Chapter 2: The Wonders of Technology…and logic

Harry took his time to think before responding; knowing by now that Jack was a lot more perceptive then he seemed. When his thoughts were gathered, he spoke; his voice showing no indication of how he felt.

"That is a rather random idea." He told Jack, "I wonder what brought you to that conclusion?"

Jack ignored the question in favor of the one pressing on him, there was a smug look about him and he was giving off an air that he was right and wouldn't listen to anyone say anything different.

"What are the capabilities of it? What laws of science can you break and how much power does one have?"

Jack wasn't really interested in finding out about the answers really; he was using the questions to overwhelm Harry who was apparently used to hiding the existence of magic.

He had also never really confirmed if he was right which depending on the answers Harry gave, should do that. He couldn't after all just ask him if he was right for that would be a stupid question, something which Jack didn't like asking.

"You haven't told me yet why you believe magic to be real." Harry stated raising an eyebrow in an uncanny imitation of the boy next to him.

"You have yet to actually deny it." Was Jack's response, emerald green met clear blue, neither giving an inch as Jack waited for a sign that he was right.

Harry hesitated for a second and then opened his mouth. It was too late he realized as he saw Jack's smirk spread across his face even as he loudly denied magic's existence. When he stopped talking there was silence before Jack got up from the bed and started pacing around the room. The way he maneuvered around the room showed his ease in moving around the mess. As he paced, he spoke.

"Everything in the world is made up of tiny particles." He said not looking at Harry, knowing that he was listening and wondering at the change of subject. "In times before science evolved to what it is now, people believed that everything was made out of four elements; Earth, Air, Fire, and lastly Water.

Back then there was a few people who believed differently claiming that it wasn't possible for those four elements to account for everything that existed, and so the elements as we know them today were thought of back then. Obviously not to the extent we have now but they had the basic idea.

However, despite whatever arguments and proof that they had back then, those people were persecuted and laughed at, they were the 'scientific joke' of the time, it was preposterous to even think that there could be more elements than the four previously mentioned, much like today it would preposterous to even consider magic exists.

Yet here we are today we have the periodic table of elements listing over a hundred elements that we believe everything is made of."

Finally he turned to Harry, and he smiled at him, "Isn't that amazing?"

Harry slowly nodded, wondering what the sudden lecture had to do with their previous argument but at the same time not wanting to get Jack back on the subject if he had actually left it.

"Now days," Jack said, again starting off , turning away from Harry, "because technology progressed the way it has, and because of the careless way we, as humans use it, the earth has become polluted, the air filled with gasses sometimes toxic making some places uninhabitable for us. There are many lakes and parts of the ocean we have destroyed by our callous dumping of garbage that has killed sea life in places. Every part of the world is polluted in some way." Jack finished looking at Harry to see his response. The shock spreading across his face was not anticipated.

"You mean to tell me that we are slowly killing the world we are living in and nobody is doing anything about it?" Harry asked incredulously.

"That's right." Jack responded his eyes narrowing, "However what I find more disturbing is that everyone in the world knows that already, there have been debates about global warming for years now and we are taught from first grade at least about pollution. How is it that a fifteen year old doesn't know about it?"

Harry mentally frowned, while his face showed no outward expression. It was true that wizards didn't know or care about what muggles were doing and therefore they didn't teach about it. Everything from the small history lesson on science to the pollution had been new to him. He couldn't think of an answer so he just shrugged again. Jack nodded to himself before once more seemingly changing the subject.

"Recently the United States has made some breakthroughs with technology. They, and a few other countries have had satellites orbiting the planet in outer space for a while, sending down pictures of what it looks like out there and what not, but the breakthrough they made recently along with the GPS is the monitoring of the air, to help monitor the pollution, the satellites have the capability to breakdown whatever is in the air to the basic elements, and although the information is not up for public knowledge, it is available for people who know a thing or two about computers.

The first thing I did on my computer was check the air around your house, and what I found was shocking to say the least. It looked like a massive puzzle with a few pieces missing. The general shape of a round circle; roughly the size of a man! Acting on a I hunch, I did a search for those 'missing puzzle pieces' and found them on the other side of Britain! That left me with one conclusion; teleportation.

Put that together with the stick that appeared in your hand the second you heard the sound, it stood to reason that you recognized it and was scared that someone had showed up; and you have DING DING DING…. Magic exists and you are a wizard!" Jack finished triumphantly daring Harry to deny it with a raised eyebrow.

"You're crazy!" Harry said loudly, trying to cover the rush of blood that was pounding in his ears. Dear god! He knew that Wizards had severely underestimated muggles but by how much? Would anyone else with the same amount of information Jack had, jump to the same conclusion. Harry was babbling, saying anything that would get the idea out of Jack's head, even though he knew it was useless.

Jack cut him off by heading towards his computer. This time, Harry paid close attention when Jack started typing, he leaned in; still muttering under his breath, and watched the screen as an eagle eyes view of privet drive showed up on the screen. The screen grayed out for a second before coming back in full color. Literally.

Harry's brow furrowed as he looked at the screen; a screen that looked like a child had taken paint and splashed it all over the place, "You can read that?" He asked incredulously.

"Easily" was Jack's reply , "and no, I am not going to tell you what they mean I have no interest in teaching ninth grade science to you right now."

Harry sighed, really he should've thought about keeping up with muggle studies during the summer to keep himself from getting bored and so he wouldn't feel lost in this world. Losing interest he watched dispassionately as Jack scrolled through the neighborhood apparently looking for something. Knowing him, it would probably be more proof that the magical world exists.

He was brought out of his musings by Jack's loud "What the hell!?"

"Hmm?" Harry asked him.

"According to the sensors there is a large amount of solid mass, roughly the shape of an extremely tall man. Two of them actually here and here." He pointed them out on the screen and indeed, Harry saw they did look like two tall men heavily cloaked.

"So?" Harry asked, what's wrong with that?

"What's wrong is the sensors aren't sure what it is, as the chemical makeup doesn't match anything including your own, as well as it's giving off an energy reading that is off the charts!"

"Can you switch to normal view so we can see what it is?" Harry asked suddenly looking closer. Anything giving off energy readings and being ignored by muggle authorities was probably magical. There was a flicker before the screen showed a street with the outskirts of Surrey. It was extremely dark, and they could barely see anything. Without saying anything, Jack hit a few more keys and suddenly everything turned white.

"Holy shit!" Jack breathed out. Harry looked at him, "What does that mean." Jack shook his head, "I activated the infared vision, or more commonly known as night vision, it works off by reading heat signatures. According to this this place is freezing cold now, there is not a drop of heat anywhere in this area!"

Harry's mouth dried up as he thought of what it might be, what would cause lights to go out, suck up heat, and be invisible. The only answer he could think of didn't make any sense, what were they doing in Surrey?

"Don't be a dumbass!" he snarled at himself, "Lord Voldemort is back, and he's after your blood! Dumbledore warned Fudge this would happen!"

"Jack…." He said slowly, Jack turned to him, his eyes still shocked out of the corner of Harry's eye he noticed the screen getting progressively darker, the Dementors were moving and he had to act fast.

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