I hummed softly to myself as I walked across the rough pavement of Phoenix towards my house. I vaguely recognized the tune, but couldn't place it. It sounded like a lullaby; it soothed me in an unexplainable way. I shrugged and kept walking. I was just rounding the corner by the old dance studio I used to go to. I could see it, the fading yellow paint, the rickety sign, and the shingled roof. And then, it all changed. I was staring at the slightly smoking remains of the old dance parlor. The roof and walls were completely torn down. Most of the wooden floorboards were pulled up and piled in the middle of the once-beautiful studio. The ones that were not were strewn with soot, grime, and…blood. I shivered and stepped back, forgetting that this move would send me sprawling in the street. I scraped my palms and my ankle twisted painfully, but I shuffled across the ground, trying to get away from the horrifying scene of the ballet studio. I heard something then that seemed to pull itself from the folds of my subconscious: A furious growl, a snapping snarl that sent chills down my spine. I scrambled up and ran, concentrating on my feet. Finally, I calmed down and looked back. The studio was as impeccable as it had ever been, with no sign of a fire. Staring at it, at the complete and utter impossibility, I suddenly collapsed on the cool grass.