Chapter One

"Ahh!" I bet by now you're wondering how I ended up here of all places, plummeting off the side of some cliff into the bay below.

It all started on the last day of my junior year. Ms Sonya had just got done lecturing us for the millionth time about listening, which always makes us want to listen less. I rushed out to meet my best friend since junior high.

Casey was talking to her boyfriend, who was moving the very next year. "Bye!" she waved and watched him leave. I swear, a pin k hippo could land on her and she'd still stare!

"Caaaasey! Hello!" Nothing. "Hello, anyone home?" No one. "CASEY!"


"You got it bad!"

"I know!"

"I'll never get like that!" Words I'll come to regret.

"So, are you driving or me?"

"I'd better, you'll blink out again!"


"Race you out!"

"GO!" After beating Casey to my corvette, I started thinking,

"Where do you think Jaime is?"

"I dunno." I began to drive off when I heard,

"Hey, wait up!"

"Whoa!" I slammed on the breaks and heard a huge *bang!* on my bumper like a cannon ball off the black pearl.