Here's the new story.

I decided to try something new. In this one, I have flipped personalities little, so most will be OCC.







This also takes place in the Millennial World, which is soemthing I just made up. ANything about it I will explain in the story or put in notes before or after the chapter.

Summary: Yugi is the Emperor of the MIllennial World, and Heba is his twin brother. Yugi is a cold person who let's no one near him. When Heba finds love in his slave, Yugi becomes even more distance. Will Yugi's new slave help him to open up adn regian the person he was before he becasme Emperor, or will this slave end up on the wrong end of Yugi's power?

Will center around Heba and Atemu at the start, but will become about Yugi and Yami.

Chapter 1- Heba's New Slave

Heba, the Prince of the Millennial Kingdom, walked down the halls of the palace. He wore velvet pants and a velvet shirt with a velvet vest on. He also had on a velvet cape. His boots that reached his shins were black. Heba also wore a crown with the symbol of a star inscribed in a circle. He had tri-colored, star-shaped air and wide amethyst eyes.

Beside him was Jou, his older cousin. Jou wore an outfit similar to Heba's although his was turquoise instead of velvet. Jou also did not wear a crown. Jou had dirty-blonde hair and golden eyes.

"Tell me. How are things between you and Seto, Jou?" Heba asked.

"You mean that pompous jackass. I wish I had never married him!" Jou said haughtily.

Heba knew his cousin well-enough to know that he meant everything was fine.

Jou and Seto had a love-hate relationship, although the hate was outside the bedroom.

Seto had started off as a slave for Jou, but Jou had ended up falling for Seto, and the same was true for Seto. Jou loved him very much, but because of slave-master relations, could not marry him. When Jou found out that Seto was pregnant with his child, Jou had asked the Emperor of the Millennial Kingdom if he could marry Seto. The Emperor agreed since Seto was pregnant.

"Yeah. Whatever. How about Seth?" Heba asked.

Seth was the son that Seto and Jou had had together.

A proud smile spread across Jou's face. "He's great. A little mischievous, maybe. He's starting to walk and is getting into everything. Seto's constantly having to chase him." Jou said.

Heba giggled. "I'm sure that Ryou and Malik know your pain. Well, rather Bakura and Marik know Seto's pain." Heba said.

The two in question came up to them.

Ryou was wearing the same outfit as the others minus the crown except his was gold. He had chocolate brown eyes and snow white hair.

Malik wore the same outfit minus the crown, but his was pale blue. Malik had lavender eyes and platinum blonde hair.

Malik and Ryou were twin brothers even though they looked nothing alike. They were also cousins with Heba and Jou. The fathers of the four were all brothers, which made them cousins.

"What's up, guys?" Ryou asked.

"Yugi wants is in the throne room." Ryou said.

"What is it this time?" Jou asked.

"I think new slaves came in." Malik replied.

The four started for the throne room.

"So, how's Crystal, Ryou?" Heba asked.

Ryou smiled happily. "Crystal's fine. She called Bakura Papa yesterday. He was so happy." Ryou said.

"And Inchan, Malik?" Jou asked.

Malik grinned. "Inchan's great, although he has a bit of a mean streak. Marik loves that fact." Malik replied.

Ryou and Bakura had had the same situation as Seto and Jou. Bakura started out as Ryou's slave, but once he was pregnant, the two got married.

The exact same thing with Malik and Marik.

Ryou and Malik loved their husbands very much and were happy that they were able to be together.

The group arrived at the throne room and walked in.

On the gold throne sat the Emperor. He wore lavender pants and a lavender shirt with a lavender vest. His cape was also lavender. He wore a gold medallion with the star inscribed in a circle engraved on it. He also wore the same crown as Heba. He had wide, amethyst eyes and had the same hair as Heba.

There were two smaller thrones on each side of him.

Heba sat on the Emperor right with Jou on the other side of Heba. Ryou sat at the Emperor's left with Malik on the other side of Ryou.

The council members were also there although they did not play much part in the rule of the kingdom.

Ishizu, the palace healer and Malik's older sister, was also there. Ishizu had blue eyes and black hair. She also wore a white dress that was off her shoulders.

The Emperor's name was Yugi and he was Heba's twin brother. Yugi was named the new Emperor after Yugi and Heba's father died.

"Council, bring in the new slaves." Yugi said with no emotion.

Yugi was a cold and seemingly emotionless Emperor. He was not cruel, though. He was kind compassionate to his people, but he rarely showed any emotion and never joked or laughed or smiled like he did when he was younger.

The guards brought in about twenty new slaves that would become palace workers. Most of the slaves were young males. There were a few females, but not many.

