready for Christmas in years. It usually catches me surprise. And then random things have a tendency to explode. But that's not going to happen this time. We're going to have a proper Christmas! We can visit your brothers! Do they know you're travelling with me yet? Or how about Harry? I'm sure he'd love to see his favourite niece. Then we could have two Christmas dinners. I love a good turkey. Actually, do your brothers know how to cook? Last time I saw Harry, he couldn't, so maybe we'd better stick with the pudding instead. Mind you, that was nearly three hundred years ago. Less for him of course. . ." The Doctor trailed off, noticing a distinct lack of enthusiasm coming from his teenaged friend. "Sam? Aren't you excited?"

The bespectacled girl sighed. "Not really Doctor. It's not that big of a deal is it? Happens every year. Not exactly a once-in-a-lifetime event. Can I get back to my book now?" Sam made as if to go to the bookshelf but stopped when the Doctor put his hand on her arm. He was looking at her with a concerned expression.

"All right, spill," the Time Lord demanded. "What's wrong? Why aren't you excited about celebrating Christmas? You love any kind of present. You nearly crushed me with a hug the last time I surprised you with a tiny chocolate bar. Biggest gift giving event of the year, and suddenly you're not interested? What's the problem?"

Sam shook his hand off. "No problem Doctor. Really. Besides, Christmas is supposed to be a religious festival of faith, not an exercise in crass commercialism. And even that makes no sense. Indications are that Jesus was in fact born in late spring, and the medieval Christian church chose to set the 25th of December as his birthday in order to supersede a pagan festival originally held at that time. And now it's pretty much turned into a generic celebration of goodwill. Except there is no goodwill because everyone's stressed out. And what about people in war zones? Trust me, as far as they're concerned it's just another day. Look, if you want to celebrate it go ahead. I really don't have the energy to bother with it anymore. It's not like I'm especially religious. I...don't have much faith in people anymore. Human people anyway. And why are you so concerned with a human religious festival anyway? You're not even from this solar system."

Sam finished her unintentional rant and looked at the Doctor. He was watching her with a sad expression on his face. "Okay," he said quietly, "we'll skip it then. But. . . I want to show you something first. If you don't change your mind after seeing it, then I'll say no more about it. All right?"

Sam sighed and nodded. "Okay" she agreed, "but I really think you're wasting your time with this. Restoring faith in Christmas is for annoying people in bad holiday movies. I don't hate the day or anything. I just don't really care."

The Doctor gave her a look that said I know you're lying and I'll find out why. Then he dashed off to the control room. Sam followed him at a slower pace. By the time she got there, the TARDIS was juddering about and Sam had trouble keeping herself upright. The Doctor was pulling and pushing random buttons and levers attached to the console. His actions were even more manic than usual, which Sam recognised as an attempt to find a very specific date. Wherever they were going must be pretty special, she supposed. Then the shuddering and shaking abrubtly cut out. The Doctor relaxed, took a look at the monitor and announced "We're here."

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