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Leaving Forks

"Bella! Come on! We are going to miss our flight!" My mother, Renee called from across the gate. The entire day, I had been waiting to get on our flight to Italy, and as a five year old, I easily was bored. There had been a long car ride, as well as many long lines. Of course, over the years I had learned to entertain myself, though.

Sometimes, I would play games and pretend I was a princess, or I would find patterns in the ceiling. Either way, I never flat-out told my parents I was bored out of my mind. For some reason, I thought that people could always find something to do. Recently, I had begun the game of trying to imagine Italy.

The only places I had ever been to was Seattle, with Renee for a day. Sadly, we had only gone shopping; I hated shopping. Really, how many outfits did one person need? Also, I had gone to La Push with Charlie, to go fishing. Why was it that every time I left Forks, we did something I didn't want to do?

However, I never complained. Happily, I would sit on the beach, with Rachel and Rebbecca my best friends in the whole wide world. Rachel and Rebecca's little brother, Jacob, liked to play with us too, sometimes. But he was only three, so we didn't like to play with him as much.

I had actually asked Rachel where Italy was, because Rachel was in the third grade, and much older than us. Mommy had said it was across the Atlantic Ocean, but that didn't mean much to me at the time. However, Rachel had never even heard of Italy. So, when I had gotten home, I had immediately found the map my daddy had in his study.

There, I had discovered very little. Just that Italy was far away from Forks, Washington. Now, we were on the way there. We had spent the morning driving to Seattle to catch our flight.

On the way, I had questioned my parents endlessly on where we were going. What was it like? Why are we going?

Paciently, my parents had answered every single question. Daddy had won a trip to Italy because he was a police chief. Apparently, there had been some kind of drawing with all of the police chiefs in the state of Washington, and Charlie had won!

Italy was a very pretty place, and I would like it a lot. We were going to a place called Venice, then Volterra, before going to Rome and heading home. The trip would last a total of one week, and I couldn't have been more excited.

My parents had said that Venice was a city completely on water! So, to pass the time, I pretended I was a mermaid, and lived under the water city. I found it very hard to imagine a city on water. Were all of the houses on boats? I refused to ask my parents, thinking that would spoil the surprise!

Finally, we had reached the airport after hours of being in the car. Or, so it seemed to me. Time seemed to be a funny thing. When you really wanted something to come, it had a way of taking longer.

For me, I really wanted to get to the airport. I had never been on a plane before, and was excited to fly for the first time. Sure, I had seen airplanes in my life, but had never actually gotten to be in one for myself.

When we first arrived to check in, daddy had lifted all of the suitcases out of the car, while I held onto mommy's hand. I had watched Charlie closely, making sure he got mine out of the trunk of the car. Mommy had insisted I have princesses on mine, though I really didn't care. I found it more exciting to pretend I was the princess, rather than watch movies about other ones.

Again, we had to wait. I had stood in the long check-in line with my parents, all the while playing with the hem of my dress. I really didn't like wearing dresses, though. They only got in the way of playing princess. When I told mommy that, however, she said that princesses always wore dresses.

Why? I preferred that princesses wore normal clothes, so they could swing and play tag easily. Renee said that princesses went to dances and teas. At the time, though, I couldn't come up with a good excuse. So, reluctantly, I had been forced into the dress.

However, not even my mom could ever get me to wear tights. I hated them, even for Ballet. See, mom had recently enrolled me in dance classes, probably trying to make me less clumsy. I, however, didn't think that would ever happen. I tripped over thin air, how was I going to be able to dance at all?

Unfortunately for me, I had already been enrolled, and had to go. So, at 6:00 that first Monday, I had been pushed into the ballet classroom. I had been forced into a little pink tutu, and my hair up into a bun. I didn't like it at all.

Why couldn't I ever wear normal clothes? Either way, I had spent the next hour falling and tripping everywhere. Miss Lynn, my dance instructor, was trying to teach us some ballet exercise. Basically, I had to stand on one foot, and point my toe. To all of the other girls in the class, the move had been easy. However, to me, I had just fallen on my face. Mom had picked me up, covered in bruises, when I told her I would never be coming back to ballet class.

Finally, we made it to the front of the line and checked our luggage in. "Your flight boards in one hour, sir." I heard the man behind the counter tell Charlie. Another hour!

At that moment, however, my stomach growled loudly. A blush immediately rose to my cheeks when everyone turned to stare. Renee, however, just chuckled.

"Looks like someone is hungry." She said, smiling as she led me up an escalator toward the gate. "Once we get through security we can get you something to eat." she told me.

I nodded, smiling. Hopefully we could eat at McDonald's, or somewhere where I could get some chicken nuggets. Again, my stomach growled at the thought of food. I put my hand over it, telling it to be quiet. However, I didn't think my stomach would ever listen to me.

Security turned out to be a long line with guards in black. Upon seeing the place, I shied into my mommy. The men looked scary because, unlike Charlie, they didn't seem happy at all. They all looked mad, like they would actually hurt someone.

I spent the next ten minutes keeping my eyes sealed shut, avoiding looking at the security guards. However, when I had to pass through the metal detector, I had to do so alone. I all but ran through, trying to get back to my parents. To my relief, though, the guard just laughed. Maybe they weren't so bad after all...

Now I was at McDonald's, and Renee was calling me. Daddy and I had gone through the line and ordered my chicken, my stomach growling the whole time. "Here you go!" I finally heard the lady at the counter say, while she handed me my happy meal.

In this case, the meal really did make me happy! I had forgotten to eat breakfast in our hurry to leave the house, and it was almost noon. Tearing open the white bag, I pulled out my chicken nuggets and threw one into my mouth.

Munching on the food, I grabbed my dad's hand and together we walked toward the plane. I was sure this would be a vacation I would never forget.

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