Harry slumped further into his couch and pressed the cool bottle of firewhisky to his forehead. His house was completely empty but for him and several spiders. Kreacher had left a long time ago, just like everything and everyone that had ever loved or been loved by him. Ron and Hermione, on their occasional visits, begged him to be more positive, but he didn't listen to them. After all, he was completely at liberty to be miserable. Ginny had abandoned him for Dean! He was utterly alone, and his friends were going off and getting married. Soon Ron and Hermione would stop visiting. How could there be much of a difference, though?, he thought to himself bitterly. He was already utterly alone, and there was no way he could sink any lower.

He heard the door swing open. Hopefully, it was the remaining Death Eaters come to finish him off. He sighed and popped the cap off of his firewhisky. He wasn't going to die without finishing his drink. He took a big swig and felt his mouth begin to burn. Then, he turned and saw who had entered his house… and spit out his mouthful of firewhisky all over his ex-girlfriend.

"Ginny!" he cried hoarsely, jumping off the couch. She smiled slightly. He realized that he had not seen her in years, and had almost forgotten what she looked like. Ginny was… beautiful. And in that instant, he silently begged for her to take him back, to announce that she had left Dean, to remove him from his despair.

"I came to take you back," she said softly, looking up at him. "I've left Dean. I want to remove you from your despair." Harry blinked. "I love you," she added. Harry smiled for the first time in ages, and it made his lips feel oddly stretched. He laughed, and then scooped up Ginny in a giant hug. Laughing, she leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips. She knew that she could survive any obstacle, as long as she had Harry and his ridiculously strong thighs beneath her.


A/N: I'm glad that I finally finished this. What made me do it was, I was very bored today, surfing the web, so I decided to Google "Duck Life", just to see what came up. What I saw was under the heading, "Fanfiction's Worst Summaries." I was appalled, and immediately obsessed with finding who thought I had a bad summary, and for what story? So, I clicked it and searched through seven tedious, LONG pages of other bad summaries until I found this story's summary. I took a deep breath, read the review of my "awful" summary… and smiled. They weren't even insulting me- they were insulting Scrubs. Which, yes, made me mad, but at least they didn't have a problem with my grammar, or idea, or writing skills in general. They just thought that Scrubs was "a crappy doctor soap opera". Which is perfectly okay with me, not that I don't disagree with their opinion.