"Edward," I murmured from the door of our cottage, knowing he could hear me from our bedroom, "I'm going out. Hunting."

"Okay. I'm going to go up to the mansion and bring down my CDs." he whispered back. He sounded odd-relieved that I was leaving. I wondered why.

"Bye, Momma!" called Renesmee. I waved to her and shut the door, silently extracting the flowing black cloak from under my shirt. I slipped it on and ran away…

"Hello, Bella," came Aro's voice from the darkness. I was in the Volturi's Canadian headquarters.

"Evening, Aro," I said gruffly.

"There's a vampire in Lincoln that's causing some trouble," he said in his business tone. "We'll send back-up once you get there. Take the Mercedes." I nodded and left, my black cape trailing behind me.



I walked quietly through the dark Nebraskan wilderness. I could hear the quiet breathing of the thirsty vampire. As I listened, though I heard something else. It seemed like there was another vampire with him. I listened, but I could only hear his thoughts:

Shake 'em off, shake 'em off, run, RUN!

They had heard me.

I chased the vampire, and he was fast. I was faster. But then, as I was about to catch him, another vampire pounced on him. They were a member of the Volturi-I had been told that another "agent" was here. However, looking at them, I received a shock. No! It couldn't be… I ran away before I could get a closer look.

When I got home, I was exceedingly nervous. I arrived after Bella, who was sitting stiffly in an armchair. "So," I said, trying to conceal the nervousness, "How many CDs did you bring back?" She stared at me. "Wait, that was my thing!" I muttered to myself. She looked frightened.

"Edward, I have to tell you something," she said, shaking.

"Yes, so do I," I sighed. She opened her mouth, but said nothing. "You know," I murmured, "I have a feeling we'll be okay keeping secrets around here. Are you okay with that, Bella?" I asked, my voice suddenly becoming colder. She nodded silently. "I love you," I reminded her. She nodded again, smiling. It had to be enough for a secret.