This is my fourth fanfic, but my third Twilight one. (God, the more fanfics I start the more it sounds less special. I've only finished one of them, but that was my Twilght oneshot. Moving on...) This fanfic is a little special because I come from South Florida, and these schools and the culture are 100% real to me. The cool thing about basing this story on real schools is that if you type in any of these schools names on google, you're sure to find the school website. ;]

Well, I hope you like it!

"Mom," I complained, looking down at my gown, "I look completely ridiculous."

"Bella, ninita," she smiled at me, pinching both my cheeks with the slightest of pressure, blood creeping up on my face, "you look darling. Now if you would stop fidgeting, I can get this dress perfect."

"More like ball gown," I muttered under my breath, low enough so she couldn't hear. My mom, Renee, sighed drastically, and then smoothed down the left strap on my dress for what seemed like the millionth time. I felt like a treasured diamond that had been polished far too many times.

"Ahora," she smiled, displaying two impeccable rows of snowy white teeth. "Esta perfecta. Meet me downstairs in five."

I sighed, exhaling in a long gust, a couple of strands escaping from my recently cut, smoothed down sidebangs, slightly obscuring the edges of my eyes. I plopped myself down on the queen sized bed, not caring at all if my yellow silk gown got ruined. It could rip apart for all that I cared. I wasn't obligated to going to the stupid party anyway. Dance party, I reminded myself, scowling.

It was a dance party. And I was modeling the intricate, expensive version of Belle's dress in The Beauty and the Beast.

I thought it was pointless, but my parents didn't seem to think so. They argued that it was black tie, so I had to wear something as ridiculous as this. Tonight would be a night like so many others I had gone through in the 17 years I had lived in Key Biscayne, all of my life. Charity events, soirées, get together, fundraisers; always going going going. It never seemed to stop.

I bounded down barefoot on the winding marble staircase, red, polished fingers brushing along the mahogany of the rails. Renee was already at the door, her own sleeveless black number tight fitted at the waist, the bottom flaring out gracefully, like individually cut lilies. My body would never look that perfect when I was thirty. I promised myself long ago that I would not be the rich, overly-spoiling housewife that spent all her day at the gym.

I kneeled down at the bottom step, grabbing the heel of my rhinestone encrusted, peep-toed pumps and sliding them onto my feet. My mother nodded, approving of my choice. As if it were my choice. If it was, I would be wearing Juicy slippers, not glittery Christian Louboutin heels.

I heard the klunk of my fathers black, newly polished Venice's waltzing into the room. As I raised my head up, Charlie gleamed with pride, clad in his prized Gucci tux. He was an elegantly dressed man; he always had been. It was both a pain and a pleasure. When we went vacationing in the summer, he wouldn't be caught dead wearing bulky, older imitations of gladiator sandals, as most embarrassing fathers did. I was grateful for that. But sometimes I felt like I was the unlucky contestant on American Idol who got picked on by Simon Nowell. He eyed me carefully, nodding. Approving. The one time I desperately wanted him to tell me to change, he accepted my outfit. Lord help me.

"Are you ready?" he asked smoothly, already holding his posture correctly for the public, back arched ever so slightly.

"Let's go," I said with a grimace. Renee smiled, and grasped the knob from one of four of the grand, expensive double doors that surrounded the house.

When we arrived at some loaded Latin starlet's mansion, people were already waiting. They didn't crowd the Royce like we were celebrities, but they waited patiently by the front yard, looking at us from the corner of their eyes. Whereas on the streets of Miami Beach, people would crowd my father for an autograph. As if they were trying to prove that they were important. Typical.

When we got inside, my father was finally greeted. I smiled in relief when I saw the back of a familiar, black silken mane. Maybe I could endure this party after all. But it wasn't who I thought it was, as the man turned around.

"Billy!" my dad grinned, giving him his brother hug; laying off the reserved firm shake he gave all others.

"Hey, man," he laughed, running a hand through his sleek black hair. I looked around Billy, looking for a sign of him, but I got none.

"No, Bella, Jacob's not here," he said knowingly, noticing the frantic, and quite frankly, desperate way I looked for something to make this party the slightest bit enjoyable. My lower lip jutted out a bit. I nodded at him, lowering my head. Charlie patted me on the back.

