Grand Theft Auto

Blood and Love

After killing Tony Deroine and getting the reward you have purchased Tony's Appartment. While searching through some of his stuff you found a Letter with an adresss on it and some writing on it. This is what it said:

Dear Tony,

Hi it's me Trish. I'm looking forward to our date on

Saturday Night.I hope you can make it. I just wanted to

say it has been great being pen pals and I can't wait to

finely meet you. Well see you saturday.

Love Trish

You decide you should have a break from all of this killing. After searching in his notebooks you find her address. You start writing a letter but stop in the middle. You then also notice that He has a laptop.You then realise that your handwriting doesn't match Tony's so you decide to email her instead. You search his notebooks some more and find Trish's email.

You quickly send an email telling the place and time:

Hello Trish. I have decided on the place and time.

Place: The Grapefruit Garden

Time 8:00

I hope you can make it.

You soon get an email from trish saying:

8:00 is fine. I will be wearing a black skirt. See you


You then hop in the taxi you stole and drive to The Grapefruit Garden.

Along the way you see a red sportcar. You drive the Taxi sideways so it blocks the road, hop out and steal the sportscar. When you reach The Grapefruit Garden you spot trish.

"Is that you trish? You look marvelous!"

"Thank you Tony. You look nice aswell."

After getting your table you start to talk to trish.

"I'm so glad I'm finally meeting you!"

"I'm glad I'm meeting you, too. Tony I had a small request."


"Someone keeps stalking me and I was wondering If you could kill him for me"

"Anything for you,Trish."

"My plan is that you come with me home and wait on the roof. He usually spies on me from the roof. Then when you see him shoot him."

"That is a nice plan"

After dinner you commence the plan. You hear footsteps coming from the fire escape. You get your pistols ready. You can see his head. You shoot him many times in the head,killing him. After searching him you find $1000,some M&ms, and some bullets. But what realy catches your eyes is a diamond ring. You take all of the stuff and head back down to Trish's room you tell her that the stalker is dead. And you have a question for her: Will you marry me?

She accepts. The wedding will be sunday at 3:00. But first you have some other business to attend to. Like how to get a bra off....

To be continued....