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Carlisle Pov

A single fist slammed against the hardwood table, startling even to a vampire. Jasper's shoulders shook with apparent rage and an underlining fear. "How can you even contemplate this", he hissed "it is not safe, she will be hurt". Jasper's words were drawn and insistent.

My hand unconsciously rose to tangle in my hair, a trait I could only have inherited from Edward, an odd concept considering I, for all intents and purposes, was his father.

Jasper was right, to an extent, this 'clever' thought of mine was foolish and reckless. But none the less, I would persevere. I was determined.

"She's six", I stressed. "She won't notice a thing". I regretted my words as soon as I had spoken them, indignation was immediate in Jasper's expression.

"She will not notice?", he hissed, his voice rising with every syllable, "She will not notice?".

"Not if we are all careful", I replied calmly, squeezing Esme's hand. "Do not think", Jasper roared with anger "that I do not know what you mean by we".

Alice's slender fingers pressed gently to Jasper's shoulder in an attempt at calming him, but with no victory.

"Be calm my son", I urged, a sympathetic smile tugging at my lips. A barely audible hiss escaped Jasper, but he sat silently, his knuckles a stark white as they gripped the edge of the table.

Out of the corner of my eye I could easily see Esme watching him, and I knew she feared for the fate of her table.

"She needs a family", Alice conceded, guiltily glancing at Jasper, he studiously ignored her, betrayal set on the lines of his forehead.

"It would", Esme muttered thoughtfully "be nice to have children about the house, other then Emmett", she said weakly.

"We can't decide without Edward though", Esme said decidedly, squeezing my hand again, firmer now.

I leaned back in my chair and crossed my hands over my stomach "We will make a decision when you have all met this child", Jasper's chair scraped violently against the teak floor and he turned on his heel, storming up the stairs.

Alice followed Jasper despondently, her steps slow and heavy and her gaze blank.

Rosalie and Emmett soon followed and Esme kissed my cheek softly, muttering about calling Edward and left me to my thoughts.

Jasper's thoughts on the subject were not difficult to decipher, he was scared of having a human so close. If Edward was here I could've asked him exactly what Jasper was thinking of, not that he would really tell me.

But Edward was not here, he had gone, yet again. He had taken his departure with a sketchy idea of returning within a few days, the same events as unfolded at regular intervals when Edward got it into his head to go.

We tried not to pry and Esme not to worry, but try as we may with no information on where it was Edward was going it was difficult not to worry for our youngest son.

He would come soon though, and though we would be given no answers, the worry might cease for a moment.

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