I'm back from the dead so to speak. It's been long overdue this epilogue and it's a lot shorter than I imagined unfortunately. My computer had crashed losing the first half a while back so I got discouraged to finish it. However, I couldn't leave this story without a proper ending so I completely re-wrote it. Sorry if it's not better. I left things open if I ever decide to go back and revisit for a sequel of some sorts. Let me know what you think...


Years have passed since the ordeals in Forks took place. A lot of changes have occurred. Charlie has tried to keep me updated and I visit him quite often even though I now live in New York. We moved here from Portland about two years ago. Carlisle got a new job as a doctor while the rest of us attend a private school. Things are good, different. However, I'm use to adapting to anything that comes my way now. It's just hard not seeing Charlie as often.

However, everything's going great with Sue and last year he even retired from the Police force.

Forks is ten times safer then when we lived there. The Quiluete tribe doesn't have as many 'werewolves' as before because of it. Once in a while, a nomad vampire stumbles onto the Reservation only to meet his death. There's still about five that can shape-shift. Seth is now the leader of the pack. He deals with them while taking care of his family. However, he's slowly aging and hardly changes into a wolf anymore.

Charlie and Sue spend most of their time now with their three year old granddaughter, Katherine Leah Clearwater, my niece. Seth had married that Quiluete girl, Neena. I guess they hit it off after Charlie's and Sue's wedding because after the Volturi were defeated and the Cullens left town, they became inseparable. However, Seth never imprinted on her. Sometimes, true love is magical all on it's own.

I've started to forget some of the town folk of Forks. Mike Newton, Jessica Stanley, and Angela Webber are distance memories. I probably couldn't pick them out from a crowd. They all now have families. Our lives just down intertwine anymore which is okay with me. In their early thirties, it would be strange of me to visit them anyways looking, well, still eighteen. I've accepted that every relationship I form with a human will be fleeting. The gift of an eternity with Edward and Nessie is enough for my existence.

I truly can't complain. I've never been more perfectly content in my whole life. Though, attending high school for the 4th time isn't exactly the highlight of my recent days. Especially, since I have a degree in Literature and Writing Arts. I even have a novel published, although, under a pseudonym.

I look out the window in absolute amazement. For the first time in a week, the sun is shining and the temperature is in the near 70s. I could see my arms sparkle as the sun rays illuminated them room. Spring had finally arrived in Amherst, New York. I could hear the people bustling to work. The sounds the students make walking up the steps of a big, yellow bus to take them to school were crystal clear. The strong aroma of coffee filled my nostrils. I could follow the trail to Starbucks with my eyes closed.

"Morrning." Edward whispered in my ear as he snuck up from behind me. I slightly turn to meet his lips with mine. "Excited to stay indoors?" He mumbled.

I faked a smile. I knew we couldn't attend school today. However, our house was big and secluded enough to keep us busy. Edward could still tell what I was feeling. Though immersed with all of New York's culture, I was still a little bored.

"We could always take a year off like Rosalie and Emmett and travel the world…"

I smiled. "Just one year?"

"As many as you want. Wherever you want."

"Alaska could be our first stop." I've missed my 'cousins' and it's been about two years since I've seen them last. "We could then visit South America." We could see the likes of Zafrina and others. The Amazon coven has gotten quite large since the last time I've seen them. In fact, since the Volturi were defeated, covens have gotten increasingly large. There are still plenty of nomads but now there is no fear. We follow the unspoken rules on secrecy to survive, but the corrupt power of the Volturi is no more. I'm sure in a couple more decades, there will be issues arising from other power-hungry groups, but for now, everything was good. Simple. I've forgotten was it was like to feel 'stressed.'

If we did travel, I would be leaving everything behind once again, though, it would be wonderful to visit all my friends who once upon a time were there to save Nessie and my family. "As long as I'm with you," I continued staring into Edward's golden eyes, "I'm home." Edward then pulled me closed and left a trail of kisses down my neck. That feeling of butterflies in my stomach is still here even after all this time. Pulling away my shield from my mind with ease, I let Edward hear an unspoken, 'I love you.'

