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Rock and Roll All Night


I could not believe that I had agreed to allowed Alice and Rose to do this to me. Their makeovers had to be the last legal form a torture in the United States. We have been friends since high school and I still cannot stand when they try to pull this shit on me. I mean, I know that they feel bad that I'm the only single one, but that didn't mean they had to feverishly try to get me a date at every chance they could get! I am perfectly capable of finding my own dates … I just choose not to. I was content being single, something they just couldn't understand, no matter how many times I tried explaining. Both Alice and Rose were taken by two of the most perfect men ever. Perfect for them, that is. Jasper was just what Alice has always dreamed of; a Southern gentleman who was kind and romantic. I'm sure his male model good looks and wavy blond hair didn't hurt either. I'm sure Rosalie has always dreamed of a guy like Emmett, but knowing her, he probably walked right out of one her many sex dreams. Definitely not my type, but undeniably attractive. He was tall, had a ripped body, and gorgeous dark curly hair.

I love my two best friends and I'm so glad they both have amazing men at their sides, but right now I was extremely annoyed with them. Currently, they were holding me hostage and dragging me out to a club "for my own good" as they had put it. They should have expected my eye roll in response to that comment. Of course, this entails me being subjected to their wardrobe, hair and makeup choices. I was sitting on Alice's bed scowling as I tried to come up with a way to flee her apartment.

"Absolutely not!" I screamed as I saw what Rose had pulled out of Alice's vast closet for me to wear. My thoughts had been pulled away from my plan of escape by the small scraps of black leather and torn fabric laid out in front of me.

"You don't get a say in this, Bella," Rose snapped at me.

"And why not? I'm gonna be the one looking like an idiot if you make me wear that!" I snapped back at her. As the words left my mouth, I saw Alice's eyes appear to turn black with rage as she clenched her tiny hands into fists. Shit.

"How dare you imply that someone wearing my clothes would look like an idiot, Isabella Swan!? We're trying to make you look SEXY, not stupid! So you're just gonna sit there and shut the hell up until we're done getting you ready." Alice was nearly out of breath when she finished. All I could do was give a small nod. I knew better than to go against Alice when she got like this.

At the time, I hadn't put much thought into agreeing to go with them to see Emmett and Jasper's band play at an open mic night. I was just excited because I was still new getting used to going out to clubs legally now that we were all 21. Also, the combination of calm Jasper plucking at the bass and huge Emmett wailing away on the drums was quite a sight to behold. We watch them play all the time, so this was no big deal, right? Wrong. I should have known that they had an ulterior motive to this night out! The guys had recently been having issues with their most recent lead singer and kicked him out of the band. This show must mean that they've found a new lead to replace him. Well, that's just great. Once I came to this realization, it became clear to me that Alice and Rosalie wanted me to meet the newest addition. I mentally scoffed at the idea. For the most part, the other guys who have been in Emmett and Jasper's band have been total losers. As if I hadn't met my fair share of those, already! Although I didn't have a "type" of guy I was interested in, there was definitely a trend in the guys that pursued me: the losers. So as I said before, I was capable of finding my own dates, but my options were far from ideal. Maybe my standards were too high, but I didn't care, I refused to settle.

I knew there was no chance of me escaping from Alice and Rosalie's clutches tonight. I had no choice but to go with them, but I was not going to pretend to be happy about it. I looked down at myself and I was already fully dressed. Correction: I was as fully dressed as was possible in the outfit they put me in. They had taken advantage of the time I spent thinking and dressed me in the items they picked out. I now wore a small, tight, black scrap of leather slung low in my hips and black a black Rolling Stones tee that looked like it had been cut up, bleached and mangled. The shirt, and I use that term very loosely, barely covered the black and red bra with skulls (complete with matching thong) they had forced me into. To complete the look, I was wearing studded black leather high-heeled booties. They were trying to kill me. As I finished taking in my outfit, I looked up at both of them with horror, and surely a blush, on my face.

"I…. I…I look…" I wanted to scream how ridiculous I looked, but I was so angry that I couldn't get the words out.

"You look HOTT!" Alice and Rosalie yelled in unison, dragging me into the bathroom to begin on my hair and makeup.

"I can't go out in public looking like this!" I said as I tried to stop and turn around, not an easy feat for me in four inch heels. I could feel the angry tears welling up in my eyes. I needed to get away and out of these clothes fast. This was not me! Practically my entire stomach was exposed and my ass was barely covered. Not to mention the fact that I could barely walk safely without the help of these four inch death traps. Despite my best efforts, Alice and Rosalie did not let go of me. Instead, they continued our journey to the bathroom and plopped me down on top of the toilet lid and both kneeled in front of me.

"Bella? Bella, what's wrong?" Alice asked me. When I didn't respond to her question, Rosalie started speaking.

"Listen Bella, I know this isn't exactly your style…" she began before I cut her off.

"Not EXACTLY my style? I'm going to make a fool out of myself! There is no way in hell I'll be able to walk in these things and God only knows which one of my bits and pieces is gonna fall out if I wear this!" I screamed, gesturing towards my outfit.

"Cut it out! You know damn well that we would never let anything bad happen to you! We both understand that this is out of your comfort zone, but you need to trust us. Okay?" Alice went from ordering to questioning in one breath. I just nodded my head in response. I knew that everything she said was true, but I was still freaked out. "Good. Now, you need to calm down so I can put your makeup on and Rose can start on your hair." I conceded, closing my eyes to allow Alice and Rosalie to work their magic. This was going to be a really long night…