"Why don't you go talk to those kids over there? They look new," he murmured in my ear, gesturing to a corner where a whole bunch of other people my age were hanging out, standing around and talking. I hesitated.

"Dad? Are you serious? How am I going to talk to them?" I asked, panicked. I hated when this happened. My dad always wanted to get me involved, always wanted me to know the most people. Like I could carry on my mothers socialite tradition. Like I wanted to.

"You'll find a way. Come on, go enjoy yourself."

I sighed, and shook my head, turning away from him and Billy to get a peek at them.

They were standing around, not appearing to be saying anything to each other. There was a blond boy with hard, handsome features, sitting down in his seat, fiddling his fingers. He was staring at the wall with a pained expression, looking like he was constipated. I recognized he was wearing a tux from the new Prada Spring Collection, that had yet to come out. There was other one with dark curls that was definitely the largest, sporting a YSL tux, by the looks of it. He looked like he spent a quality of his time at the gym.

Next to them, close enough to be signified as part of the same group, were a pair of girls. One had pretty, sprite-like face, with short, bouncy black curls. She looked exactly the same height as the blond girl next to her, but that could be only because she was wearing a pair of dangerously high silver Rox Gina's, which were high in demand at the moment. She wore an elegant, flowery red dress that ended right above her ankles, definitely a Ralph Lauren evening gown. The other girl looked exactly what I would have pictured Barbie to look in real life, with drop-dead gorgeous features that would make a supermodel cry. She had on a tight-fitting satin silver Max Azria cocktail dress that would have exposed any trace of fat on her, if she had any. To top it all off, she modeled violet Rottura Manolo Blahniks. I was more intimidated than ever.

"Go on," Charlie encouraged, pushing me forwards. I sighed, and progressed closer. When my dad acted like this, the situation was inevitable. I arched my back, jutted my chin up, and tried not to make too much noise as my signature, red-soled Lou's clacked along the floor.

They noticed my entrance, because they closed up in rank. The girl with the short black curls and the unusually tall Gina's stepped forwards. I gulped, and then began to talk.

"Hi," I started, "My name's Bella Swan. I haven't seen you around at events before. Are you guys new?"

The girl smiled. "Well, me and my brothers moved in last week from Seattle. We're new to the bay. My name's Alice Cullen, by the way. Nice to meet you." Her ocean blue eyes seemed to sparkle. She stuck out her hand in the short space we had in between us. I shook it.

"Let me introduce you to my oldest brother, Emmett." She gestured to the curly-haired boy who looked like he was on steroids. I smiled weakly at him, and he grinned back, displaying two dimples on his cheeks. This little revelation made me a bit less scared of him.

"Hey," I managed to say. He beamed even wider. I turned back to Alice to divert myself away from his blinding smile.

"My twin brother is in the bathroom, but he should be back soon," she announced perkily at me.

Then I looked at the blond girl, the one who looked like a Barbie bought to life. She had striking Grey eyes, the kind that bore into everything she set them on.

"My name's Rosalie Hale, and that's my younger brother, Jasper." She inclined her head to gesture at the other blond boy—he looked much like her strikingly so, I hadn't noticed before—who tried to melt away his mask of pain and grin weakly at me.

"We're not new to Miami, but we're new to the society. Our dad re-married to a heiress," Rosalie explained, "The Cullen's are our new neighbors."

"Do you guys go to La Salle?" I asked Rosalie. I hadn't seen the siblings around at the school, and surely I would of noticed them. ILS was a big school, but I got used to the repetition of faces, about to become a junior there and all. I would have never missed a face as doll-like as Rosalie's. But maybe they did. The start of the school year was in three short days, so they could have transferred also. She confirmed my thought.

"Jasper and I went to MAST Academy last year, but Natasha, our stepmom, wouldn't let us live unless we transferred." Rosalie rolled her eyes at me. I giggled.

"And are you guys going there too? Or are you at MAST?" I asked Alice. If Alice went to La Salle, there was a slight possibility of me making friends. The only person I was "acquaintances" with was freaking Jessica Stanley, an annoying, stuck up girl who used me to get good grades. If I did her homework, then I was allowed to sit at her table with her and her popular friends. It wasn't really a plus, since they made fun of me all of the time. I was sick of it.

