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"Well, if this is my home, can I meet all of my family?" I asked, not knowing who exactly my family was. Maybe those two people were part of it... no, they couldn't be. I pushed the thought aside. "I don't really feel hungry." I added, just in case Chelsea would ask again what I wanted.

"Of course you can meet everyone. In fact, I think Aro would like to speak to you." Chelsea replied.

"Alright then." I replied, before noticing my clothes. "Um Chelsea? Do you by any chance have.." I blushed

"Oh of course I have some other clothes for you!" Chelsea said, before pulling me along over to a dresser, where I saw multiple outfits in my size! "Take your pick," Chelsea said happily, moving out of the way for me to be able to go through them.

"I will go get Aro and when you are done we can all talk." Chelsea said as she suddenly waltzed out of the room quicker than I would have thought possible, fueling my suspicions once again.

School Days

Bella's POV

It has been over two years now that I have been living with the Volturi. Recently was the two year anniversary of the day Aro welcomed me into his family, and introduced me to everyone. Two years since I became a Volturi...

For the longest time, I didn't feel at home, but throughout the years I had opened up to them as they had opened up to me.

Aro had become like my father, and Chelsea had filled the role of my mother. Of course, I was the baby of the entire Volturi, either way you put it. Jane was still a bit older than me, however she had become like my older sister... after a long time. I never knew why she treated me so rudely, or why she was always mean to everyone, until I learned that her parents had never cared about her. All they had ever wanted was for her to disappear, marry some rich man and use the money for their own personal gain.

It had taken awhile before I finally confronted her, but she eventually had told me. She explained she was jealous of the love Aro and Chelsea had for me, when she had been denied that as a child. I didn't understand how any people could do that, but at least I understood what had happened to her. She had been changed while she was filled with hate, the hate which manifested itself into her power of torture.

However, we had come to an understanding which eventually turned to friendship to a bond of sisters. Of course, in the beginning she had absolutely loathed me, at least until the day that I found out what the Volturi were. She thought they were putting an innocent human in danger and, as much as she tried to hide it, she didn't want another human growing up thinking no one cared about her. At the time, she still had no idea that Chelsea and Aro were still fully intent on becoming my parents.

It didn't take long, of course, for me to figure it out. Between Felix and Demetri, the secret might as well have been given up immediately, but papa wanted to wait until I was older to tell me. He should have known I was too observant for my own good.

The secret didn't last long before I knew something was up; I knew none of my new family were human. It was a month, however, before I truly found out. Though I wasn't exactly sure what they were, when I realized they never ate food, never went into the sun, and seemed way older than they were, well I put the pieces together with what I had observed my first day. Plus it did help that I found a book called "A History of Vampires" in the library...for some reason Uncle Marcus didn't realize I could already read...

By that time, I had already integrated into my new family; I loved them all completely, just as they did me. I was their "little princess" as they called me, so it hurt somewhat when I realized they had been keeping something from me. However, I knew that there was a reason; they cared about me already. Just as I guess the people in my memories had cared for me before the day I came to my new family that day...

That day was still a bit fuzzy, as though I had no emotions attached to anything before I walked into the castle. It was certainly odd, but I didn't really question it, just figuring I had been in shock that entire day.

Anyway, once I figured out the secret, Papa Aro sat me down and explained everything to me: how they were vampires, and all the apparent myths weren't really true. Unsurprisingly, I didn't find the information scary, as they had somehow expected, but rather I was just curious. So for the past few years, I had known the secret.

The one problem was, of course, the fact that they drank blood. Human blood. Once I had found that out I began crying, not knowing if I could handle that. For an entire two weeks I refused to talk to any of them, writing in a note that I would only begin speaking once they gave up their ways.

There were many arguments, apparently, but in the end, I got my way. I told them that if they killed other humans, how did I know they wouldn't kill me? It was a good argument, especially since they cared too much about me to let me be killed. They had all become extremely attached to me, as I had become to them. I just couldn't imagine my life without them anymore.

And so, with the rest of the family on a diet of animal blood, I once again joined into the family activities. Such as movies, games, and other things that kept them occupied in their numerous years.