Moments later, I heard footprints coming up the stairs. The door then swung open a second later. "You're not going to believe what that silly dog did to Esme's couch!" Nessie said as she then took a deep breath. "The fabric is in shreds!"

Nessie, who now looked so much like an adult, was a spitting image of 'human' me with Edward's copper hair. She was also with Jacob, but the relationship wasn't romantic at all. Partners for eternity. Who knows, maybe in a few more years, but it was still weird to think about.

The dog, Honey, which Emmett had bought for Rosalie, was the tiniest golden Labrador when he first brought it home had now grown to three times that size. She was also hitting the ten year mark in two months. Honey was trained but still had an issue with playing on couches a little too roughly. Rosalie loved the dog and treated it like a child. That's why no matter how many times it ruined a piece of furniture, Esme would just sigh and go out and get a new chair or whatever it may have been at the time. "Wow," I said not really all that surprised, "Esme's going to love the news."

Nessie laughed. "Rose's dealing with it now but should be interesting to watch grandma's reaction! She had just walked into the room as I decided to come up to tell you!"

The fact of the matter was that the dog drama was the most exciting thing in the past few days. Life had gotten so plain lately. No vampires other than my family to deal with. Drama was just dealt with easily enough.

I liked it.

Edward, Nessie, and I decided to all walk down the stairs into the massive living room. It had the same set up as the one in Portland and Forks. Edward's piano was placed in the corner. Music sheets were spread all over the top. Nessie was in the process of being taught difficult pieces from Edward since she mastered most of the popular songs already.

I quickly glanced around, in the room was Rosalie, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle. Jasper and Alice were still in Ireland on their anniversary. Alice, who had called yesterday to remind me that she indeed bought me a new wardrobe, hasn't changed at all. Jasper, on the other hand, has fully conquered his blood lust. The presence of humans doesn't even make him flinch.

Emmett was holding Honey in his arms and Rosalie was petting it from time to time. Rosalie treated Honey like her child. She would have never tolerated such a thing but after all that had happened, she grew to love the dog. Honey was the perfect dog with one imperfection, just like herself. It took a while for Rosalie to get used to her "imperfections." However, about a year ago, she began to wear sleeveless shirts again. The few scars really didn't bother her anymore.

Rosalie, "I swear if Esme would just stop buying couches that are leather, Honey wouldn't have such a problem. I don't think she likes the feel of the material so she rips it up. She can't help it!"

"We know. It also doesn't like any linen for that matter." Jacob retorted. "Since no one can go out today, do you want me to just pick a new couch up?"

"Fine." Rosalie crossed her arms.

Rosalie and Jacob had finally become 'friends' and had kept even the insults at a minimum. Having lived with each other for a while now, I think they're used to each other. However, it won't stop them from disagreeing with every topic discussed at the dining table.

"That would be very kind of you, Jake. Thank you." Esme warmly replied.

"I'll be back in a few, then," he said as he smiled at me and Edward as he noticed our appearance. Jacob lifted up the torn apart couch while Carlisle opened the front door for him, and just like that, Jake was gone. The crisis adverted. Not that this was an ordeal of any sorts. I almost wanted to laugh. My life was so domestic. Well, except for the part where I hunted deer every two weeks and sucked their blood dry.

Edward faced Nessie, "Ready for another lesson?" She quickly nodded and ambled over to the piano.

"What should we do today?"

Edward thought about it for a split nano-second. "Beethoven's 5th symphony."

For the next hour I stood completely still listening to my husband and daughter play. A smile never left my face.

Sometimes you never know how your life will turn out. Looking back, I realized through all the speed bumps and road-blocks, the ride was worth it. Now, I just enjoy each fleeting moment knowing it's far from the last one. While some have a final destination they all inevitably reach, I get to spend forever with Edward and Nessie... there is no end to my story.