"We had to fly our butts down here in January from Seattle just to take the entrance exam to transfer, but yeah, we're going to La Salle too. We just bought the uniforms last week.

"You guys are going to love the school, it's great," I grinned. Alice's blue eyes twinkled.

"At least I'll know someone well enough on the first day of school," she laughed. I felt a small smile creeping along the edges of my lips. The divine possibility of me not having to do Jessica's homework or putting up with her crap was getting bigger. My smirk became a smile.

"Who's this, Alice?" inquired a soft voice behind behind me, quite close to me actually. I whirled around.

He had a peculiar shade of bronze colored hair that looked like it had been combed, but it was slightly tousled. He held no expression of interest in his features, but even emotionless, it was obvious that his face was flawless. Atop of all of these things, he had emerald green eyes that bore a hundred times deeper into me than Rosalie's had.

He was beautiful.

"Bella, this is Edward, my twin brother," she stated as-a-matter-of-factly. I forced myself to smile weakly, extending my arm. He smirked at me, taking my hand and shaking it.

"Nice to meet you," I said politely.

"You too," he said with that same irristable smirk glued to his face. He let our hands fall, and I hadn't even realized it was burning. I felt like my palm was on fire.

"Bella?" Edward asked quizzically, a peculiar expression crossing his face, "Swan?" I nodded.

"Isn't your dad the T.V. Show host for Call on Charlie?" he asked a little uncertainly. I frowned.

"Yeah, that's him. Do we look that much alike?" So much that people guessed who my father was because of my last name?

"You look a lot like him," he accentuated with a grin. I forced myself to smile back at him. I didn't like it that I looked a whole lot like my dad. It only made my cover that much harder to keep. It seemed like whenever I met someone knew, they automatically knew my dad was famous. It was creepy.

I felt Alice's gaze shooting laser beams into my side, demanding my attention. I tilted my head towards her to get a peek at her expression. She was frowning.

"What's wrong?"

"When does the party start?" she asked, the grimace also prominent in her voice. I shrugged.

At that moment, as if called on cue, a group of people started to tap their glasses with the edges of their forks, pleading everyone to be quiet. The crowd fell silent. People started looking around towards the general direction of the noise. A deeply tanned, skinny Hispanic woman with silky black hair and striking features opened her mouth to display a set of impossibly white teeth. She held a microphone in her left hand, and with her right, she placed it on the hip of her long, flowing, forest green Grecian-esque gown. She couldn't be anyone other than Ariella Santalo; the famous and ridiculously rich young latin singer.

"Before we begin with the party, I would like to make a couple of acknowledgments. First of all, I would like to thank Ricky and everyone else at Univision for their great support. I don't know if I would be here without you." People started clapping, and I caught a couple of wolf-whistles. I kept my eyes on her face. "Second of all, my family and friends, who are also here tonight. Thanks for throwing me the best birthday party ever," she beamed. More clapping.

So it was a birthday party. I knew I had caught a lot of young faces in the crowd. I hoped that because she was still so young—she had to be in her mid twenties or so—they would play music from the current century.

Ariella wrapped up her acknowledgments quickly, and then the party began. People began to slightly sway to the intoxicating beat of "Azucar", the signature work by Celia Cruz, the queen of salsa. Alice's face lit up in excitement, but then it fell quickly. I looked at her in confusion.

"What's wrong?" I asked curiously.

"It's just... I can't dance to salsa music," she admitted. I laughed.

"It's easy, come on I'll show you!" I had to shout over the music, but I thought she heard me. I grabbed her hand and took her to the dance floor. Edward, Emmett, and the Hale twins trailed after us, desperate for any excuse to turn this party fun. Alice smiled at me sheepishly.

Jasper and Rosalie began to dance with eachother, twirling around to the beat. The Cullen's stared at them with awed expressions on their faces, mixed with confused ones.

I showed each of them step by step, and they eventually got it. I had to admit, it was a little funny seeing Emmett and Edward trying to dance, since they were guys and all. Most guys at dance parties hung to the wall, or the bar, avoiding the party until it came to the slow dances. But they got it the hang of it too.