The head guard bowed and said, "My king, these are the new slaves that have been brought to work here n the palace."

Yugi nodded and surveyed all of the slaves.

The real reasons for the slaves were so that Yugi could see if there were any that he wanted for his own personal slave, but none seemed to suit him.

Heba, on the other hand, did see someone that caught his eye.

The slave had tri-colored hair like his although the slave's bangs were done differently. This slave also had tanned skin. Because the slave's head was bowed, he could not see the rest of his face.

Yugi had noticed his brother's look and said, "Heba, is there a slave that you would like?'

When Seto, Marik, and Bakura were first brought to the palace, they immediately caught the attention of Jou, Malik, and Ryou, and Yugi gave them to them as their slaves.

"Yes, actually, there is." Heba replied.

"Which one?" Yugi asked.

Heba pointed out his look-a-like.

Yugi nodded. "Ishizu." Yugi said.

"Yes, Your Majesty?" Ishizu asked, approaching.

"Have that slave taken to my brother's chambers. He will be Heba's new personal slave." Yugi said, pointing to the slave.

"As you command, Emperor." Ishizu replied, bowing.

"Take the slaves out." Yugi ordered.

The guards did as they were told.

"Council, is there anything else that needs to be addressed?" Yugi asked.

"No, Emperor. There is nothing." the head of the council replied.

"Then council is dismissed." Yugi said. Yugi stood up and walked down from the throne with Heba, Ryou, Malik, and Jou right behind him.

Once outside of the throne room, Yugi left the other three to go about his own business.

"So, you finally decided to get a slave, Heba." Jou said.

"Yeah. I'm not sure why, but something about him just caught my eye." Heba replied.

"I'd be careful, Heba. That's exactly what happened to all of us when we first met all of our husbands." Ryou told him.

Heba nodded.

"Speaking of our husbands, I think that we need to go and see what those three are up to." Malik said.

With that, Jou, Malik, and Ryou left to go and find their husbands.

Heba decided to wait and before going to his own chambers. He knew Ishizu would need a little time to get the slave ready.

In a playroom, there were three men in the room with the children, all of which were toddlers.

Seto had brown hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a pair of black pants and turquoise shirt.

Bakura had chocolate brown eyes that were darker than Ryou's and snow white hair. He was wearing black pants and a gold shirt.

Marik had platinum blonde hair and dark lavender eyes. He was wearing black pants and a pale blue shirt.

"I wonder what's taking so long? Normally, Ryou's back by now." Bakura said.

"You know that things come up, Bakura. Something must have happened in the kingdom." Seto said.

Seto had been married the longest therefore he knew never to expect anything on tome.

"Yeah, but I still would have liked for Malik to be back." Marik stated.

The three men were all brothers, much to the surprise of their husbands and were allowed to spend time together.

Seto was the oldest of them while Bakura and Marik were twins who, like Ryou and Malik, looked nothing alike.

Bakura groaned. "I wish that they had more time for us." Bakura said.

"We all knew this when we became involved with them. We just need to expect this." Seto said.

The doors opened, and Ryou, Malik, and Jou walked into the room.

The toddlers ran to their respective father, who immediately picked them up.

"What kept you?" Bakura asked.

"Sorry. We were needed in the throne room for a few minutes." Ryou said, kissing Bakura lightly on the cheek.

"What was it this time?" Seto asked.

Jou kissed Seto and said, "There were new slaves brought in, and you know that we have to be there."

"Anything interesting?" Marik asked.

"Nope. Heba just finally got a slave." Malik replied.

"Anyone we know?" Marik asked.

"No idea. Only saw him. Yugi ordered that he be taken to Heba's chambers." Malik replied.

"I guess we'll find out sooner or later." Marik said.

"Come on. We have some free time at the moment, so we thought that we would spend it with you guys." Jou said.

"That sounds like a plan." Bakura said.

The group left the room with the separate families going their own ways.

The slave that Heba had chosen had been taken to Ishizu's chambers.

"I need you to bathe yourself first." Ishizu told him.

The slave nodded. He went and bathed where Ishizu had pointed to him. After he was done, Ishizu handed him a pair black, leather pants and a velvet shirt.

"Put these on." Ishizu said.

The slave nodded and did as he was told.

"You will also need to put this on." Ishizu said, handing the slave a velvet collar. "It's to show that you are a personal servant to Prince Heba. Only he has the authority to do anything to you." Ishizu said.

The slave nodded and out the collar around his neck.

"Come with me. I will take you to Prince Heba's chambers." Ishizu said.

