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Descent - I

'All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing'

Los Angeles


The city had fallen.

Fire and brimstone rained down upon the once vibrant streets, which were now barren and deserted save for those things that slithered their way through the darkness.

The acrid stench of rotting human flesh and spilled blood intermingled in the atmosphere with another aroma that was so familiar now to the forces of evil; fear.

Within less than a day of hell spewing its filth onto the streets, L.A. had been unrecognisably transformed. The surviving humans congregated below ground in the sewer systems that had once been reserved for those beings that now owned the endless night. Food was scarce, as were a multitude of other necessities and comforts many of the humans had been accustomed to in their previous lives. The result was a horde of dirty, malnourished, feral beings, who bore little resemblance to the individuals they had once existed as. Below the surface, a woman would think nothing of tearing apart a child with bare hands for the first scrap of meat that had crossed it's palm for days- in some cases, even if that child had sprung from her own loins.

The demons, however, were living like kings. The spoils of their victory were made all the more evident by the abandoned shells of buildings and burnt out cars that lined the roads.

Only one among them felt sorrow for this cruel blow of fate- this unnatural shift in the balance of power. He too skulked through the night, his mission to scavenge supplies to be distributed among the humans he should encounter after retreating to the sewers. This small mercy was all that he could provide for them now in the wake of his failure.

He bore the burdens of a champion, the guilty conscience of a martyr, and the face of an Angel.