Author's note: This is a little Christmas one-shot, please excuse any mistakes punctual, or otherwise! Oh ya, NO FLAMES PLEASE!


"Martha...Get...OUT!" The Doctor yelled as he and Jenny pushed Martha from behind.

"I'm not going to my mum's place on Christmas!" Martha yelled as Jenny started to kick her leg.

"I thought they got back together after that year that supposedly never happened..." Jenny smirked. The Doctor gave Jenny a annoyed look.

"Don't bring that up Jenny, it was humiliating enough when it happened." The Doctor muttered. Martha continued to resist being pushed out of the TARDIS.

"Whatever, Dobey." Martha grinned, The Doctor shoved her in the back incredibly hard in the back and Martha Jones tumbled out into a snow bank. Jenny giggled.

"Anyways," Martha continued as she pulled herself up. "My parents broke up...again..." She sighed sadly. Jenny jumped out of the TARDIS and into the snow.

"Aw,that sad, why did they break up again?" She questioned. Martha dusted the snow off her clothes. "It's a long story." She said simpily. Jenny frowned.

"Poor Martha," She thought. "Her family's not together for the holidays." Jenny pondered the holidays. They seemed important to the Humans, but why?

While Jenny was thinking, The Doctor climbed out of the TARDIS and stood next to the two women.

"I bet Your mother will just be happy you're home for the holidays Martha." The Doctor said. Martha pondered his words for a second. He was probably right. She'd been

gone for two months! Her mother would be happy to see her. Yes, he was right. Her mum loved her and that was what sent her running to the frond door of her mum's place. The Doctor and Jenny followed her.

Martha opened the door.

"Mum!" She called. "I'm home!"

Jenny grinned. So that's what the holidays were all about, being with people who love you. Jenny looked at Martha, then her father. Yes, she was with the two people who cared about her the most and that was all she needed.