The slave nodded and followed Ishizu out of the chambers and through the maze of halls until they reached the west wing of the palace, where few people were allowed to come. Ishizu stopped outside out a set of double doors with the symbol of the star inscribed in the circle on the outside.

"This is Prince Heba's chambers. Until Heba tells you otherwise, this is the only room that you are allowed to be in. Wait here. Prince Heba will be here soon." Ishizu said.

The slave nodded.

Ishizu left the room, closing the doors behind her.

The slave looked around the room. He saw a large bed that could have easily fit six people in it. There was a table and set of four chairs to go with it. There was also a loveseat and a recliner in the room as well. A small refrigerator was there as well. There was a door to the left of the bed, and there was another door on the other side of the room. There were four posts to the bed and curtains surrounded the bed.

The slave gulped. He wondered what kind of master he would have and what would end up happening to him now that he was here. 'I suppose I will find out soon.' the slave thought.

Heba was walking leisurely down the hallway.


Heba turned around to fond Ishizu approaching him. "Yes, Ishizu." Heba said.

"I thought that I would let you know that the slave is now in your chambers." Ishizu said.

"Thanks you, Ishizu." Heba said.

Ishizu nodded and left him alone.

'I wonder what this slave is like. I hope that he is not like all the rest.' Heba thought. He had been around many slaves, but all had only wanted to suck up to him in hopes of getting close to the Emperor.

Heba started on his way back to his chambers.

Ishizu had been surprised when she found Yugi waiting on the healing chambers. "Your Majesty, forgive me for not being here." Ishizu said, bowing.

Yugi stood up and said, "Have you taken care of my brother's new slave?"

"Yes, I have. I just returned from telling Prince Heba that his slave is now in his chambers." Ishizu said.

Yugi nodded. "Tell me, Isis. Do you believe that this slave is a threat to my brother in any way?" Yugi asked, looking out the window.

It was a well-known fact that Ishizu was good about reading people. Yugi would often go to her for advice about people.

"No, my king. I do not think that this slave is a threat. He does not have an evil aura. I think that it will be fine." Ishizu said.

"I hope so. My brother has been hurt too many times." Yugi said.

There were several slaves that Heba had had that had ended up hurting him because they wanted to get away form him. Heba was one that tried to be a friend to everyone, but that ended up getting him hurt, and not only his body. He had been hurt because his trust had been betrayed.

"I do not think the slave is that kind of person. Given I cannot tell the future, so I could be wrong, but I see this slave causing no trouble." Ishizu said.

"Good. I would prefer not having to deal with this again." Yugi said before leaving the healing chambers.

Ishizu watched after him sadly. 'The trouble is that you only deal with the slave, not your brother's pain. Jou, Malik, and Ryou are the ones who have helped Heba deal with his pain.' Ishizu thought.

"What's on your mind, puppy?" Seto asked, watching his husband play idly with their son.

"I'm worried about Heba." Jou replied, getting up and sitting on the bed beside Seto.

"Why's that?" Seto asked, running a hand through Jou's hair.

"Heba's been hurt so many times by slaves in the past. I just want him to be able to have one slave who doesn't scoff at him just because he is not the Emperor." Jou replied.

"Heba will have to work that out himself. He will be fine. You just need to trust him to do the right thing." Seto said.

Jou nodded. "I hope he can find someone, though." Jou said.

Ryou lay on his bed, gazing up at the ceiling.

"Something on your mind, Ryou?" Bakura asked, sitting down beside him.

"I'm worried about Heba. I just don't want him to get hurt again." Ryou said.

"Heba hasn't had a slave in over a year. He has to do this. You and I both know that." Bakura said.

"Yeah, but he's always been hurt in some way by these slaves." Ryou said.

"I know. Heba made the choice to have a new slave. He's the one who made the choice. You need to stop worrying about him so much." Bakura said.

"I try not to, but he's my younger cousin and I worry about him." Ryou said.

Malik watched as Marik played with their son.

"Malik, what's up with you?" Marik asked.

"Why do you ask?" Malik asked.

"Because you act distracted." Marik replied.

Malik sighed. "I'm worried about Heba. I don't want this new slave to hurt him the way others in the past have." Malik said.

"I know that you're worried, Malik, but Heba is a grown man now. He's going to have to take risks if he wants to find happiness." Marik said.

"I know. I just wish that things were not like this." Malik said.

"I know, but you need to try and let go. Heba will deal with this alone. He has no choice." Marik said.

"I know. I'm just worried. He's my younger cousin, so I am going to always worry about him." Malik said.

This is the start of it. I hope you like it. I thought I would have Jou, Ryou, Malik, Heba, and Yugi have the dominate personalities this time.

The next chapter will be about Heba and his slave's meeting.