Grand Theft Auto

The Mole

Louie has given you a new mission. Seems that someone has been killing off his girls.The only people he tells where his girls are are You, His gaurds, and Leo Mcready. He tells you that Mcready can be found near The entrance to the docks. He tells you to find him and put a gun to his head and ask him who he is giving the info to and if he doesn't blast him and then search his body. He hands you a pistol and shuts the door.You run to a stopped Taxi and shove the driver out and grab his keys, then you take off towards the docks.You see mcready near the ship about to get on. You drive over to him, climb out, beat him with your bat and drag him into the nearby wharehouse. You tie him to a chair and then stick your gun up to his head.

"What? What are you doing to me?!"

"Tell me who you are giving the locations of Louie's girls or I will blast your head off."

"I won't tell you!"

"Oh really? So you want to die? You want to die! Ok!"

"Alright, Alright!I'll talk. His name Is Tony Deroine. He also owns a Whore house. He wants to shut Louie down so he will be the only one in liberty city. His apartment can be found Near the Chinatown Fookie's Buffet. Now will you let me go?"

"No. You know too much now. So your gonna die."

You shoot him right in the eyes. When he starts to scream you tape his mouth shut. Then you dump him into the ocean. You return to Louie's for your reward. He tells you that he will only pay you if you Kill Tony.You leave Louies and hop back into the Taxi you stole and head for fookies. Along the way You notice some cop cars following you.Then you remember that a woman saw you dump Leo into the ocean. You try to lose them at the broken bridge but they are still following you. An Idea sparks near the edge of the bridge you stop and as you had thought they crashed down into the ocean. You leave the bridge and head to Fookies. When you reach the restaraunt you see the apartment complex. You ask the bellhop

what Tony Deroine's apartment number is. After he tells you, you head for it. When you reach his apartment you knock on the door. Tony opens it.

"You Tony?"


"Greetings from louie."

You shoot him multiple times in the head killing him. You take his keys and his money then go back to Louie's for you reward.