All that played at the party was never-ending salsa and regatton, but everyone seemed to be content with it. Alice was amazed when I told her that girls could pair up and dance with other girls, and when guys wanted to dance with girls, it was never nearly as awkward and as subtle as a slow dance.

All in all, the party was way more fun than I expected it to be. I got to know the Cullen's and the Hales, and we talked a lot. I saw Emmett eying Rosalie, and he even had the courage to ask her to dance to "La Negra Tiene Tumbao." Alice's face lit up when she saw the both of them dancing, and she grabbed my arm and shook it excitedly. Edward and Jasper made it a point to ignore them, and started talking about football behind us. I was mostly ignoring the conversation, until I picked up the fact that Edward played.

"You play football?" I asked quizzically as I turned away from watching Rosalie and Emmett dancing. He nodded.

"I played Varsity with Emmett as a sophomore in my old school. Number one in the state," he grinned. My eyes widened.

"Tryouts are this week, I think. You and Emmett would be great for the team. We need really good players," I said with a serious look on my face. Our football team didn't suck, but we needed more strength on Varsity. Our school's guys weren't as buffed up as the guys from Columbus, one of the two all boys schools that were in Miami; the school that Jacob went to. With a little luck, we could rank in the top 25 of the district.

"Isn't your school ranked number one in Florida?" he asked, confused.

"We used to be, a long time ago. But it's impossible to get our title back," I frowned. I wasn't around when they held their title. All I knew that Once Upon A Time, long long ago, Immaculata La Salle High School ranked number one in the state. It was a nearly forgotten memory now.

"Why?" he demanded. I sighed, and I heard Jasper exhale. Even transferring from a magnet school like MAST with a limited sports program, he wasn't clueless.

"The number one school in our state is St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, and they're brutal. They aren't just number one in the state, but they're number one in the country," I couldn't help but talk about the school in reverence. They dominated in sports all around. Last year we suffered a defeat of 74 to 0, and the scary part was, everyone expected such a bad loss. We knew we would be thwarted. Edward didn't flinch, which surprised me. Apparently, Edward had never seen an Aquinas boy. I could of sworn that with the size they were, they had to all be on steroids.

"Imagine a football field full of Emmett's," I offered. He grimaced, but then shook his head and smirked.

"They sound a little rough, but it's not impossible to beat them," he scoffed. He was insane. I just shook my head at him.

"You have no freaking idea how good they are. They killed us last year 74 to zip, and we didn't have a bad team."

"Dude, seriously," Jasper said, shaking his head. "There's no chance."

Edward kept that cocky smirk plastered on his face. "We'll see about that."

I rolled my eyes, and Jasper sighed again. "Crazy," I muttered, low enough to pass for mouthing. Jasper nodded, agreeing.

I was a little sad when my dad pulled me away to leave, because I was having fun for once. I pecked Rosalie and Jasper on the cheeks, saying goodbye. They would be used to the South Floridian gesture, but I wasn't so sure about the Cullen's. I waved at Emmett and Edward, and I hugged Alice. They waved at me as I strode along with Charlie and Renee.

When we were in the parking lot, the most peculiar thing happened.

It was about four cars down on the other side, in the bushes. I heard a little rustling noise of something moving inside of them, and I looked around to see what was causing the disruptance.

I was met by a pair of black eyes as dark as night, glinting eerily in the moonlight, glaring coldly at me. The gaze could only be described as that of pure hatred, and it caused me to shiver as I opened the door to the Rolls.

It's probably just some random hobo, I thought. Nothing more. Probably trying to scourge some food out of Ariella's bash. But the word that the mysterious person uttered lowly, only picked up by my sensitive ears, was enough to send a pang of fear through my heart.

"Soon," the creature promised in a dead monotone, sounding as lifeless as a piece of metal. The word held no threatening meaning to it, but it sent shivers through my spine, and it made my hairs stand up on end. I climbed shakily into the car, and slammed the door roughly, heart still pounding. Okay, a hobo who's gone insane.

I thought that it was just a freaky coincidence, that it was just some weird person. I thought it could probably be a guy who wasn't mentally sound. I thought that it wouldn't happen again. That it couldn't happen again. I thought that was the end of it.

But it was only the beginning.

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