Today, however, was a particularly important day: I would be starting school. Normally, I would have started a year and a half ago, but since Marcus and Caius decided to teach me themselves, we had to start a little later. Apparently they were off doing some type of diplomatic vampiric something; I didn't really understand, I just accepted what I was told. It had something to do with some war with the Romanians; I didn't actually know what they meant, so I didn't concern myself.

Sometimes, I didn't think that my dad really liked me knowing all this stuff about vampires, but I didnt' know why. Perhaps one day I would ask him... What reason could he have for me not to know? Besides the fact that I was, well... not one of them.

An astounding thought struck me suddenly; Why hadn't I thought of this before! Were they going to turn me into a vampire?!

Walking over to the edge of my room, I plopped down on my princess-sized couch with my head in my hands. Did I want to be a vampire? I stared blankly at the powder blue wall, allowing my head to swim with the thought yearning to consume it.

The immediate answer that popped into my head was yes. Of course I did. All of my family was vampires; I wanted to be one too. Maybe I would talk to papa today about it....but I wouldn't want him to be angry at me.

"Knock knock!" I heard Heidi's musical voice as she danced into the room. Unbelievably, I had learned she was actually a rather shy person, preferring rather to throw herself into shopping rather than actually communicate with people, or vampires I guess one would say. I had always guessed that when one became a vampire, they automatically gained a type of innate confidence, the confidence which Felix and Chelsea radiated, but in Heidi's case, she just said she became very good at acting like something she wasn't.

I shook my head out of my thoughts to look up and smile at her. "Hello Heidi," I said to her as she waltzed to my closet. Typical.

"So what shall you wear today? Hmm." I could hear the multiple rows of clothes moving around as she debated. I knew she spoke aloud for only my sake, as all vampires had a sense of hearing I could never understand. It was the little things, like this, that sometimes made me feel like I didn't measure up. Not by a long shot. They were all beautiful and perfect; I was just a clumsy, ordinary human with a knack for getting in trouble.

"Heidi, all I need is a pair of jeans and a shirt, its not like there is some grand ball coming up." I said, rolling my eyes as I pulled myself up off the chair and stumbled into the bathroom, tripping on a slightly raised slab of marble. Soon, the ground was rushing to meet my face as I put my hands out in front of me to stop the fall. However, two strong arms caught me as they wrapped around my waist.

"You really are the clumsiest human I know." Heidi said, a twinkle in her golden eyes as she placed me upright on the ground. I stuck out my tongue at her before heading over to the sink for what I called my "human moment." Rapidly, I brushed my teeth and washed my face, before turning to face whatever horror of an outfit Heidi had picked out.

Even though I had a larger wardrobe than most fashion icons, I really was more content in my sweatpants and a t-shirt, which I had bought while with Demetri of course. Neither Heidi nor Jane would have ever allowed me to buy them, having attempted to burn them multiple times. Demetri, though, was like my protector you could say. I was, according to him, "the little sister he had always wanted, one who needed him unlike any other vampire could. Vampires were pretty self-sufficient and hardly ever needed help."

Or at least, that was what he had told me while we were playing a game one day.

"Isabeeellllaaaa!" Heidi said, suddenly appearing straight in front of me, causing me to yell out, startled. At that she giggled, "I sometimes forget how easily you humans could be startled." Again with the "human" thing, was I really that different from them? The answer was in my mind immediately. Yes, yes I was. I was a human, weak, innocent, and would never measure up. No matter how hard I tried I would always be different, fragile, and useless.

"Bella are you listening to me at all?" I heard Heidi said, shaking me slightly.

"Of course, Heidi." I replied, attempting to appease her.

"No you weren't, but its okay." She said, smiling at me. "Here wear this," she said, putting a pair of jeans and a regular t-shirt in my hands. I looked up at her with eyebrows raised, was she seriously going to let me wear this? "Just go put it on Bella." she said, rolling her eyes at me.

Nodding, I hurried off to change before she changed her mind; Heidi never let me wear normal clothes.

"Ready?" She asked when I returned. I nodded and we went to the library where I would be meeting Uncle Marcus. "Do you want to run or go at human pace?" she asked politely.

"We can run," I told her, shrugging; I just wanted to get there faster.

"Running it is!" She said, pulling me onto her back as we raced off to the library, ready for my first day of school.

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